GOP Reactions To Biden Scandals

Rep. Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan breaks down exactly how many Americans who watched the fall out of the Mar-A-Lago FBI raid are feeling. While it was alleged that Trump had documents in his Mar-A-Lago home that he should not have had, the FBI was extremely aggressive, and broke open Trump’s safe and went through him teenage son’s bedroom in an attempt to find documents that they were unable to find.

However, Biden’s Delaware home was not subject to the same excessive searching that Trump’s home was, which many many Americans realize a double standard in how the two different situations were handled.

“Nov. 2022: Classified documents found at Biden Center
Dec. 2022: Classified documents found at Biden’s house
White House says NOTHING
Jan. 2023: News media reports that classified documents were found at Biden Center
White House still says NOTHING about docs found at house”

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