Six Democrat Senators Who Could Be RETIRING: Leaving Democrats Scrambling In 2024

Joe Manchin (WV):

Joe Manchin has been serving as a Senator from West Virginia Senator since 2010, since winning a special election in order to serve the rest of (D) Sen. Robert Byrd’s term (yes, KKK organizer and leader (D) Senator and Congressman Robert Byrd.) Prior to serving in the Senate, Manchin served as the Governor of West Virginia and as a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates. As a Senator, Manchin has focused on issues such as energy policy, healthcare, and infrastructure. He is known for being a centrist within the Democratic Party and has often been willing to work with Republicans on legislation.

His hesitancy in passing President Bidens “Build Back Better” plan made him an outcast from the Democratic party in 2021. However, Democrats largely don’t understand that they’re lucky to have a Democrat filling his Senate seat at all, as West Virginia is largely considered to be deep red territory. Despite being in a deep red state, Machin won his reelection campaign in 2018, however, it is speculated that he could potentially retire in 2023.

According to Ellis Insight:

With faltering job approval numbers and from a state that is now becoming ruby red politically, speculation has been present for some time that Sen. Manchin may not seek re-election or could instead attempt to regain his former position as Governor.

Already, Rep. Alex Mooney (R-Charles Town) has announced that he will challenge Sen. Manchin next year.  Gov. Jim Justice (R), who will be term-limited in 2024 and has strong approval numbers, has not closed the door regarding running for the Senate.  Polling suggests that both Gov. Justice and Rep. Mooney would begin a race against Sen. Manchin with a definitive advantage.

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