GOP Reactions To Biden Scandals

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Throughout American history, only the President has been allowed to declassify classified documents. While an Obama administration-era executive order gave the Vice President the ability to declassify documents, Vice President Biden is the one and only Vice President with the ability to declassify documents.

However, this does not excuse the handling of the documents. While the Vice President was allowed for this period of time to declassify them himself, he certainly did not get granted clearance to keep them in the garage of his home next to his Corvette.

“Only POTUS can declassify docs, the VP cannot.
Joe Biden was VP when he stole classified documents.
But why would his own attorneys reveal that he had them at the Biden Center?
Especially after FBI raid on Trump’s home?
What are they hiding or trying to preemptively stop?”

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