Bishop Says This Was “Scene From Hell”

Last week the New York Legislature passed the controversial “Reproductive Health Act,” which will allow abortions to take place up to the day of birth.  While this was bleak news by itself, the scene that unfolded after the bill was downright heinous, with Governor Andrew Cuomo, and New York legislators raucously celebrating the news.

A Scene From Hell…

is what Bishop Joseph Strickland, head of the Catholic Diocese of Tyler, Texas called the disgusting celebration.

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Former Governor Mike Huckabee penned an op-ed for Fox News. also denouncing New York's passage of the law and made an impassioned statement of why abortion is wrong.

Ultimately, it matters that we value every human life. We cannot allow the lie to continue that some lives just aren’t as valuable as others because of arbitrary standards or personal preferences. That is the logic of slavery. It is profane to suggest that one person could actually own another person and decide whether that person lives or dies.

Elsewhere in the country, the state of North Dakota passed an "Abortion Reversal" bill that requires doctors to inform women who are set on having an abortion that they can still give a live birth, if they choose to.

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65 thoughts on “Bishop Says This Was “Scene From Hell””

      1. They can’t go ahead of line, Bergolio is saying; abortion kids are going directly to heaven and mothers should sing lullabies to them. This suppose to
        be a head of Catholic Church and the rest of his flock
        follow him.

        1. Berg olio is the Anti-pope !! He’s a Disgrace to the Catholic Church.. Unfortunately the church has become another left wing outfit for the most part . Be very selective to the Priests you choose !

    1. Dolan’s reaction makes Neville Chamberlain look like a profile in courage by comparison. The shepherds are supposed to lead the flock, not run for cover.

      1. Tim likes hobknobing with the politicians and going to the cocktail parties. He is a disgrace to the Catholic Church. People have been excommunicated for a lot less than murder. I heard him interviewed on Fox yesterday. He thinks excommunicating Cuomo would be counterproductive. really?

      2. If the Shepherd is leading his flock down the wrong path he will end up in a different level of hell. I suggest finding a new shepherd.

    2. I agree. I was disappointed with Cardinal Dolan and his response. I cannot image people thinking a fetus being aborted up til birth or even while their mom is delivering them and can still have an abortion or these heinous people can kill the baby if it is born alive. This is murder and Cardinal Dolan should have said this. I am so proud of Bishop Strickland and all the Priests and Cardinals should feel this way.

      1. I totally agree with you. This is nothing but murdering a baby. Why not have the baby and just give it up for adoption? There are so many people out there who can’t have children and you are out there murdering children. What kind of person are you?

  1. Dolan is a politician. Seems like he’s afraid of Cuomo, the “Catholic”. Thank God there are people like Bishop Strickland who tells it like it is.

    This is the left’s religion. They are anti-God.

  2. Over how many years and times did Noah warn the heathens to get straight with God – one God. And at the 12th hour they finally came as the waters were rising but the boat was full.

    Nothing is new its all happened before and will repeat again although the method may change.

  3. How do they justify killing these babies at any time and then turn around and prosecute a killer of a pregnant woman for 2 counts of murder? Just asking.

    They will face their maker some day and answer for this.

    1. Part of the bill says they WILL NOT prossecute for that second count of murder, so they are logically consistent. Barbaric, but consistent.

    2. They should first face Man’s Justice, in this life. How? Have you seen the medieval tool used by the abortionist to puncture the baby’s skull and scoop out its brains? That’s how. And now that a licensed physician is no longer mandated, I shall be happy to volunteer my time and tender mercy to that task, 24/7, as I am one civic-minded SOB bent on improving our Society.

  4. Where are our standards? It’s difficult enough to imagine ending a life in the first trimester. To end a viable life in the third is 1st degree murder. To carry a child to that point and then abort it, is to commit murder. I understand the women’s right to choose. I don’t agree, but I understand. If you have the right to end a life before birth, why not after birth? Why not anytime? What has made us so callas? There is a segment of our society that don’t want Christian standards. They are too kind, considerate and loving. This segment wants the individual to have complete control. After that, the government has complete control. Then you lose all control individually. Learn to spell REVOLUTION.

  5. This will not end well for New York. Every time the Hebrews in the Old Testament turned their back on God, it did not end well for them. This law and the state’s leadership are evil to the extreme.

  6. Cuomo Is not a Catholic and for this outrageous bill alone he should be EXCOMMUNICATED! Cardinal Dolan what do you say about it and why are you not denouncing this execution of everything sacred and Catholic LAW. Where is the USCCB ?

  7. Unfortunately Oregon is just as bad or worse. They provide funds to abort children through all nine months of pregnancy. They are a socialistic state with a “out of hell” governor and the Pro-life population has a huge battle to protect all human life. Pray, pray, pray for conversion are the words of Mother Mary as she knows the final end for those who disregard the commandments of God. To be pro life is to love life in all stages of development, even in old age. Eternal life is a gift from God, how we spend it, is definitely our choice.
    Bishop Strickland is absolutely truthful. Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life. There is no other and he stands with eternity by His side. God Bless American’s who treasure and value holiness and morality and purity. We need to return to goodness and stop pretending to know more than our creator who knew us before He placed us in our mother’s wombs. Mrs. P. Lange

  8. They are not “logically consistent” when they turn around and 3 days later say that the death penalty is “morally indefensible” ! Murder is okay punishment for a crime is not?

  9. Dolan’s a dummy! He should be thrown out of the Catholic Church! What New York State did was eliminate the crime of murder! Infanticide! We are now living in the end times!

  10. This bishop Dolan is just a microcosm of what’s wrong with the Catholic Church, the question is, how is he being paid off? Where is the pope on this? Leaders LEAD, denounce this ruthless murder. The number one cause of death in the USA Today is abortion! The pope , bishops, cardinals, all need to be vocal, represent as a whole, not this idiot Dolan throwing up his hands and declaring “what does it matter?”
    How could any catholic, Christian or Jew EvEwR vote for a democrat is beyond sensible reason. BTW, Illinois has a bill on the books that B Hussein O co-sponsored when he was a US senator.
    Another thing, good old Hillary, her own evil self with four abortions under her belt, worked with cuomo to draft this bill. God will not be mocked!


  12. I would like to reverse this law as they are doing in n Dakota… it is awful and I have had visions of babies born alive and killed when they can survive at 28 weeks it is definitely murder and consequences should be held for this. …… Not eliminated

  13. This world has become so f*cked up. The Libs fight against putting a convicted killer to death. But celebrate killing a newborn child. God Don’t have mercy on their souls.

  14. And they continually ask “what type of nation are we” on building a wall – but they’re ok with killing a baby – so sad 😭

  15. Remember not so long ago when the libs were all upset because the border patrol used tear gas on women and children at the border–imagine the evil in that. But murdering babies is ok???? Gov. Cuomo was probably leading the libs about the evil border patrol. What a country we have become!

  16. the entire Cuomo family is a disgrace to society. Damn shame they didn’t have his new abortion law in effect when he and his family members were HATCHED. Talk about the MAFIA, I think the Cuomos are nothing but slime balls. NEW YORK, you get what you deserve.

  17. I would love love each person in favor of this bill be forced to watch a trimester abortion then tell me it’s not murder

  18. Cuomo chooses his Hell. He has chosen everlasting damnation and hell. He will regret his choice now and forever. The people who own him will never be able to assuage his conscience, and it will burn his brain until he dies. All the pats on the back from his cronies, the poobahs who own him and sinning lefties just looking to sanction their own mortal sin will not help him on the Day of Judgement. And his ides of Hell is totally wrong. On Earth there is mercy. After death, there is justice. He WILL meet his Maker. Pray to end abortion. Pray for this nation to rebuke these murderers and return to virtue.

  19. Unfortunately these Priests,Monsignors,Bishops,Cardinals all come under The Vatican.Pope Francis is the first Jesuit Pope and currently seems to be In Favor of Gays and other Non-Catholic teachings.I believe the pope uses the words toleration.Way too close to Acceptance.We live by The Bible and Die by The Bible and Won’t go Off Course.I pray to God that He will manifest in ways that we actually See.

  20. this catholic wants to know how many of you HYPOCRITES have actually adopted

    a child who could have been aborted

  21. Where the hell are the Catholic Democrats. Not one has stepped up against murdering Cuomo’s signing of ” MAKING MURDERING OF CHILDREN LEGAL”.

  22. Why haven’t Bishop Dolan, all NY bishops, and Metodist, Lutheran, Baptist, and numerous other Protestant church leaders condemned Cuomo and every member of the NY State Legislature for this abhorrent abortion law,? Why haven’t Dolan and every NY State Catholic Bishop already started the excommunication process?

  23. May God have mercy on there souls. From this moment I will not go to New York or buy any products manufacturered in this State. I saw that Virginia is trying to do the same thing.Virginia has a large amount of government workers in their state so if President Trump shuts down the government don’t feel sorry for these workers.

  24. Culture of Death: The Murder of Unborn Children
    Leave a reply
    New York Mandates Infanticide
    Abortion is nothing less than the murder of Unborn Children, Babies, and on the anniversary of Roe v Wade, January 22nd 1973, the Empire State of New York passed its abominable Baby Murder Act, the “Reproductive Health Act”, that attempts to give legitimacy to this abominable, heinous and horrific practice, by calling abortion a “fundamental right”. This act stands in direct contravention of the virtues and principles, that built America, often referenced as a “shining City on the Hill”, and there are consequences for these actions, which are unacceptable under any set of circumstances. We must protect the lives of the Unborn Children.

    New York was already doing a fine job of slaughtering the innocent Unborn, under its “archaic” abortion law, as described by the secular Leftist media, as it aborted twice the number of babies as the national average – one baby aborted for every two that were born with more black babies murdered in the womb than brought to birth. Only a blood lust could demand such a heinous law be expanded.

    Norma McCorvey

    Shortly after passage, Sarah Ragie Weddington, an attorney who represented Norma “Jane Roe” McCorvey in the original case, excitedly exclaimed, “To see New York pass a bill so that right is protected is just a dream come true.”

    Curiously and ironically, one never hears the Leftstream media mention that Norma McCorvey became Pro-Life in 1995 and dedicated her life to opposing Roe v Wade.

    In celebration of their demonic act and their hate for life, that allows a baby to be murdered the very day up to its birth, a full nine months, Governor Andrew Cuomo and his fellow Democrats lit the One World Trade Center in a bright neon pink light, as they delighted and cheered along with their mainstream media tools.

    Must I state the obvious. Taking the lives of a babies right up until the day they could be delivered alive IS NOTHING TO CELEBRATE. IT IS PURE EVIL.

    Charlie Daniels tweeted: “The NY legislature has created a new Auschwitz dedicated to the execution of a whole segment of defenseless citizens. Satan is smiling.”

    As Lifesite noted: “Declaring abortion a ‘fundamental right’ opens the door to invalidating ‘any limits on abortion’ and ‘mandating’ that everyone take part in the culture of death … and [having] the effect of ‘authorizing infanticide’ …”.

    Bishop Edward Scharfenberger of the Albany Diocese observed that the law appears to be a step toward criminalizing anyone who does not subscribe to the Democratic Party’s Anti-Life platform. How will this illegitimate “law” affect Pro-Life nurses and doctors and health facilities and maternity services? The Good Bishop offered: “If abortion is deemed a fundamental right … I shudder to think of the consequences this law will wreak … Will being pro-life one day be a hate-crime in the State of New York?“

    Although all abortions are wrong, I and many other Americans would offer this caveat. Young women surviving rape and mothers with young children at home and truly endangered by their pregnancy can be forgiven, for choosing this path. I would hope and pray that in the former case, a woman might be strong enough to want her baby, or at least let the baby live and place it for adoption.

    The moral bankruptcy of New York’s new law is fully exposed in the last phrase of this sentence: “An abortion may be performed by a licensed … practitioner within 24 weeks from the commencement of pregnancy, or there is an absence of fetal viability, or at any time when necessary to protect the patient’s life or health.”

    Does this mean that any woman can now have an abortion if the day before delivery of a her baby she feels that she can’t handle the stress of raising a child?

    In New York, it was already the law that doctors and nurse practitioners could abort babies through nine months to save a mother’s life. “Health” has been added to this act only to ensure that women have a greater access to abortion, should they desire one for any reason. Based on political jargon, the Reproductive Health Act has nothing to do with “reproductive health” and it fundamentally devalues the life of any Unborn Child.

    It’s the child’s mere existence, not the pregnancy, that poses the alleged health risk. The pregnancy can be concluded by delivering the baby alive, rather than murdering him or her. One should be able to see the glaring sophistry in the argument for abortion.

    Lifesite expands the discussion with this explanation: “The bill is also part of a broader trend of left-wing states codifying a ‘right’ to abortion in anticipation of a future Supreme Court ruling that could reverse Roe, restoring states’ ability to ban abortion themselves and automatically banning it in the handful of states with pre-Roe bans still on the books.”

    If You’ve never heard any former abortionists speak on the topic, the baby is injected with a poison directly into his little skull or body, and his developed nervous system allows him to feel and suffer through an agonizing and painful death. After writhing and suffering in agony, sometimes it is discovered at the next day ultrasound that the baby hasn’t died and he is injected again. He’s soon delivered dead by the woman who has no claim to the word “mother”.

    RELATED: Are We Eating Our Children?
    Abortion has never been about “reproductive health”, rights or freedom. It is about self-centered feminist women who want to walk away “clean” from an unwanted pregnancy just as some worthless men can physically walk away. However, the women are the ones left to deal with the physical and mental trauma of miscarriage and abortion, and even though many women think abortion is crucial to their cause, they and their children are the ones most hurt by atrociously immoral bills, like New York’s.

    America must not allow loosely constructed laws that contain “health” undefined to deceptively use a multitude of reasons, like mental and emotional stability, age and family situation as factors in any abortion. If such is now the case, a depressed woman who loses her job and her boyfriend or husband at nine months pregnant can now easily get an abortion in New York, if she so desires. No problem. This cannot stand.

    The One World Trade Center should have been lit up Blood Red.
    ~ The Author ~
    mr_smithJustin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

  25. The religion of the left is the primacy of the individual to the point of insanity, the insanity of aborting their babies. Or do they only promote the abortion of black, brown, or other types of people as a convenience to their feminist fanatics? Or are they so underwritten by Planned Parenthood that they cannot afford to offend that baby -parts mill? Makes one wonder, does it not

    WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?? Are they thinking?

  26. I am so disappointed in Cardinal Dolan. God help our Church. Where is St. Pope John Paul II when you need him?

  27. Those who promote abortion are not human beings, they are against God and they are despicable.

  28. The Pope and every Cardinal, Bishop, Priest and Catholic Parish in the Entire World should pooling resources and protesting these absurd and, I believe Unconstitutional, laws and policies.
    Every Catholic in the USA, that is a legal and registered voter MUST remember this in every future election at every level of government and vote against the party and candidates that support abortion. If what New York state just passed into law does not wake you up to what that political party and what those candidates are willing to do NOTHING will.
    This IS MURDER in its purest and most criminal form. It simply can not be happening in this World, much less in the USA.
    This is INSANITY!!!!!
    Our politicians are not elected to do this. I can’t believe anyone would vote for a candidate that said they supported this.
    But, now that you see what they will do with the power they are entrusted with, WILL YOU VOTE THEM OUT???!!!

    1. Need to remember who put these animals into public office to make these outrageous laws and they will bring Gods rath down on New York,California and even our country if we don’t stop this stupid stuff

  29. This is a sad time for New York, the Catholic Church AND society in general that as human beings we can even conjure up something so horrid as the murder of a baby and call it a law. I often think of how the evil mind worked to even come up with the details and execution of 9/11….now that same way of thinking is in our country and government.

  30. All Christians should be speaking out against this governor, this legislature and this legislation. They should also be just as vocal in Vermont and Rhode Island. But the Catholic Church has the unique ability to condemn these people in a very public and real way–excommunication. Why Dolan won’t do it? Why the Pope won’t do it? God is watching and those shepherds of our souls, the priests, bishops. cardinals and the Pope will be counted just as culpable as Cuomo in this abomination.

  31. Dolan is nothing more then a false Shepherd leading those who follow him straight to Hell sadly today there are many more false Shepherds then Honest ones leading the apostasy. The last three generation have grown up without the love of the truth following lies rather than truth, believe in fiction rather then the LORD JESUS CHRIST! Evil masquerades as truth but if you due the research you fin it is in fact nothing but a lie from the father of Lies Lucifer. Abortion is straight from Satan it is not of The TRIUNNE GOD of the Bible

  32. Catholic Democrat governors in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia praise their own decisions to support and sign into law, the new state authority to kill babies in the womb, existing the womb, or with lungs filled with air after being born which in infanticide and murder, even greatly objected to by many feminists who support killing babies in the first trimester.

    Thou Shalt Not Kill (Murder).

  33. Score another for the socialists in the USA. They have just driven the wedge in further divisiveness of the USA, This time a split in the Christians and the Catholics, and in the Catholic religion as well. Infanticide appears to be approved by half the Catholic “leaders” along with tacit approval by “Il Papa”. Seems like the Pope has decided the “Dark Side” master is the one to serve. Pedophilia, one world government, forced immigration, infanticide find approval now from the Vatican? Maybe it is time to free Vatican City, reclaim the works of art, release books and other documents they have hidden from the world, as well as other treasures and riches they have stolen through the centuries to hide the truth and protect the church from the atrocities it has committed in the name of God. I know there many Catholics out there with sincere faith, and belief in the teachings of Christ. I wonder if they, too, feel betrayed?

  34. Unfortunately, my husband and I were not blessed with children. How much it hurts to hear that many Catholics and Christians embrace the murder of these innocent babies. I say 3 Hail Marys daily for the end of these barbaric murders. I often wonder if among these unfortunate slaughtered babies, there could have been some that would grow up to discover the cure for Cancer, Alzheimer’s and other horrific diseases. We will never know, will we? If the children are not wanted by their natural parents, let them live so that those who would love and cherish them can raise them.

  35. The Catholic Church’s reluctance to excommunicate Democrat politicians who support this, is akin to ignoring what the Nazis did to Jews and those they deemed Sub-human. The Church has lost its Moral Authority and Credibility! The leaders of the American Catholic Church are COWARDS.

  36. i went to a Catholic all girls high school. We saw what was going on. We weren’t so stupid that we could not figure out why the young nuns left for a few months for “health reasons”, but the old nuns never left. Then we had Father Clarkson, very handsome, coming every Friday to teach Catachism for one hour. However, he spent many hours after that at the school. Why? Sister Cornelius ran the school. She didn’t need him around. This so called “church” has so much dirty linen that they don’t dare expose any one for fear of self exposure of the Catholic Church.

  37. Thou Shalt Not Murder. What part of this is not comprehensible by the left… oh yeh, they don’t believe in God. How about the excommunicating the whole bunch?

  38. I think the Sickos Really overplayed their hand of this one , and Many will leave the demoncrats ! It’s Obvious just how twisted they have become ! Find a Traditional church and steer clear of the Novus ordo !

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