Why Are Iran and Italy Being Hit So Hard?


The Coronavirus pandemic that is sweeping the globe has hit some nations much harder than others. It started in Wuhan, China and has since spread to more than 100 countries. There have been questions about testing, criticisms about testing viability, concerns about healthcare sustainability, and all out panic.

China was hit hard and held back on providing any information to the outside world for months. By the time they released the pertinent information it was too late. It had already spread to other countries and on its way around the globe.

What has surprised many people is that Iran and Italy have become the hardest hit nations outside of China. They’re not neighbors. However, they do have something in common. The One Belt and One Road initiative.

The OBOR initiative is basically a strategic geopolitical and geoeconomic infrastructure plan. It’s an infrastructure plan that connects China to Europe, Asia, and Africa. It will allow for easier trade and mobility between those parts of the world and be in direct competition with the US.


Like many countries who took China up on the OBOR offer Italy's economy has been in trouble. They've seen 3 recessions in the last 10 years. Their unemployment rates have been extremely high, especially among the younger populace.

Italy has a crumbling infrastructure and outdated industries. In 2019 Italy signed an agreement with China to participate in OBOR in hopes that the extra investment would help fix their financial woes. China made large investments into parts of Italy. China has textile plants throughout Italy and supplied the plants with Chinese workers.

Lombardy and Tuscany are the two regions that saw the most Chinese investment.

Coincidentally, Lombardy has been the hardest hit with the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Iran was already in financial and geopolitical trouble. The Trump administration had announced sanctions in 2018 and that led to a continual downward spiral of their economy. Since then there have been protests in the streets and violent reprisals from the Iranian government.

Like Italy, Iran was seeking a way out of their financial and geopolitical woes. So, in 2019, Iran also agreed to participate in OBOR. Iran is a strategic player in OBOR because they happen to be located right along the path of the 2,000 mile railroad from China to Europe.

Iran, like China, is a secretive government so nobody really knows what the actual numbers of cases and deaths from the coronavirus are, but even what they're reporting puts them in 3rd place for the hardest hit countries in the world.

But how did they get hit and how can we attribute the infection rate to their relationship with China? Helen Raleigh explains:

Today, Iranian health officials trace the country’s coronavirus outbreak to Qom, a city of a million people...“China Railway Engineering Corp. is building a $2.7 billion high-speed rail line through Qom.

They suspect the constant flow of business travel between Qom and China is the culprit. In fact, this explains why Iran was still allowing flights in and out of China even after the outbreak got very serious in Iran.

Many folks, in the US, look at Italy as the warning of what's next to come in the US. Italy is a very different nation and has very different problems. We shouldn't expect the same type of numbers in the US that are coming out of Italy and Iran.

One result of this pandemic could be what the US has wanted for decades, according to Ilan Berman (VP of American Foreign Policy Council):

He predicts the coronavirus may accomplish what years of actions by the West have failed to achieve: the collapse of Iran’s clerical authoritarian regime.

For more on this story, check out The Federalist.

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14 thoughts on “Why Are Iran and Italy Being Hit So Hard?”

  1. On the basis of 30 years bench experience with VSV, Sendai virus, measles virus, HIV-1/AIDS and HHV-6, I offer this simple home remedy for people infected with the new Coronavirus COVID-19

    Take one teaspoonful of CsCl (cesium chloride) mixed in a glass of water (or better, in a glass of orange juice or tomato juice to hide the saltiness), wait 4-6 hours, then take a half-teaspoonful of KCl (potassium chloride) in juice, or eat a banana. The CsCl “bends” the viral polymerase and slows the viral rate of replication allowing the immune system to catch up. CsCl is currently FDA approved for clinical use (to reduce cachexia in late stage cancer patients), but has a serious side effect: it causes hypokalemia (low blood potassium, with attendant cardiac problems) when taken on a chronic basis. Therefore, patients should not take more than 3 doses of CsCl. The KCl and the banana (which is full of potassium) are taken to rebalance the electrolytes. CsCl and KCL are not prescription items, but are hard to find in pharmacies. They can be ordered online from e.g. Amazon.com. One teaspoonful of CsCl weighs about 19 grams; a half-teaspoonful of KCl weighs about 8 grams. To further boost the immune system, take multiple doses of AirBorne, which can be found in most pharmacies.

    By nature and by definition, a new virus has to spread before its identity and its characteristics become recognizable. COVID-19 is likely to spread for three reasons. 1. It is as infectious as measles or flu. 2. Its incubation period of 20 days means that there will be a LOT of infectious but symptom-free people walking around. 3. There is virtually no “herd immunity” outside of central China and Northern Italy. In theory, herd immunity only begins to suppress the spread of infection after about 80% of a population has become immune, either through vaccination or through developing immunity by surviving natural infection.

    This recipe won’t prevent catching COVID-19, but it will ease the disease course and it might save your life. And it may be the perfect solution for COVID-19 hotspots like Italy and Iran.

    Benjamin M Blumberg, PhD

    1. How often should a person take this? You recommended only 3 doses. So how should those doses be spread out to avoid the hypokalemia? Thanks much!

    2. Cesium chloride (CsCl) is a mineral salt that is sometimes taken either by mouth, or by injection into the body, by cancer patients who seek alternative treatments. However, no CsCl products have been approved by FDA to treat cancer or other diseases. Furthermore, animal research has shown that taking CsCl can cause irregular heartbeats, also called arrhythmias. There have been reports of humans experiencing serious heart problems after taking CsCl. CsCl is associated with a lower blood level of potassium, which is a mineral that is essential to normal heart function.1,3

      FDA received a request that CsCl be moved to the category of bulk drug substances (active pharmaceutical ingredients) that present significant safety risks in compounding. FDA intends to take action, such as issue a warning letter or pursue a seizure of product or injunction, if it encounters compounding using substances placed in this category.4 FDA reviewed all adverse events related to CsCl and other cesium salts (herein referred to as “cesium”) that were reported to FDA or that were published in medical journals through June 30, 2018. FDA identified 23 reports describing serious adverse events associated with cesium, including problems with the heart.

  2. Could be the ancestral DNA shared by the ethnicities of these countries (Moorish invasions) as well as their lousy health care systems that the fatality rate is so high.

  3. FYI, your share icons for facebook only take us back to our own facebook page, it should allow us to post your article on our page.

  4. Since the CHINESE Wuhan coronavirus is LESS deadly than the flu & MUCH less deadly than the swine flu pandemic which originated in Mexico & killed thousands in the U.S., there is NOTHING to panic about.

    This virus has only proven deadly to those over 65, mostly over 75, & the immune compromised. Even young children are able to fight it off. This “crisis” is 100% MEDIA/leftist globalist billionaires created & is being USED to crash the U.S. economy, devastate small businesses, put the working class out of work & keep Trump from being reelected.

    REJECT the constitution crushing mandates from slimy politicians cashing in on robbing you of your money & freedom.

    1. People with a brain know what you are saying is true. The ones in panic mode are the brainless ones.

    2. I agree. It has become politicalized and the total deaths are less than 36,000 dead in the USA from the “normal” flu. Repeat: 36,000 dead. I am impacted by the cancellations designed to thwart such instances to naught and any “success” will be hailed as a success. It is an overreaction to panic, plain and simple.

  5. ON THE CORONA VIRUS – So, here goes. I am not a medical MD, nor a researcher, nor anymore, a person in health care. But, so what ? Research came out about 5 or 6 years ago that the vast majority of viruses DIE at 90+ degrees F. I believe this to be FACT, and I personally have tested it with my own colds/viruses. How ? When I am sick I simply raise my “temperature” to past 90 degrees. Now, you may counter with “But my temperature is 103, how can the virus survive that” ? As I am an engineer in profession, before I went into the health field, I understand the thermodynamics of COLD air, as in the winter, even in our houses, passing over the surfaces that viruses (think “respiratory infections”) inhabit. So, what is the effect of 65 to 70 degree air passing over the surface of lung, bronchial tube, and sinuses. If you have even an idiot’s perception of science, and a phenomenon called “atempering”, which describes the mixing of hot and cold “fluids”, you could project that the surface of those body parts are WAY BELOW what is needed to kill the virus. Enter the “olden times” treatment for bad colds. Steam from the tea kettle. With towel over head and over the spout and heat turned down to the point of just a little steam coming out, breath in the 100 degree plus steam. Be careful not to burn your sinuses, as there are some out there that over do it. You don’t need much heat, just enough to raise your exposed airways above 90 degrees. For more than 15 minutes, at least. Wet heat, in the form of steam, is the best conductor of heat energy, but even dry air at high temperatures (think Scandinavian saunas, as they get very, very few flues who practice this daily) will work.

    If you start coming down with something, what will it hurt ?

    1. Sorry, but your reasoning does not pass the reality test. We all have a NORMAL temperature of 98.6 so how does raising your temperature to 90 degrees kill viruses?

      1. He explained that he is talking about the temperature of the air passing over the lung surfaces, the temperature of the ambient air. He suggests inhaling hot water vapor or hot air from a sauna.

  6. When you crawl into bed with the DEVIL, you pay DEARLY – and that includes American BIG BUSINESS, One Worlders, Globalists and Politicians and LIBERALS!

  7. China is our #1 enemy and those who want us to ignore where the Corona Virus originated should move to Chine with their Far Left buddies. Don’t let the Left Wing conspiracy fool you. They want to control your lives and I for one will never let them control me!

  8. My case is unique, in that I have had my Spleen removed which means that my immune system has been compromised to some degree. For the past seventeen years, my body has had to rely on my Lymph nodes to function on their own. This puts me t a higher risk than most other people. So, what are my options?

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