Just In: Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation!

According to the New York Times, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), called Bill John Baker, principal chief, of the Cherokee Nation, to apologize to the entire Cherokee Nation, for taking the now,  infamous, DNA test, that showed that Warren was as little as 1/1,024th Native American.

Spokeswoman for the tribe, Julie Hubbard, had the following to say about Warrens apology.

The chief and secretary of state appreciate that she has reaffirmed that she is not a Cherokee Nation citizen or a citizen of any tribal nation.

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For background on why this will be an issue for Warren, in the Democratic Primary for President, Axios has laid out how it all started. 

  • In 1996, Harvard Law School touted Warren, then a professor at the university, as being "Native American" in a letter responding to criticism of the school's lack of minority women.

  • In 2012, Scott Brown, the former GOP senator Warren unseated and current ambassador to New Zealand and Samoa, used Warren's self-proclaimed Native American heritage to question her integrity. In 2016, Brown also said Warren should "take a DNA test" if she wants to prove her heritage.

  • Warren defended her claims, telling NPR in 2012 that while growing up in Oklahoma, her family always told her she's part Cherokee. "These are my family stories," she said. "This is our lives. And I'm very proud of it." However she said she didn't have documentation to prove it.

  • Fact-checkers attempted to trace her ancestry, but after several failed attempts the consensus was that there is no documented evidence that she is of Native American heritage. Experts have also noted that any such evidence is difficult to prove to begin with.

Warren is among a dozen or so Democrats who are likely to challenge President Trump for the Oval Office in 2020.

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42 thoughts on “Just In: Warren Apologizes To Cherokee Nation!”

    1. That apology is about as useful as the apology (Senator) Richard Blumenthal offered when he was challenged about serving as a Marine in Viet Nam! Connecticut still bristles from that one…

    2. She has forgotten, that the Natives votes too…They will never forgive her and won’t vote for her at all…I would never, in my right mind vote for this nutcase..

    3. Exactly!! She is only apologizing, because no one will elect her for President…I do not trust any woman to be President of the United States..

  1. We all know that the DNA is tricky. My brother shows up as 35% Cherokee and I show none, even though we know that our grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee. It often doesn’t show up on the female side. We both had the same DNA test.

    1. However Gilmore you have proof it’s in your family. Warren never had any, ZERO!! She’s a FRAUD that’s all she can prove!

    2. I think you need to find a new genealogy DNA testing company. DNA testing is not that “tricky.” If your grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee, you have identifiable Cherokee genes.

    3. I too was brought up with a dad who was 1/8 Cherokee and my grandmother was 1/4 and possibly some Choctaw. That makes me 1/16 but it did not show in DNA test I had done. Never used it for schooling or anything else. My mother traced it for awhile so we have some history.

  2. She should be apologizing to the American People for fraudulently accepting high paying positions based on her lying ancestry. Matter of fact I believe what she did was also criminal.

  3. She is just a lying fool she cannot be trusted and personally she’s not capable of the Presidency ,I mean what does she do as a Senator all you see is her running her big mouth against Trump and that’s the democrats agenda bash The president and get paid and the hell with America meanwhile we suffer.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I remember her on video stating, quite vehemently, that Donald Trump would never be elected president and that he didn’t stand even the slightest chance in being elected president..that it would be a landslide in favor of Kill liar y. I’ve always wondered why she was SO sure about that…maybe she, and others, had some inside information??? It was too pat. Then when TRUMP won…that’s when the democrat’s true, all consuming, hatred was uncovered and it has grown more spiteful day by day.

  4. She should pay Harvard back her sallary from when she was a professor she lied and took a job from a real ethnic women. Her fraudulent claim should show she has no integrity, and ethics, and iscthis unfit to hold any Political Office and the People of Massachusetts have been ill served by this unethical immoral Senator!!!

    1. AGREE. When will we get politicians that are not hypocrites? She uses this lie to get a job at Harvard. Then she uses this facade to run for Congress. Now she is trying to prove she really is part Indian but the test indicates she has less American Indian DNA than the average European American citizen.

      It is part of the Left’s playbook to do or say anything to get elected.

  5. She is a fraud. She should be prosecuted for fraud and forced to pay the tuition money she was discounted for those fraudulent years of lying about her ancestry. How about “donating” that amount [plus a 70% gratuity] to a Cherokee Nation Charity for disabled children.

  6. What about the fraud she committed scamming minority funding for her college education? She should be punished for her fraudulent actions.

  7. Just another democrat, most are nothing more than liers, I am speaking about the ones in DC and Calif. Only

  8. To little to late She only apologized because she was caught in a terrible lie👎👎👎👎👎🤬

  9. She’s no longer Pocahontas? How about Pukeuponher? Gee, Mr. President, what are you going to call her now?
    How about 2 Bit Liar? It doesn’t matter to the dummicrats, they’ll still love her.

  10. “This, above all, to thine own self be true.” Be what you want to be! It’s a choice! What’s reality got to do with it? What democrats are learning (and should have learned a long time ago) is that there are consequences for choices and the American people are sick and tired of paying for the consequences of democrat choices.

  11. When will she be made to pay for the education and all the other things she received as a result of the lies she perpetrated ?

  12. It’s a scary time in our nation. Nancy Pelosi is third in line to be President. Can you imagine Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and some of the others operating on the world stage. I’d say Obama is pulling for any of them because next to them he’d be considered a Statesman.

    1. Not only that, he would also be in line to be a Justice of the Supreme Court, if any demonkkkrap was elected. Think of the horror of that potential travesty!! And he could be appointed as Ambassador to the UN while awaiting Ginsberg’s resignation or death… a very very scarey possibility!!

  13. she apologized for TAKING the test, NOT for claiming she had Native American DNA and taking their money because they thought she had a LOT more of their DNA than she has. I most likely have Native American DNA from what my cousin has found doing family research but I’m not going to embarrass myself like she did and take their money as she did. I’m just happy knowing that someone during the 1600s or 1700s in my family married an Indian during some exploration. Due to upgrading our computers, neither of us still has that information, which upsets me. I even saved it on a portable hard drive and when I tried to pull it up it came up in something like Wing-Dings and I couldn’t get it back. What’s the point of saving on a portable hard drive if it isn’t going to save the information?!

  14. It is time to STOP the multitude of racial, ethnic, and religious claims that certain ethnic groups are constantly crying about so that they can claim extra privileges, status and gain financially from that the rest of us have to put up with and pay for. The “native Americans”, “Indigenous People” , or American Indians are no better than the rest of us here in the US, and do not deserve super citizen status over their tired claims of “stolen lands” for the past 120 years. Remember, they LOST the various wars that THEY started. Please don’t anyone tell us that they taught the Whites how to plant corn, please. That only suggests that White Europeans made NO progress in agriculture, industry, culture or civilization for centuries, while the “natives” were banging drums, dancing, chanting, torturing, slaving, scalping and warring as their contribution to the growing country, and MOST of them did NOT want to be US citizens even as late as 1920, they just wanted their own “sovereign nations” within the US, taking from the rest of us what they wanted while rejecting the rest of us and not wanting to assimilate. They GOT their sovereign nations.
    Go to ANY reservation to see for yourselves.
    We are either a nation of mixed immigrants, INCLUDING the “native Americans’, or we are a nation of separate ethnic, racial, and religious groups that all want extra rights over the rest of us. We all need to decide this and STOP the silliness of what we are doing with incidents such as the Covington School/ Nathan Phillips encounter.

  15. let’s vote for laws to legalize murder on the birthday of a human, but protecting caterpillars… second amendment is there for ONE reason and ONE reason only, and it ain’t to go duck hunting… we have, today in this country, far LESS rights than our founding fathers had at the time in the hands of the British… It’s looking like it’s time for another revolution…

  16. Hmmm? When you really really think about it! Being a politician or being appointed to a government post is the only place where you are not held responsitble for what you say or do, or what ever actions you create.

    I will aslo state it is a sad day when someome can promote killing unborn or even newly born children and there is no out cry for their removal from public offcice, but if your not politically correct with your racist activities or comments your a dead duck open for lyncing almost. It is time Racist, Sexists, Equality experts start thinking about not pointing the finger at others as they need to just look in the mirror to see the worst of them all.

    And I will have to give it to Charles Barkley when he stated; “If the black people do not respect one another, why do they expect overs to respect them?” And I will ask that those Politically correct experts look outside the Black Box as it goes for a lot of in your face nuts.

  17. I guess some one in her crew told her that she had better do it. That could have been done many moon’s ago.

  18. Our Democratic Party does not seem able to come up with any honorable women to run for office of POTUS…not last election and so far, not 20/20.

  19. She should have to retire for lying. But of course she is a Democratic and any half heartedly apology is satisfactory.

  20. Next, she needs t apologize to the American people. She needs to apologize to the people of Massachusetts for being elected under false pretense. She needs to apologize to minorities who were prevented from getting into college or getting grants and scholarships because Faux=cohontas went to the head of the line. She needs to apologize for taking a $300,000.00 job at Harvard , which was meant for a minority. Her whole life was a scam to use fraud to get minority benefits of one kind or another.

  21. We will probably get the same apology that Teddy Kennedy gave for killing his brother’s secretary, and the people of Massachusetts will elect her again like they did for Teddy.

    1. There are those that have a “veil” over their minds and eyes…. We should remember that “money” talks !!

  22. So is she repaying the money she took that she received for college and university that is set aside for native Americans. It was thousands and special placement she received for lying.

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