She Got Caught Lying Again!!!

Freshman Congresswoman, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) got caught lying  again, this time about remarks she made in July, to PBS.  To make matters worse, she was caught lying about something she was untruthful about before. Below is an excerpt from the Daily Wire.

In an interview this week, socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) lied about remarks she made in July 2018 during an interview on PBS’s “Firing Line With Margaret Hoover,” falsely claiming that the video clip of her saying that Israel was occupying Palestine was “doctored.”

Just to be clear, she is saying that something she said before, which was caught on video, was doctored.  It definitely was not doctored, as it’s on video, and if it was doctored, somehow, Cortez would be suing folks, rather than making these claims.  Long story short, Cortez, against her Press Secretary’s wishes, we assume, is lying about a lie she made before, that was documented on video.

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What Cortez unwittingly brought upon herself, is attention to a lie she made in the past, that most were unaware of until she made it an issue. Sigh!

One of the hard things, for well meaning folks on the right,  about the Freshman Congresswoman from New York, is that she is a young person, who, despite her political leanings, is likely very bright, and is a person you hope can help make our country a better place to live in.  She is still capable of that, however, thus far she has proven to be more of a treasure trove of embarrassments,  than she has as an upstart talent for the Democrats. Time will tell.

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127 thoughts on “She Got Caught Lying Again!!!”

  1. she is an absolute idiot she supposing when campaigning in her district said that a white man shouldn’t be representing that district

      1. There is no lie if you are a Dumbocrat. Only Conservatives are held responsible for what they say. Most of the GOP are liars also, sorry to say but true. It seems if you don’t lie, you can’t hold office in the USA

        1. Let us put it in reasonable terms. Who you you trust? A billionaire who becomes president or a poor congressman who becomes a billionaire in office?

    1. A.O.C. is a Socialist joke hell bent on leading the country into bankruptcy. She knows nothing about Economics,Tax law , or that we live in a republic ,not a socialistic country.Just goes to show you now ignorant voters are about who they send to represent them.

    2. What do you expect from a former “bar-maid”? She was a bar maid for 6 years, lying is 2nd nature to her.

      1. Wow a little tough on reputable, honest, working legal Americans earning a living. Most bartenders, waiters & waitresses are not of such low caliber like cortez. Might want to watch putting all those that work in that industry as buffoons & liars. Have a nice day Tony.

    3. The so called white man fought to defeat the English and kick them out of this country to make this country FREE for your sorry ASS to be born here free to make an ASS out of yourself. Your kind did not shed any blood to where we are today except to be (freeloaders) and suck this country dry.

    4. She is part of a nation that wants us the Infidels gone. I know there are good Muslims out there but unfortunately we do not know who they are. We seem to only find the radical ones and she seems to be one in our Congress. She needs to ousted.

    1. You’re so right! She’s a not so secret weapon of the Republican Party. We want the people to see just how radical the SOCIALIST Democrat party has become.

      1. She is not of our people. She is like the poison of a snake. What comes out of that mouth is extremist who is elected by Dumbo’s. They all need to take a hike and keep going . We the people do not need her input. Or any Dumbo’s

  2. She should heed the old dictum ie ” It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” For someone who is bright and energetic she has a tendency to put her mouth in gear before she has thought out fully what she wants to say.

    From an old sage.

      1. EXACTLY – there is no evidence of ‘brightness’
        and if she stands as an example of what you can expect
        of a graduate of Boston College – send your kids somewhere else.

        1. Boston University not Boston College . BC has graduated it’s share of lefty loons but BU owns AOC

      2. To Diane, She is as bright as a burned out bulb which actually makes her brighter than the IDIOTS of New York that elected her.

    1. Well Mike, she is right, in my view. White men are for Trump unless they have a functioning brain, which are in the minority. Let women take care of issues in districts that are mostly brown, because they know better than any white man, including your daddy Trump.

      1. Romeo you don’t sound like the brightest crayon in the box and using a persons race in any form is ridicules and RACIST. You must be brown so you want a woman to dictate to you? You watch to much Main Stream Media (once called the Mainstream NEWS Media — three guesses why the word “NEWS” has been omitted and the first two don’t count.) George Soros, who controls the DNC and MSM isn’t very fond of the truth. MSNBC-ratings/ Try Fox News, more facts.

        1. Ignore Romeo, he is just post to get the attention he no longer gets living in mommy’s basement!

      2. Women voted these idiots into the House. Put the blame where it belongs and stop trying to use men as scapegoats. Men, at least, think before they make stupid comments after stupid comments.

    2. Yes, yes, yes. Look at what is happening at the White House. Even Sarah “Howcouldbee” is silent,
      and the fool who opened his mouth too.

    1. I’m thinking she would fade into the clouds not the sunshine.

    2. The left minded media is pushing the hell out of her. They will try to make her the new Hillary Clinton before they are done

      1. Not one case of collusion or conspiracy has yet to be proven. All the indictments and “convictions” have been for process crimes. Sadly, most of these process crime indictments have been an old prosecutorial tactic of blackmail and coercion to try and get people to turn on the President, even if it means manufacturing evidence of collusion and conspiracy.

        Yet the real conspiracy of trying to get foreign players to affect the elections has gone unchallenged by the DOJ. Sadly it seems that the Deep States still has a lot of power.

      2. Romeo, I really tried to see your points, but man, you HAVE TO stop and think before you write. You are making everyone else look terrible! @PureHate

      3. Obama and Hillary, THAT’S who. They have evidence on them, they’ve yet to find any to stick to Trump.

  3. Clearly this is an ignorant child who isn’t qualified to represent her district. She should be expelled by the House forthwith.

    1. Do you know who is the ignorant child who inherited $400 million from his dad, filed for bankruptcy 6 times and became president?

      1. That so called “ignorant” child, has an IQ higher than both of the Obama’s and both Clinton’s. And he used the laws to his advantage, just like all the Democrats do also. I’d say that makes him pretty smart. And even when he’s filed bankruptcy, he’s always rebounded. He flies in a private jet, even before he became President, I’m guessing YOU don’t.

    2. She should be but the Democrats would more likely want to promote her to important House committees. That’s how radical the socialist Democrat Party is becoming.

  4. She is a bountiful source of entertainment, but it’s a sad statement on the state of the Democrat party and American politics in general. It’s as if the dems are running karaoke night at the corner bar. I can’t believe she’s serious.

    1. I cannot stop watching the news and laughing my heart out seeing his face and hearing the stupidities coming out of his mouth. like “I am bigger THEN him”. Do you know who?

      1. So when he says we need to protect our borders you laugh. When he says we need to protect the rights of citizens you laugh. When he says we need to deport illegal alien criminals you laugh. When he says much of the liberal media is so hostile to him that it puts out lies you laugh. When he says we must protect Freedom of Speech from left-wing attacks you laugh.

        Just who do you take seriously? Is it Obama or Clinton who committed treason as defined in the Constitution? Is it Cortez or Warren who desire a socialist welfare nanny state? Is it Waters whose mantra is impeach Trump?

        Just what do you believe in?

  5. I want to expose GROUND ZERO.

    Who was that drunken womanizer trying to solicit free extra shots of whiskey in his drinks, that told her, “Ya know, you should run for office”.

    1. Somehow she thinks turning the heads of drunks in the bar and politics, is the same game. She is s-o-o-o-o-o special.

      1. Romeo, so you’re claiming it was Trump who told Cortez to run for office? I see we have another dishonest troll posting.

  6. She is a dumb bunny for sure. Just a creation of whoever puts words in her mouth that she can’t even deliver correctly and some who who pulls her strings. If this is the future of the dems, they are doomed.

  7. If the DNC does not remove her forthwith,it proves their standards are very low or nonexistent.She is a true gift to conservatives .She is already a legend in her own mind.Keep talking AOC keep talking.

    1. Are you talking about standards? Do me a favor. The standards are gone since 11/8/2016 when Putin became the owner of Donny.

      1. Romeo, it wasn’t Trump who told the Russian president after he won the election he’d have more “flexibility”. Nor was it Trump who allowed the sale of 20% of Uranium One to the Russians. Nor did Trump allow Americans to be murdered to cover up an illegal gun smuggling operation to our enemies. And it wasn’t Trump who set up DACA afterhaving admitted he didn’t have the constitutional right to do so.

        But then, who cares about standards?

      2. You can say what you may. I say it’s better to be kind, caring, and at peace. Seems you only like stirring the pot! Hum. God Bless our great president.

      3. Wow that was a moronic statement ! Learn the Facts : obammy was working with Putin , caught on hot mic and Trump has been tougher than Any other president on Russia ! These Are “ facts”

  8. Look! The fact of the matter is she is a Socialist, a Communist card holder in the Democratic Socialist American Party, lying is a way of life for these socialist, it is all about moving their agenda forward. Anything other then that makes common sense or is logical and Communist do not have common sense or are far from logical, they are only interested in their power. Look at the sick Progressive Socialist Communist Islamic Party members now and that is all they are after, “POWER”, and far from following the law.

    1. Richard, you should learn that socialism and communism are not even close to each other. Totalitarianism / White supremacism / Nationalism / White Lives Matter and KKK, are very close to each other. READ

      1. Romeo, quit trying to be such a good Leftist Progressive apologist. Socialism, Communism, Marxism, are very close to each other and form a progressive path from modern liberalism to Marxism. All are authoritarian. To them you can add both Islamism and fascism as totalitarian systems of governance that also have much in common with the former.

        BLM, ANTIFA, New Black Panther Party, Indivisible, and BAMN are very close in ideology and tactics.

        1. Don’t even respond to Romeo, he is incapable of reasonable logical debate without someone giving him pointers on what to say! He probably is hiding in mommy’s basement waiting for his next instruction package!

      2. Progressivism, Socialism, Communism, Marxism, are very close to each other . Four words for the exact same ting. Suggest you do some research and educate yourself to the realities..

    2. By the way it is not other then, it is other than. Also, have you noticed who is Donald Trump best friend? Putin, who also wanted to build a tower in Russia and now has the key to the WH.

      1. Who the hell cares ! The guy is a Real Estate genius ! Any of this was Before he got elected ! Since that , he has Prooven to be tough on Russia


    1. Yes, there has to be something in the water, Rudy Giuliani drank it, and now he is the brain behind the “There is not COLLUSION”. This is going to be the end of Richard, I mean Donald.

      1. You must be a Demo and have drank some of the water also.
        There is no collusion, even Mueller has said so. So Get off the idea that Trump
        has colluded with Russia. Not going to happen. You are just a Trump Hater and
        the truth doesn’t mean anything to you.

  10. Watch out PIG losi you have a new “rising star” in the democrat party that is going far and fast….may even take your lying place by next year

      1. So that’s how you see the world? Which politician wins and which loses? No matter that thousands of MS 16 have come through because of the Dem’s “open border” policies. AMERICANS are dying at the hands of illegal immigrants and you’re in a political power struggle? How do you sleep at night? I bet you favor abortion after birth too with the rest of your soulless amigos.

  11. Knowledge is facts. Intelligence is the ability to put facts in a rational order of discourse and discussion. “O’Crazio” Cortez, or “Ocassional Cortex”, is one of the largest wet-behind-the-ears politicians ever elected to Congress. Her ideas are ludicrous and not derived from an intellectual mind. She is a danger to American society and has nothing but bad things to offer. Allow people like her to run this country and we are doomed to, what has in the past been termed, third world status.

    1. Jeff MINUS,
      You are as intellectual as our president and me, making up names for other people. You became minus because you a lesser than. Do you like it?

  12. I’m closer to where the writer came down on this. She’s young and I hope will learn and thus change her views. However, she hasn’t shown herself to be particularly bright, so this may be a long process. Her degree is in Foreign Relations with a minor in economics. She hasn’t demonstrated any aptitude in either area, oils not land a job in either field after graduation, and ended up working as a bartender.

    1. foreign relations degree .she can speak Spanish to bar patrons minor in economics ,seems to me a 5th grader with a lemonade stand knows more about economics than she does are you sure these are not honorary degrees

  13. This young woman is definitely ignorant. She doesn’t know our Constitution, laws, or history. Lying is her main problem. Sad to think that anyone could be so ignorant and suppose to represent her State. Shows how ignorant New York is.

  14. Hahaha – let her be. She is great entertainment and another tool in Trump’s toolbox. If she’s the democrats shining hope for the future – they are certainly _____________ (you fill in the blank).

  15. You better wake up, America. This is not your Father’s democratic party. Most democrats of olden years would roll over in their grave if they knew the democrats of today.

    1. You are so very right., my parents who were die heart Democrats , would not believe what is taking place in our world. I know for a fact they would be Republican today.

  16. This little socialist princess is going to make a nice pet for all the current Marxists in the Democratic Party. She doesn’t even know where she is, what branch she’s in, how our republic or any form of government works…she’s the perfect “auto-vote” for a dismantling of the constitution. She’s too starry-eyed to ever wake up in time. The scary part is…there’s an apparatus, a communist mechanism strong enough to take this soft-headed little gerbil and mount a campaign strong enough to put a total imbecile into public office. It reminds me of Ben Franklin’s response when at our founding was asked what kind of government have you given us and he said, “A republic, if you can keep it.” We’re proving his anxiety over our ability, to be a reality. Look at any photo of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez…this little gerbils eyes look like a flash bulb just went off in front of her and she can’t see anything but that residual dot temporarily burned on her retina and she’s trying to figure out why it’s there wherever she looks. In the mean time don’t confuse her with any political questions. This is an indictment of the electorate in New York’s 14th congressional district or it’s a testament to the need for voter ID’s. It looks like New York would elect a ham sandwich on a write in.

    1. The total imbecile in public office syndrome is already in PUBLIC OFFICE selling walls, and took the family with him to sell under panties in China. Ivanka has 36 licenses.

    2. Well said and well written, Timothy. Years ago, when I taught US history at the U. of Georgia, she would have been the one in my class wearing a short, tight skirt. If the prof asked such a girl a question of any kind about the lesson, she would uncross her legs and give a quick little show along with an unintelligent giggle.. We actually had girls like that and we were supposed to pass them if they had fathers with a big bankroll. Half a century later, we have Ocasio Cortez, weeping, grinning, and giggling like a 10-year old at a spend-the-night party. She probably would be the one to deny farting under the covers.

  17. yous still don’t get it , if a democrats lips are moving they are lying , want to give a democrat a heart attack , speak the truth ,

  18. She has already voiced the sad belief by the current DNC. “America is a bad country. It must be fundamentally changed. Those of you who don’t want the kind of life of the Swedes, Danes, and Norwegians, should just shut up. We will get all those opposed to Progressive ideas controlled by “hate crime” laws. “

  19. Wait a minute, to lie one you have to say something that you know to be untrue, right? Well, this bimbette is too stupid to know what is and is not true.

      1. Romeo you are definitely a radical, socialist, liberal loser just crawl back under your rock & keep thinking our POTUS is bad for the country even though he has made more progress in two years than previous administrations have done in 4-8 years. Dems can’t stand it & are trying to tear the POTUS apart but he has grit & big shoulders to carry their unnecessary road blocks they keep throwing out there.

  20. I have not known a great many teenagers in my life who tell the truth consistently, especially when they are elected officials acting on behalf of a foreign power. If you are dumb enough to vote for an individual who has yet to develop the sound cognitive abilities of responsible adulthood to public office, you get what you pay for.

      1. Romeo get your head out of the sand minorities are fairing very well under POTUS Trump. It is the radical, liberal, socialist democrats that are tearing this country apart with idiots like cortez, tlbid, feinstein, Pelosi, schummer, I could go on but it would take days to name them all. You do not have to be a person of color to understand the hardships they had to endure but they need to make it positive & quit playing the race card. Blacks have the abilities & brains to move forward but too many still want to talk about slavery & the past, move into the present & create a better future for their children. The handouts need to stop for ALL Americans that will not work because they get “FREEBIES”. The liberal, socialist losers created a mess & we need to dig out of the hole they put us in. Welfare rolls are dropping because of the POTUS, it is not racism to ask recipients of federal & state money to be drug tested, nor to find employment & since employment is booming they should be able to find jobs & pay for themselves & their family. We have never had a crisis this bad on our soil until we just started the handouts now we have to reign it in & those receiving all these freebies are angry. IF you don’t want to work move to another country, pay for yourself & any offspring you brought into this life don’t expect LEGAL, HARDWORKING, TAXPAYING CITIZENS to pay for your responsibilities.

      2. Thank heavens for POTUS Trump, he is not taking anyones crap. A lot of “FREE MONEY” to the people that won’t work & other countries is drying up & they are angry about that because they have to get off their dead butts & work & the other countries need to try & scam some other country to give them billions of dollars. He is MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN despite all the WALLS the dems are putting up to stop him.

  21. Liberal Democrat Socialist Communists demanding the entire world join them in their delusion…….or die.

  22. the Dems are already tired of this twit and are in the process of finding multiple people to run against her next round. She is 29 so not a baby but surely not grown enough to be in office. In “my opinion” being in Office of any kind should be treated like other things, you can’t buy cigarettes till your 18 in most places, you can’t buy alcohol till your 21 in most places – well I think you shouldn’t hold office till your very Mature and lived life, had struggles that life gives you. Someone older who has lived life and been through some sh*t can better understand maybe how to fix a few things so life can be better. This one they picked up at a BAR! She owns no property, Not married and no children so what does she know about life besides living pay check to pay check? No one counts on her for food, clothing or medical like a child would, she has no husband counting on her to provide a clean home, clean clothes and a hot meal. She only has to deal with herself and her wants and needs – she has not lived life yet, so is in no way qualified to tell others how to live theirs.

  23. We can not say she lied. Every Democrat has said it was Trump that did the lies. I don’t think there is anyone in Washington that will tell the truth.

  24. Didn’t y’all find that romeo-fool a nuisance in this discussions??? Am glad to note though. . .that everyone had ignored him/her/it.

  25. She’s an IDIOT that looks like a donkey and can eat corn on the cobb thru a picket fence… She’s a total non issue and twice as non newsworthy. Quit plastering her donkey head all over the news.

  26. She could care less about being truthful. She is making outrageous comments to get press coverage. As an example she recently said that the “top 10% wouldn’t include the $2MM a year football players but would catch the owners who wouldn’t hire Colin Kaepernick.” Sorry to inform her but SHE is in the top 5% with her $174,000 salary as a member of the US House of Representatives. My guess is she will be exposed as the fraud she is but will become wealthy through book deals and favors from people like George Soros. She is a total liar.

  27. We are giving this girl much too much attention. I cannot get over all the comments here
    and there are about as many stories about her and her thoughts as the are comments on
    this site. Yes. she is a childlike ingenue with no experience or world experience to whom
    the whole Democrat party bows down to in undeserved respect. We are only adding to
    her legend by taking her so seriously.

  28. she is a nitwit, my 14 year old Great Grandson knows more about how the government is run than she does. she did not know that she would not get paid until the new congress started in the new year. she spent all of her money on clothes while she was running for congress. she was broke, & shocked when she won & found out no money until congress convened after the new year. she had no place to live, no money for anything. is this really a person you want to represent you?

  29. Decline of the Society

    On May 12, 1780, John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail,

    “I must study politics and war that my sons have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. . . in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

    to which we could add, “so that their children can hide from the world in their safe spaces”

    As Einstein stated: “Education is not learning the facts, but teaching the brain to think”
    Mark Twain: “Never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their level, and then beat you with experience”

    Investigative news reporting has been dead for a long time. Combine that with 24/7 news cycle and that 50% of the people get their “news” from Social Media.

    If you repeat the un-true often enough it will become an accepted factual statement.

  30. But the truth is that Israel is in fact illegally occupying the West Bank, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. This is not an opinion. Israel is in violation of international law as recognized by all the relevant authorities. No nation can acquire land by military force. Even the United States officially recognizes that as a fact. So where was she lying?

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