What Country is Congress Working For?


It’s a serious question, actually. President Trump basically had to pull teeth to get the Democrats to move on the USMCA trade deal, which was specifically designed to put American business and farmers first. Now, Democrats show their disdain for American business and workers.

The House met on Thursday to pass an “Illegal Aliens First” bill and that’s exactly what they did. From Fox News:

House lawmakers on Thursday passed a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to be eligible for damages from their employer if their labor rights are judged to have been violated — while rejecting a measure that would prevent unions from recruiting those in the country illegally.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are selling this as a “let’s help the average Joe instead of just the wealthy” but, like most of what they’ve done over the past 10 years, they leaving the average Joe behind to help illegal immigrants get jobs and preferential working rights.

The bill is called the “Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act)”. Another stinging feature of this bill is that it abolishes the state Right-To-Work Laws.

“Where workers have previously had the freedom to choose whether or not to pay fees & join a union, they will now be forced to pay membership fees or lose their job,” Rep. Kevin Hern,  R-Okla., said, opposing the bill. “This will put immeasurable power in the hands of union bosses.”

It reads more like a catch-22 for employers. Experts say they won’t be allowed to fire employees once they find out they’re illegal. Sound crazy yet?

Check this out:

Story continued below:

“In addition to owing back pay and other damages from so-called unfair labor practices, the PRO Act subjects employers to civil penalties of up to $100,000,” the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) said in a statement opposing the bill. “Under this bill, if an employer makes the admirable decision of firing an illegal worker to hire an American instead, they could face an unfair labor practice charge alleging that the illegal alien was fired for union status rather than being here illegally. This is not right.”

Imagine if the Democrats worked this hard for American citizens. Imagine where we could be if we had that kind of representation in Congress!

The bill won't likely pass with any Republican Senators (well, maybe Mitt will be the exception) but this should serve as a warning to all patriots as to what will happen if Dems were to take back the Senate and the White House come November.

They haven't put American workers first. They haven't put American citizens first. They haven't put America first. So I ask you again...

What country is Congress working for?

For more on this story check out: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/house-passes-labor-bill-that-allows-illegal-immigrants

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20 thoughts on “What Country is Congress Working For?”

  1. I’ve been asking that question for three years and counting. Our congress is passing more legislation protecting illegals than prosecuting and removing them from the country and then turn around and fight to remove our constitutional rights including the 1st and 2nd amendment.

    1. It seems pretty obvious that dumocrats have been working AGAINST this nation for decades. Almost everything they support or initiate has been beneficial to enemies of this nation and it’s citizens. Most legislation proposed by democrat representatives seems to support either Muslims or traitors within this country such as Geo. $oro$. The amazing part of this is that American citizens don’t seem to react or attempt to do anything about it. We still have a Constitution which is the supreme law of this land but we fail to enforce those laws. We have the right and the duty to enforce our Constitution but we fail to do so. WHY?

    1. Social media has become the censorship arm of the MSM…anything anti Christian, anti Trump, anti conservative etc is allowed…no matter how false or disparaging….on the other hand, anything that detracts from the left, liberal, progressive, demoncrapicrinosharias agenda, especially if factual IS censored. All the more reason to vote Trump in November…and make sure that your Republican vote does NOT go to a RINO!!!

      1. John makes a great point. The news media, democrats, and our enemies, which they both appear to be, do not believe in equal justice or fair play. Vote RINO’s out and not a single vote for a SCUM_O_CRAT! Put God, and country first or end up slaves.

  2. If any person should vote for a socialisr then tha5t person should go to that country where socialism reall is. Our country is changing very rapidly.

  3. ok just excalty what country are you working for!If your not working for the citizens of the*UNITED STATES , THEN STEP DOWN NOW OTHERWISE WE WILL TAKE YOU OUT FORCIBLY !

  4. Declare martial law and arrest every person that is trying to destroy the united states constitution.

  5. They are working for the NWO agenda of their ill-gotten multi- billionaire , NAZI leader g. soros who pays them to be America -destroying socialist criminals like him !

    1. Not only pays people to assist in his stated goal of bringing the nation to it’s knees but trains them in ways to accomplish that goal. Obviously he’s used puppets like Obama to appoint anti-American agents as federal agents and install them in key positions throughout our government, our mass media and our public education system. The man has a well documented history of destroying countries all over the world. He was declared an enemy of humanity by the United Nations several decades ago. He and his corporate fronts have supported countless organizations masquerading as “environmental activists”, health support agencies and community organizers operating under deliberately misleading names and titles. For some reason none of our federal law enforcement agencies seem to enforce our laws against aiding and assisting enemies of this nation and citizens of this Constitutional Republic do nothing to enforce our Constitution.

  6. I think that we have allowed too many enemies to infiltrate our nation and now they have become congressmen and if we allow them to stay in office; they are going to take us down. We need to be praying every day for our President and our nation.

  7. This is why the Demo-Party and cohorts wanted to impeach the President, because they are treason traitors and work for Mexico and China and anybody that vote and idolatry a Democrats. Illegal aliens open border and sanctuary cities and state foreign interference in our elections. Democrats abuse their power and a fraudulent disorganize in-house socialist crooks.

  8. There’s got to be a way to flush these anti American so called representatives, or should I say misrepresentatives, out of our Federal Government infrastructure. Somebody find a way, ASAP.

  9. They are working for the Islamist terrorist, and communist countries.

    The democrats are technically Americans, but theoretically they re not.

    They are very bad and evil people

  10. The democRATS are working for every country except America and that is why every US citizen that is worried about the future of this country needs to vote for Trump and every republican on the ballot in November 2020, we have to stop the democRATS or they will turn America into a socialist hellhole just like every other country that is socialist ruled

    1. The beauty is, as the Burisma “episode” all but spells out in simple language, these politicians, especially demoncraps, have been enriching themselves via “foreign aid” kickbacks and say, like in one of Obama’s cases, a “book deal(?)” worth $65 million from a publishing company that received a nearly $400 million government contract, also from “local” “contracts”…

  11. It is time for we the people to make our voices heard. You can goggle all of the representatives and senator’s office address’s. we need to take the time to flood their offices with demands for their immediate unconditional resignations. Turn on the heat let them feel what it is like to be under pressure 24/7 like they have done to Trump.

    This is our 1st amendment right and it is imperative we exercise that right immediately!

  12. Historical America was birth’d in the Orthodox Christian World View and its final reality, being there is a Creator God from whom all things exist. In time that world view eroded in the American population. The Secular Humanist World View and its final reality, being mankind is the measure of all things, has replaced the Orthodox Christian World View in America as the majority world view of the population. The two are not compatible. A cultural war has been raging inside America for decades. The outcome is clear. The majority of Americans prefer to be ruled by the bayonet, not the bible. Americans live in a normalcy bias. America in reality is under judgement. Polite petitions, protest, voting, nothing and no one human being can change the root of our national destruction now in progress. Nothing but from the heart repentance unto Almighty God could possibly stop what has happened to America. Repentance unto Almighty God does not come from the Secular Humanist World View minded person.

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