Trump to End Reliance on China Supply Chain


It’s something that President Trump has said many times. It should’ve been done a long time ago. It should have been stopped by previous administrations but instead it spread like wildfire. We outsourced so much to China. We need to bring our manufacturing and production jobs back home.

We must stop reliance on foreign made goods, especially medicine and medical supplies. If there is one positive thing to come from the Covid-19 China virus it’s that it has exposed the weakness of outsourced production and supply chain.

Trump is planning to do just that.

White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy Peter Navarro confirmed Wednesday the administration is working on an executive order to eliminate the government’s reliance on foreign-made medical supplies.

This is a great start.

The executive order would stop the federal government from purchasing medical supplies from China. Virtually all of the equipment and/or supplies that we would use to treat this Coronavirus are made in and purchased from China.

That's a problem.

Peter Navarro, the White House Director of Trade and Manufacturing, explains that this isn't just an economic move but one that bolsters our national security as well.

Additional products targeted in the order include “medical countermeasures” made to protect against chemical and biological threats, radiation, nuclear fallout and infectious diseases like coronavirus.

What were the previous administrations thinking? Who thought it would be a great idea to rely on China for things we'd need in case China, our #1 enemy, came knocking? Given the many claims that this is a bioweapon that may be exactly what happened. More proof is needed to establish that connection, in my opinion, but this certainly exposes the wide-open front door.

The US has a shortage of surgical and protective face-masks. Guess why. Yep, China restricted the export of those to manage their  coronavirus crisis.

President Trump has been saying for years now that we need to bring our jobs back home from China. Now, more than ever, is proof that he was right. Build American, Buy American, in the interest of national security and supporting our economy.

For more on this story go to the Daily Caller.

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27 thoughts on “Trump to End Reliance on China Supply Chain”

  1. Dems, who specialized in outsourcing are not going to like this. China is voting for Biden so they can get back to screwing us over.

    1. We are going to prevent that for at least the next four years. We had better be voting straight Republican ticket so that we can get as many Demorats out as possible and replace them with conservative patriots, so be sure and vote in your primary elections as well. There are some Republicans that need to be looking for real jobs. The primaries is where that happens, not voting for Demorats because you don’t like your current Republican. If he is a spineless John McCain type, primary the Hell out of him.


  2. WELL, I have always said, IF you need something, build it yourself! IF you have to have a product, don’t get someone who doesn’t even like you to build it, they can’t be trusted! The Chinese don’t like us, they like the MONEY!! The quickest way to mess the Chinese economy up, is to BUILD what we need, here! I believe in Isolationism! WHY, because GOD “SAID” “Be “YE” (all encompassing-everyone) SEPARATE” 2 Cor 6:17KJV Man was told to separate himself at the Tower of Babel, and he had to be separated by differant speeches Gen 11 KJV and was told, from very early on to NOT get together as a united world of nation, and he has yet to obey! BUT, God is NOT a man that He should LIE….Num 23:19KJB HE will do what he said He will do…BET on that!

    1. I don’t believe that we need to be totally isolationist, but there are some areas where we very much need to tend in that direction. National defense is one area. All our weapons need to be built in this country. Pharmaceuticals of course is another. We need closed borders. That is a big duh, but the communist-Democrats don’t want closed borders because they want to disrupt our society and re shape it into a communist /fascist/Nazi type of tyrannical hell hole. That is what they do.

  3. If this pandemic has a silver lining it is that the USA must be self-sufficient and not so global.

    1. plus the fact that this particular coronavirus will kill far fewer people that the flu and in a few months we will have a vaccine for it. All this ass hysteria is idiotic, just what you expect from government officials and the fake news media, and the communist-Democrats in general.

  4. Open closed pharma plants in Puerto Rico. Help them with infrastructure and power grid. It will help their economy and keep our supplies close to home.

    1. Those folks need to get rid of a lot of their corrupt government people. That is the reason they did not recover well from that last big hurricane. It was not Donald Trump’s fault. It was the fault of Puerto Rico’s corrupt government officials. They, like we, need to CLEAN HOUSE in their government. No doubt they need term limits like we do.

    2. Kirkwood > >
      What a great idea! Puerto Rico needs jobs to bolster their recovery. October, 2019 unemployment was 7.7%.

      “Households in Puerto Rico have a median annual income of $20,296, which is less than the median annual income of $61,937 across the entire United States.”

      Give Tax incentives to companies that will build facilities there and manufacture essential needs for health and defense and the USA will be safer for it.

      Then give them statehood in 2030.

    3. what you really mean is that we should bail Puerto Rico out yet again How about we produce this stuff stateside again . If China can build a hospital in 7 days then we can build facilities in days also.

  5. This is common sense, but the majority of our Government, both parties, are to stupid to have common sense. Our Government is largely composed of self serving idiots and morons. It is time for a large scale purge and that purge should happen in the primary elections. Also, we the people should absolutely demand term limits in the Congress. We have to many dottering old fools like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Nancy Peloci, John McCain and many others that need to be GONE. Term limits would go a long way toward getting rid of them.

    1. Putting a stop to vote tampering and voter fraud would help a lot.

      Getting the liberal indoctrination out of of our public and private schools would help a lot.

      Positive voter identification and a minimum I.Q test for voters as well as candidates for public office would help a lot.

      Enforcing our Constitution as intended would help a lot.

      Putting a stop to invaders coming across our borders and guided to sanctuary cities and camps would help a lot.

      Arresting and prosecuting traitors to this nation would help a lot.

  6. It’s about time something like this was done. Our nation can’t rely on foreign countries to supply our needs. China is a Communist dictatorship, antithetical to what we represent. They’re the last nation we should have to rely on. We must return to self-sufficiency and keep the U.S. sovereign.

  7. Trump said it the day he announced for president. Our elected officials have been making stupid decision for decades and putting other countries ahead of the US. He especially identified China. He was right. We could have been well on the way to stopping this stupidity if the Democrats had not spent the entirety of their efforts on impeaching the president. First it was Paul Worthless Ryan and his never Trump crowd and now Pelosi.

  8. I agree with all the above. I personally think China allowed this virus to spread to destroy the economies of all nations! They have done a good job. They make the medicines, masks, etc. in China and saving them for their citizens not us. Trump was right all along, We need to bring the jobs back to America. China is now trying to say the virus started here. China wants Sleepy Joe to win. They have done years of dirty business China knows old Joe will drop sanctions and play their games unlike Trump!!!!

  9. We the people did not outsource anything. This act belongs to all politicians , many of whom are still in office. The question of the remains the same-who does this benefit the most? Now we may find out who this hurts the most and it is not them.

  10. It’s been a very ignorant policy to rely on China for our medications. Imagine the consequences of tainted drugs and how many Americans China could knock off? Fentanyl from China is already a huge problem.

  11. It’s been going on for far too long and if it took the CoronaVirus to get us to see that, then so be it! We will beat this, but if we continue to lean on China to supply us with their Cheap goods and allow them to Steal our property rights….Then Shame On Us!!! Buy American!!!

  12. I bought some Aleve at Costco, and when I got it home I read on the bottle that it was made in CHINA!!! WTF? We can’t make that here? I guess its more profitable to have the Chinese make it. I will not be buying any OTC items unless they are made in USA going forward…


  14. American production first. Supply lines have been directed to China via big Pharma. More profit to outsource than mfg here in US. Hooray for Trunp. Its about time to get our Meds Made in America!!

  15. Now this is more about our health care needs rather than just jobs. We can’t rely on medicine made in China when they don’t even practice western world medical care.

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