These Top States Are Expecting Midterm Result Delays

Midterm election results may come after election day. This comes from a number of factors, including the processing and counting of ballots.

Election rules also play a significant role in why results may not be official until days or weeks after election night. One of the biggest reasons for the potential delay is mail-in or absentee ballots.

After the 2020 presidential election, an election cycle in which we saw the most amount of mail-in ballots, results weren’t officially called until days after polls closed. This led many to believe election results had been tampered with for several reasons.

One of the top reasons is that the majority of mail-in voters are Democrats which gives the Democrats a good motive to find more votes, though it is also harder to oversee mail-in ballot counting, and many laws keep mail-in ballots reserved until polls open. It could be important to keep in mind the following state rules in tight-race states.

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4 thoughts on “These Top States Are Expecting Midterm Result Delays”

  1. So demtards can TRY to cheat AGAIN as they do every single election since the beginning voting in America. I do not understand why they want to be in charge, everything they do hurts our country, always has, always will. WE ARE WAYCHING EVERY MOVER YOU IDIOTS ARE DOING and when we win, you will all be prosecuted from the top down!!!!!

  2. In France 65 million people voted. On one day with paper ballots and were all counted by hand the same day. As with many other countries. Hire more people to do the job and quit screwing with our elections

  3. I live in California with demorats in charge, voting rules don’t apply. I voted, but I don’t expect my vote to mean much as I don’t think elections in this state are fair as ballots have been sent out to people who are not eligible to vote, our S of S could care less, but he’s a demorat.

  4. There is no reason for any delays of more than 2 days. Any state that delays the vote count should have the vote recounted by a third party and their counting facilities and counting processes thoroughly checked and monitored. Delays lay the groundwork for election fraud.

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