Officials Discover Two Drug Tunnels At The Border

Jennie Taer on May 19, 2023

Mexican authorities discovered two drug tunnels along the border with the U.S. in recent days, according to Border Report.

The location of the tunnels was in Tijuana, which is just across the border from San Diego, California, according to Border Report. One of the tunnels was still under construction, but 45 feet from the U.S. border.

Authorities found the incomplete tunnel after seeing a man “discarding a plastic bag before running into the house,” according to Border Report. The bag was later discovered to contain crystal meth and more of the drug was subsequently found inside the home, along with the tunnel that was in the direction of the U.S.

An anonymous tipster alerted Mexican authorities to another tunnel that didn’t lead to the U.S. days before, where they also found bags of crystal meth, according to Border Report.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized more than 71,000 pounds of meth at the southern border between October 2022 and April, according to agency data.

U.S. authorities in the border town of Yuma, Arizona, fear the overwhelming surge of illegal immigration at the southern border has made it harder for authorities to search for drug tunnels, they told the Daily Caller News Foundation in May 2022.

“Rumors are that there’s a couple of tunnels out there, but there’s been no confirmation that they’re really there. They’re working on that part. But again, a small portion of the whole big picture when you’re talking 2000 miles of international boundary,” Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot told the DCNF at the time.

“I wouldn’t doubt that there’s another one out there. If there is a team, I don’t know if they’ve got time because we’re so overwhelmed with the amount of people that we gotta process,” Rafael Rivera, president of the National Border Patrol Council for Yuma, previously told the DCNF.

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2 thoughts on “Officials Discover Two Drug Tunnels At The Border”

  1. Put criminals to sleep like you would a rabid dog. Why keep sending them back to offend again? This is a tireless crime. Other countries would execute. President Trump would keep them out

  2. Leave the tunnels in place for 60 days but heavily lace it with powdered and liquified fentanyl. The cartel mules will be exposed.
    Better yet, is to deploy a huge fan to blow fentanyl powder through the tunnels and contaminate the cartel entryway and surrounding areas.