Remember What Democrats Did While Coronavirus Spread


Always remember how the democrats acted while the Coronavirus spread. We’ve discussed the criticism of President Trump’s decision to ban travel from China as well as all of the hypocritical media coverage in this previous article.

One thing that most have already forgotten is that this coronavirus claimed its first death on January 11. Just 4 days later Nancy Pelosi holds a vote to send articles of impeachment to the Senate and then holds celebratory signing ceremony with ridiculously expensive pens. It was a ‘somber’ occasion though.

January 21 – the first person arrives in the US with coronavirus.

From that date on it was all about impeachment for democrats. While this was spreading outside of China and other countries were seeing their first cases and deaths, democrats were laser focused on impeachment.

On January 31 President Trump holds a press conference and declares a National Emergency as well as imposing the travel ban on China.

You know the drill. The media calls his travel ban racist, unnecessary, and hateful. They even went so far as to say that Trump is the dangerous virus we should fear.

Democrats then continued the impeachment hoax. Not so much as a care in the world about the Chinese coronavirus. Remember this?

This is how concerned they were with the coronavirus. Breitbart put together an excellent timeline to show just how long the Democrats put this off in order to focus on their impeachment that they knew was a hoax and they knew would never pass.

Did they do this all for politics? It sure looks like it. Now, they and their friends in the media are parroting the talking points from China. They're essentially taking China's side and blaming the US for the virus that China: let out, kept WHO out, wouldn't let CDC or US officials help, and held back key info and even lied about real numbers of infections and deaths.

So when Democrats and the media try to blame this President for the virus spreading to the US. - remember how the democrats acted while this was all going on. They ignored it and played politics with lives on the line.

For more on this story and a great timeline of events for the coronavirus and impeachment hoax, check out Breitbart.



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18 thoughts on “Remember What Democrats Did While Coronavirus Spread”

  1. What a perfect virus and epidemic: it takes out the old and weak and is not very interested in the under 50 crowd.
    Removes the unproductive and preserves the work force. Masterful genetic engineering?
    And guess who controls access to the life-saving drugs.
    Just a thought.

    1. You are a sorry sick POG! The old and the sick have done more in their lives than many of you that sir and walk around w/a cell phone shoved in your face!! Typical comment a hateful liberal would make!!

    2. The unlucky people die young, the real lucky people live long through being happy, healthy, loving and kind-hearted. Sorry for you. So sad- too bad.

  2. The Dems, their bitter media and corrupt Judges are PRAYING for the virus spread and more Market drops. Meanwhile:
    Leave it to a lying Democrat like Schumer to take a Chinese Medicare for all virus and turn it into Politics in the US. Leave it to “Tore Loser” Democrat Pelosi to cause virus fears in investors to drive the Stock market, and therefore 401K’s, Ira’s, and even jobs down. She actually held up CDC funding to further show her hate for the American people.
    Since they do not know how to unify during an International health situation clean the Dems out at every level in November. We have had enough of their vile behavior and lies.

    1. Don’t forget piglosi tried to sneak in a federally-funded (taxpayer funded) abortion bill into the wuhan (covid19) virus bill, to further push their communist agenda. I agree with Jim above. Just another way to “kill off” the Seniors that are collecting their Social Security, so the “government” can keep the money. I have seen many people die before they collect a cent of the money they paid in over the years. This is indeed another way of “population control” that democommunists have been opining about for years.
      Remember this in November people, someday all you “millenials” will be “seniors” too and the next in line for “population control”. THINK before you vote for ANY democommunist.

  3. Americans will pay the ultimate price put on their shoulders by the Democrats, knowing full well that the Coronavirus virus had begun to leave it’s devastation in it’s path, while the Democrats well more concern for their own welfare in trying to to impeach President Trump, we all know how that turned out, the whole time the President said that the virus was at our door steps, now their scrambling to fix what the Democrats should have being addressing the whole time, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff should save face and step down from their position and face s firing squad

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    Take one teaspoonful of CsCl (cesium chloride) mixed in a glass of water (or better, in a glass of orange juice or tomato juice to hide the saltiness), wait 4-6 hours, then take a half-teaspoonful of KCl (potassium chloride) in juice, or eat a banana. The CsCl “bends” the viral polymerase and slows the viral rate of replication allowing the immune system to catch up. CsCl is currently FDA approved for clinical use (to reduce cachexia in late stage cancer patients), but has a serious side effect: it causes hypokalemia (low blood potassium, with attendant cardiac problems) when taken on a chronic basis. Therefore, patients should not take more than 3 doses of CsCl. The KCl and the banana (which is full of potassium) are taken to rebalance the electrolytes. CsCl and KCL are not prescription items, but are hard to find in pharmacies. They can be ordered online from e.g. One teaspoonful of CsCl weighs about 19 grams; a half-teaspoonful of KCl weighs about 8 grams. To further boost the immune system, take multiple doses of AirBorne, which can be found in most pharmacies.

  5. The virus solved China’s rioting problem. I noticed they individuals doing the spraying of demonstrators during the last riots were wearing white Hazmat types of suits, did they spray their own people with this virus to stop the rioting??? Just a thought. In relation to the Democrats, they have called for violence multiple times against all Republicans, Bernie even suggested we be put in camps after he is elected for reprogramming, (not his exact words but very close), Democrats have spent millions of dollars of our taxpayer dollars on fighting everything President Trump has attempted to do rather than working with him for the betterment of all Americans. He is not a politician so I am sure he could have used some help. The homeless in Pelosi’s state and NY is certainly not what I want for the poor and sick in America so I have given up on them really caring for anyone or having any interest in doing anything other than enhancing their own wealth and that of their own families.

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