This Is Why People Love Donald Trump


Long gone are the days when the American citizens loved a President for “acting the way a politician is supposed to.” Long gone are the days when people appreciated appearances over actions. President Tump can be brash and, in a New Yorker sort of way, very strong without the salt chaser.

However, there is no doubt that when President Trump says he loves our service men and women – he means it. He’s shown that time and time again, and did so on Monday when he cut his huge New Hampshire rally short. Why? Why would he cut it short when New Hampshire is a state he is trying hard to win in 2020?

He left to go to Dover Air Force base to pay his respects and receive the remains of two soldiers killed in Afghanistan. He wanted to visit with the families of the fallen soldiers as he has so often done since winning the presidency in 2016.

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From Fox News:

“These are terrible sacrifices for the families. And these guys are heroes, they’re real warriors and did a great job for the American people,” O’Brien said. “These are tough times. It’s tough for the president but he thinks it’s important to be there for the families and recognize them.”

The two soldiers have been identified as Sgt. Javier Jaguar Gutierrez, of Jacksonville, NC and Sgt. Antonio Rey Rodriguez of Las Cruces, NM. Both men had served multiple tours and were awarded the Bronze Star Medal and Purple Heart.

This may be the sort of thing that a President does once in a while, although I can't recall our previous president doing this. However, President Trump has made it a mission of his to let the service men and women of America know that he has their backs. From Police Officers to Firefighters, Nurses and Doctors, and to our Military folks, he has consistently went out of his way to greet, thank, and pay respects to all who serve our great country.

His genuine love and respect for those men and women has become a staple of his presidency. There are many reasons why so many people show up to his rallies and support this President but this is a big one. He connects with and cares for the people working to serve and protect the United States. He doesn't just pay lip service. He takes action. He's bringing a sense of pride back to the people who President Obama seemed to target and fault for his own failed leadership.

In a time where Democrats, and even some establishment Republicans, have consistently taken the side of Iran, China, ISIS, North Korea, and illegal immigrants - President Trump is sticking with the people who want nothing more than opportunity and the freedom to choose their way forward. This is why people love Donald J. Trump.

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12 thoughts on “This Is Why People Love Donald Trump”

  1. This article states that people love President Trump because he loves them. That is true! I am proud to say that he is returning pride in America in spite of repeated attacks on his person (not physical). I am very close to his age and I recall his earlier years. I recall my own as well with things I’d rather not have done. Hindsight however doesn’t teach everybody! President Trump does well by all of the people who will have him. This cannot be said for other “only 1 career” politicians. A businessman is fresh air in the swamp of D.C. and threatening that way of life.
    We must, somehow, institute term limits because our civil servants should seek to serve and then move on. Currently, many have good intentions at the onset of their career but fall to becoming millionaires while in service. How does that happen so frequently? Take back our future!

  2. Susan has so aptly said it all brilliantly. We don’t need sugar-coated career politicians in Washington who stay there for their lifetimes …. they have a job to do …. they should do it, then leave. If the President has terms limits, why shouldn’t they?

  3. More and more our politicians should live like the common folk, including same health insurance and no Cadillac retirement plans.
    President Trump is doing what he said he would do —drain the swamp, and the embedded politicians and government employees do not appreciate it !
    Thank God for Donald Trump ! In my mind he ranks right up there with Moses, David, and Saul of the Old Testament !
    God writes straight with crooked lines !

  4. OUR President is what has been needed in DC for far too long, and I am not sure that he will have the time in the next 5 years to get it accomplished, but at least he is making a much needed beginning. I wish all of the best in this fight, but the corrupt D’s are going to be fighting him every step of the way. I wish that Voters would open their eyes, and see just how bad the D’s have been for EVERYTHING, and still are. Party of the ‘KKK’, Party of the ‘Jim Crow’, Party of the ‘Nanny-State’ keep YOU on Welfare programs. Party that is so Anti-Minority; Anti-Semite; SO obviously corrupt and CRIMINAL; President Trump needs to keep up the GOOD Fight for all of us.

  5. I have being with our President even from he first Presidency and always will be with him, we love him and because of his political my life has being enriched, my financial situation

    Thank you Mr. president I will vote for you and the Democrat will loose because of their hatred toward you, but hate do not bring any good fruits so the Democrat will have a taste of sour fruits Blessing to you Mr. President is better and thank to our President.

  6. Thank you very much President Trump. You are the best out of the best President in the United States to Make America Great and Safe Again. We wish the best for you, for your family and for our NATION. God bless America and God bless you President Trump. Please keep going to show Democrats that: they do nothing for our country. They are just a please of Trash so we can throw them to the trash can any time we want. Thanks Again President Trump. We love you.

  7. I think President and First Lady Melania are wonderful and I will be voting for them in November.

    What the Congress has put the president through is born out of serious jealously.

    Just look at Roger Stone’s sentence? The judge vetted the jury foreperson and yet allowed her to stand on through the trial. Both the judge and the chairperson should be disbarred immediately. There’s no need for President Trump to exonerate Mr. Stone, he got a raw deal with these evil Democrats. They not only should be disbarred, but get jail time.

  8. President Trump is GOD’s gift to the United States! He is fulfilling his destiny by draining the swamp, and making America great. I am proud of our President and proud to be an American.

    I loved Bush, but he let the Dems tear him down without fighting back. Eventually supporters believed what they heard. I love that Trump Tweets and says it like it is. He is street smart and a fighter. I don’t think there is another man alive who could stand up to the verbal assaults of the Democrats. President Trump is driving the Dems crazy. If Dems and fake news continue attacking the President, people are going to turn off their televisions. The Dems are angry and hateful. Dems are petty and nobody wants to listen to them. Dems will never defeat Trump, because he is a winner and they are losers. Dems, get over it and move on!

    President Trump, you need to get those Dems out of the White House and agencies. I am sure you have lots of smart and talented supporters who would like to be of service to you and this great county.

    President Trump, you have my support, you have my loyalty and admiration, and you have my VOTE!

  9. Loved all the previous comments! Trump is the best President ever! Love him & our first lady. They make me feel safe & secure in this world. They are in my prayers every night.Keep the RED coming in November!Vote every last demonrat out & help us keep the senate & win back the house! Every vote counts.

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