Michael Moore Is Upset About What?!?

Appearing on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” outspoken, liberal filmmaker, Michael Moore, made a lot of interesting statements, including disliking the fact that Starbucks used public water systems, that left many watching, scratching their heads.  When asked about what his platform would be, if he were to run for President, Moore made his most cringe worthy statement, saying the following.

“Well, I have a number of things I would do. First of all, I love the idea of just outlawing billionaires. It really is immoral.”

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Moore wasn't done yet, though, and decided to attack Starbucks CEO Tim Shultz.  Moore said he  took issue with that fact that Shultz was a "self-made billionaire," which left many wondering if they heard him correctly.  Even, late night host, Meyers was perplexed by the comment, and repeated the comment back to Moore to make sure he didn't misunderstand something, saying the following.

"You take issue with 'self-made,"

It appears that Shultz, who is considering a run for President on the Democratic ticket, to unseat Donald Trump, drew the ire of Moore, for not being liberal enough in the filmmakers eyes.

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37 thoughts on “Michael Moore Is Upset About What?!?”

  1. Michael Moore is a publicity seeking nobody who needs attention. He wrote one best selling book and the rest of his books were busts. The only way he can get attention it is to say outrageous stupid things.

    1. He had stated enough idiotic claims in his books already so there is no need for him to keep embarrassing himself. Remember that, by his prediction from 15 years ago, most of the coastal areas should have been under sea water by today?

    1. Michael Moore is upset about what? Did McDonalds RUN OUT OF FRIES WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT THIS ASSHOLE THINKS

      1. I agree!!! He looks like just another overweight Holiday elitist who needs something to complain about, and blame President Trump.

  2. Michael Moore is guilty of inducing nausea! Easy to develop anorexia after looking at him. I look away…but that. Image remains in the minds eye. Lear that a pic is worth a thousand words ….in his case. Billions. All descriptive of wholly undisciplined human

    1. Micheal Moore is a liberal asshole who hates everybody but himself. He’s a rich bastard so shouldn’t we hate him, and what he stands for. I truly think he is a waste of a lot of fat flesh. He is just jealous because nobody cares what he thinks or says. I wouldn’t watch any of his movies because he’s a terrible film maker. He has no talent what’s so ever. A waste of flesh. Why do people like him have right to breath and Military people die try to defend his sorry ass.

    1. Thank you, Kathy. Took the words right out of my mouth. Nobody with half a brain gives a rats ass what that fat A-hole thinks. Those comments give a clear insight into what can only be described as a very confused mind with no ability to rationalize. Given the girth of that moron, I’m offended that he obviously consumes enough food to feed several hundred starving people.

  3. Then why is he worth 50 million? Why doesn’t he turn all of his money over to those who need it and don’t want to work? He is a typical lefty lib hypocrite! Wants everyone elses money used, but not his! He could also donate his 50 million to build the wall to keep us all safe! Of course, he only talks about taking money from others, not his money! Looser and a fake!

  4. MRS /Mr moore is just a dense dumb ignorant scum bag shit eating dumbocrat that’s lost in space just like loser Pelosi/ make up face, boxer the strange , waters the whacked, and many more . He/it needs to be tried and then hung with a thin steel cable (rope not strong enough for a fat slob) until his carcas is rotted away and then burned to prevent any of it to survive or infect real AMERICANS. He is so whacked out that he can only hire CLASS F actors and then they are just like him. MASSIVE LOSERS

  5. That fat ass needs a life he has 50% a viewers not wanting to go see his movies that he produced.
    He sounds like a slob and looks like a slob

  6. If you think his fat is disgusting (as I do) think about all the fat that he uses for brains. Everything about him is totally disgusting.

  7. since Jabba The Hutt’s last several films are a bust, Jabba feels we are due for more of his input on nothing…
    someone should have asked Jabba why not have a limit on $1Million and anything over that goes to aid the Homeless, Veterans in need of help, the needy and low income workers…
    the ask him when are you going to give up what you have now thats over a Million?

  8. I’m up set that that fat ass walking heart attack is still walking and given a platform to spew his liberal BS and lies. Wonder if the casket builder charge double for a fat ass like him?

  9. Mr “Fatass” Moore is eating food that starving children desperately need, and he certainly does not… There ought to be a limit to the amount of news print his fat jerk takes up. When will the press realize what most of the country already knows? His news does not sell, use the space and print show all of the worthwhile events good people are working hard at….

  10. I would like to take that neck skin of his, pull it up over his chin and pin it to his nose to help keep his mouth shut.

  11. Who gives a crap what that tub of lard thinls or says or does. He is an idiot, and that is being mean to idiots who are far more intelligent than MM is.

  12. Yeh, check it out. Michael Moore owns stock in the airlines,Oil companies etc.- lives in a gated -(WALLED) community has upteen bodyguards(I can see why) and flies in a private plane. Like Fat Albert Gore he probably uses 19,000 Kilos of electricity a month to heat his mansion and he wants to do away with billionaires. Billionaires create Jobs for the rest of us. So how many paychecks have you signed off on Michael.

  13. MM did a movie called ‘Sicko’ about how the Cuban free public health system was so superior to the US: tons of doctors and specialists, shiny new hospitals, latest med tech, all FREE to the Cuban people. In reality, the Castro government knew he was coming and prepared a massive feat of fakery. It was great propaganda for the communists. In actuality, ‘doctors’ were just actors hired to play the parts. The patients with their stories of superb care were also actors. The hospitals/facilities shown to MM were not available to the public; they were for the exclusive use of the government elite. In an adjunct piece, Cuban doctors were sent to an Island nation to train their physicians. They were sent back because they had a near-total dearth of medical knowledge/experience. The reality for the Cuban people is that there are very few doctors or even basic medications (like aspirin or antibioltics), they have no regular medical care, exams, or treatments. They are expected to care for their own at home. Very few have ever even been to a hospital. The typical course is get well at home or die. But it IS free!

  14. Just another irrelevant wanna – be – important empty headed “celebrity”. These people think that what they say is so important, because they live in their insulated “we are so special” bubble. It is a echo chamber of lemmings; masters of foolish thinking and philosophies, who want to make rules for all the everyday “common people’ while exempting themselves because they are the “special ones!” How boring! Losers, and they are blind to it.

  15. He’s upset about Starbucks using public water systems? I have to wonder what he wanted them to do, truck in water or maybe there’s some other fairy God mother water works or something? Maybe collect rain water? He’s crazy.

    Still, he reminds me of jabba the hutt. He’s missing the woman chained to him, however. Maybe he does that after hours. Maybe there is a blackface picture of him out there?

  16. Please do not keep putting that fat ass on your news items. He is the definition of the term classless and the personification of the term no-class.

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