Legal Experts Believe THIS Racist Democrat Policy Is Coming To An End

Affirmative Action, the social policy in the United States that gives preferential treatment to minorities, lower-income people, members of the LGBTQ community, and other groups defined as “marginalized” may be coming to an end as the right-wing leaning U.S. Supreme Court is expected to find it unconstitutional. The practice has been controversial since its beginning in 1973, however, the practice shifted throughout time. Throughout the 2000s, it became documented that SAT scores of African Americans were being boosted simply due to their race, and the SAT scores of Asian students could even be lowered.

As the Daily Pennsylvanian quotes from Princeton researchers, “A study conducted by three researchers at Princeton has concluded that African Americans and Hispanics receive “boosts” equivalent to 230 and 180-point SAT increases, respectively, in college admissions. Asian Americans, meanwhile, are penalized by the equivalent of 50 points.” In short, the social policy made to help curb racism ended up just creating a new version of racism.

Fox News Reports:

Alito pressed Waxman on why it is that Asian American students regularly receive lower personal scores on their applications than other races. Waxman talked around the justice’s questions, causing Alito to get frustrated with the lawyer.

“I still haven’t heard any explanation for the disparity between the personal scores that are given to Asians,” Alito said.

Waxman then got into a tense back-and-forth with Roberts. The justice asked why Waxman was downplaying race as a factor in admissions decisions, when according to Roberts it must have some impact, or else it would not be included.

Waxman admitted race was decisive “for some highly qualified applicants,” just like “being… an oboe player in a year in which the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra needs an oboe player.”

“We did not fight a civil war about oboe players,” Roberts shot back. “We did fight a civil war to eliminate racial discrimination.”

For decades, as Affirmative Actions reach continued to grow, it was becoming more obvious that the practice was not just helping to promote those who were previously discriminated against, but instead began to discriminate against innocent parties. There was no reason to be penalizing Asian Students, even for something as ridiculous as trying to right the wrongs of racist acts that are now generations behind us. Currently, Affirmative Action has led to a demographic breakdown of college students that isn’t representative of the United States, but African American students at times make up around 25% of the student body, when in reality African Americans are only 13% of the population. The issue with this practice is that by filling up colleges with as many disenfranchised minorities as they can get their hands on, they’re choosing to exclude students who got in due to their merit and academic abilities.

Choosing the exclude the highest-scoring and more deserving students because the college rather sees a demographics chart showing as many minorities as possible is, by definition, racist.

Similar to when the U.S. Supreme Court overruled Roe v. Wade earlier this year, Twitter and other social media sites are already dramatically mourning the loss of Affirmative Action.