Is Another Trap Being Set?

President Trump doubled Obama’s 2012 numbers in New Hampshire. That’s right, New Hampshire! The old socialist, as many are calling Bernie, got more votes from the under 30 crowd than all other Democrats combined! Bernie is picking up steam as the clear frontrunner in the Democrat 2020 race for POTUS.

President Trump has hinted that the Democrats aren’t likely done with impeachment. Rumors have been swirling around DC that they already have other impeachment articles drafted. So, are the Democrats setting another trap for Trump? Of course they are.

Should that worry the American people? Yeah. Sure, it should. After all, this is still a coup attempt by the Democrats in Congress and bureaucratic positions across the government. Some of them formidable but not formidable enough at this point.

That’s not the trap I’m talking about.

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What has me scratching my head is that President Trump has spent a lot more time targeting Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Mike Bloomberg (as of late). With the beginning stages of Biden corruption being laid out in the open it's clear why he wanted to target Joe. But why so early? Why not wait until the general election to go after him? He's clearly not all there and wouldn't likely be a worthy challenger in the general.

Bloomberg has a ton of money and that, as we all know by now, can go a long way in politics. He could be a worthy challenger in November with the ability to spend like no other candidate has ever spent before. He could spend $10 million a day and still be worth $58 Billion after November! His net worth, in Jan 2020, was $61.8 Billion! But can he buy his entire electorate? Perhaps, but I don't think so.

So, why does Trump sort of 'boost' Sanders by giving him credibility and calling out how the Democrats are trying to rig another election against him? If he's the clear front runner and has a large grassroots base with him why wouldn't you want to get him out of there as fast as possible? It's almost like President Trump wants to run against him.

From spying on the Trump campaign, impeachment, Avenatti, Kavanaugh hoax, to the Ukraine call virtually everything the corrupt bureaucrats have tried has backfired in spectacular fashion thus far. So, my question is this: Why does Trump give Bernie credibility and why does it seem like he wants to run against Bernie when everyone is saying Bernie would be, by far, the toughest opponent?

Does President Trump know something that the rest of us have not yet become aware of? Is this another trap that President Trump is setting that nobody would see coming?

I'm intrigued. What do you think? Tell us in the replies section.


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12 thoughts on “Is Another Trap Being Set?”

  1. Maybe he sees what the corrupt democrats have been doing to Sanders and knows how that feels…..he also knows that noone currently running can touch him. I wish I didn’t have to worry so much about post 2020 elections, as socialism seems to be so popular among the younger voters. That says a lot about how horribly our (education) system is failing!!

    1. Socialism and Youth

      To believe that Socialism works as fairly and equitably, unbiased and egalitarian, as today’s youth have been led to believe by an educational system that has failed them, or a government that has knowingly and willfully duped them in order to maintain its power, requires a very special naiveté derived from an active, persistent unwillingness to learn from history. Although facing the undeniable fact that Socialism has NEVER worked wherever it has been imposed upon a populace, the Youth reinforce their fantasies among themselves with the belief that this is the case because the right people have never been in charge. And, given their lack of real-world life experience and the wisdom and maturity attendant thereto, who can blame them? Wait until they get real jobs, with real pay and start paying real taxes.

      It has been said that a Socialist is someone too dumb to know he is a Communist.

      1. so very true, also we are talking about kids that mom and dad have always dished money out and they see socialism as a new parent to take care of them. The stupidity of believing there is enough money to forgive their college debt alone shows they did not pay attention in math class & certainly did not follow the news when the little bit of coverage there was on Venezuela and people digging in the trash for food. Bernie is the pied piper to these kids and leading them to fall off the ledge. They just keep telling them the rich will pay for it, do they really think that the rich will stay here just to give them more money? It is all LIES & I don’t know why there is no law that when they campaign they can throw out lie after lie when they know darn well it will not happen, WE HAVE NO MONEY we have to borrow borrow borrow all our intake goes to interest on what we have borrowed!

    2. It’s not only the educational system that’s falling in America, there’s also spiritual and moral decadence and worse of all, American churches are DEAD!! Pray with us for REVIVAL!!

  2. bernies background may have some interesting things if anyone looked such as how did he live not getting a job until what 30’s exactly how did he get into politics? what happened in the case that accused his wife of embezzling money did not here a word after she was charged what is the story that he sets his wife up in the campaign I can’t remember exactly but somehow all the money for the
    ‘job” circles back to her and the article called it dark money & it has been going on years so they got a LOT of money plus she took her bonus while the school was so desperate for money to stay open she did the book work it was a big amount so school went down rumor was after his last run clinton gave him cash and airplane only saw one article on that before it was quashed shortly after he bought his first fancy house. think there is a lot there if anyone digs

  3. I would guess that there needs to be a clear referendum pitting the system existing today, such as crony capitalism is, against Venezuela/Cuba style huge government. Do it now while the ‘movement (think bowel)’ is still manageable. That’s my $.02. Yours?

  4. ps. I think it was Tucker Carlson that said bernie cost the government 1.3 million I am not sure if the amount is accurate but somewhere around there implying like food stamps, cash, insurance but not positive on that but fits him not having a job forever

  5. I’ve often wondered if Sanders, AOC and Tlaib
    were working for President Trump. They’ve done more more damage to the democrats than anyone.
    Of course, Trump would LOVE to run against the commie.

    1. Lose. They always lose. “Weary; women get weary, they don’t get wooly. If you’re going to sing the song, sing it right.” (Crash Davis, in “Bull Durham”)

  6. If Trump wants to run against Bernie it’s because he is AFRAID of all the others. Rightfully because all the others (and maybe even Bernie) will demolish the pompous egoist!

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