Six Democrat Senators Who Could Be RETIRING: Leaving Democrats Scrambling In 2024

Dianne Feinstein (CA):

Senator Feinstein (D-CA) is currently 89 years old, and with the 2024 Senate elections nearly 2 years away, she’ll be pushing 91 years old if she were to be once again elected. Voters may look in a different direction in 2024, and California (D) Rep. Katie Porter has already decided that she’ll be looking to make a push for Senate in 2024.

According to Ellis Insight:

California Rep. Katie Porter (D-Irvine) this week declared her Senate candidacy even though incumbent Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has yet to disclose her own re-election plans.

Some are expressing their belief that Rep. Porter is disrespecting Sen. Feinstein’s long career – elected in 1992, she has served longer than any sitting Democratic member – and is potentially forcing the Senator’s hand to make an announcement.  With some in the leadership urging her to resign early due to health constraints, it appears evident that she will not seek re-election.

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