Huge!! Will Hillary Clinton Finally See Justice?

A day that many didn’t think would come has now come and it has many folks yearning for justice. A federal judge has now granted a request from Judicial Watch to have Hillary Clinton sit for a deposition with regards to her private email server.

You may remember this debacle back in 2016 where James Comey held a press conference and laid out all of the ways in which Hillary broke the law with her use of a private email server and using it to send classified information. You may remember how, after he laid out all the ways in which she violated regulations, he then said they wouldn’t be pressing charges and that no responsible prosecutor would charge her.

Yes, that’s the same James Comey who then re-opened the investigation and then closed it again, within days of the election. That’s the same James Comey who decided not to have Hillary interviewed under oath or taped. It’s also the same James Comey who, it appears, led the FBI to spy on President Trump’s campaign AT THE SAME TIME.

Hillary has argued that she already gave her answers and it should be over and done with. Judge Royce Lamberth had a difference of opinion and was not satisfied with previous questioning and answers.

"As extensive as the existing record is, it does not sufficiently explain Secretary Clinton’s state of mind when she decided it would be an acceptable practice to set up and use a private server to conduct State Department business," Lamberth said.

If you recall, there wasn't much Hillary had to do in her defense of these actions. She was allowed to respond with written answers. Those answers left many wanting much, much more but nothing else ever happened. It truly seemed as if Hillary, and her ilk, were above the law. The judge added:

"those responses were either incomplete, unhelpful, or cursory at best. Simply put her responses left many more questions than answers.”

What's more is that it seems the FBI never actually even got access to her server. Instead, they had a company called Crowdstrike, that Hillary and the DNC had paid, give their opinion that it was hacked. Hence the Russian hacking story was born and given merit.

Judicial Watch has consistently been finding more and more emails that were not provided in the earlier investigation, through FOIA requests. They have been at the forefront of this fight since the beginning. They'll now get to ask real questions about why Hillary and Co. used a private server to communicate. What were they hiding?

Along with Hillary, Lamberth also granted requests to depose Cheryl Mills, former Clinton Chief of Staff, and Paul Combetta (IT guy involved in deleting all of those private server emails). Let's hope we get some real answers out of this one. I know some of the folks at Judicial Watch and they're not playing around with softball questions.

For more on this story go to Fox News.

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10 thoughts on “Huge!! Will Hillary Clinton Finally See Justice?”

  1. Hillary will just give her standard answers to all questions: “I don’t remember”, “I forget- it’s been such a long time”, “I already answered that 2 years ago”. And unless Judicial Watch knows the answers to a lot of these questions in advance, things will just stay stuck, which was the reason for her private server to begin with. But Judicial Watch is clever and persistent, and by now has earned the public trust. What remains now is to see whether Judge Royce Lamberth and the JW lawyers can stand up under threats of being “arkansided” which are sure to come.

  2. this beast hillery has caused alot of problems for decent people. alot of odd things have occurred under her watch. things have been stolen from the peoples white house, tax money illegally used, never returned. lied, cheated stole from taxpayers, sold American property to foreign leaders to make a personal gain, people have ended up dead under hillery & the democrats, all things did not occur by hillery alone. to end this lying by hillery and all involved,someone needs to put the fear of God in her and quit playing games with the had to accept paydays to help hide the money.remember they were broke when leaving the presidency, even tried to steal stuff from the white house.they really need to be paid attention to and true justice given to them


  4. Hillary is part of the Deep State, so nothing will happen? It has been three years of the Trump Administration and we still have nothing and nothing has happened?? Do (WE) the American People really believe, we have a justices system?? The Duram Investigation has been going on forever and still, no one has been charged?

    So don’t get yourself all worked up over something that will never happen? The American Justices system no longer exists. Someone should tell Fox New Mr. Hannity.

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