Midterm Watch 2022: Ohio Newspaper’s Racist Attack On J.D. Vance’s Wife

After The Plain Dealer, Cleveland’s major local newspaper endorsed Tim Ryan, the Democratic candidate for senate, The Plain Dealer attacked J.D. Vance’s wife, Usha Vance, an Indian American woman, in a political cartoon. 

The political cartoon was made as a response to J.D. Vance’s claim that Matt Dolan, the owner of the now Cleveland Guardians MLB baseball team and former political opponent to J.D. Vance, over changing the team name from “Indians” to “Guardians.” Vance claimed that Dolan gave in to the “woke mob.” Similar to when Washington Redskins changed their name to the Commanders in 2021, this name change was branded as a “woke mob” getting control of the name without having any context or reason to do so.

According to Fox News:

“While the Cleveland Baseball team’s name change didn’t come up in the first debate between Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance, it had in a primary debate and Fox News interview when Vance hit former opponent Matt Dolan, whose family owns the team, over the name change. Vance had called out the Dolan’s for weakness giving into the ‘woke mob,'” political cartoonist Jeff Darcy explained in the article.

Darcy wrote, “So don’t expect to see J.D. Vance sporting any Cleveland Guardians garb. He’s more likely to be in San Francisco Giants gear. Vance had transplanted to the bay city where he made his $millions as a venture capitalist, wrote his bestselling memoir, ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, met and married his wife, Usha, an attorney who works for a San Francisco-Washington D.C. law firm. Usha Chilukuri Vance is an Indian American.”

The Plain Dealer endorsed Ryan on Sunday. 

“I’m a first generation Indian American and my immigrant parents taught me to love this country as much as they do, which is why I’ve never been one to bring race into the conversation. However, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s woke editors published a cartoon that explicitly encourages bigotry against Indian women by perpetuating a stereotype,” Chabria said in the statement.  

J.D. Vance’s Ohio Senate race is among the most watched and tightly contested races. J.D. Vance currently holds a two-point advantage over his opponent, Democrat Tim Ryan, according to Real Clear Politics average of polls. The winner of the race is to fill the seat of the retiring Senator (R) Rob Portman. Tim Ryan has yet to speak about the cartoon and its inherently racial undertones.

While Democrats are calling J.D. Vance, along with essentially all Republicans racist, it’s ironic to put out something racist of their own. Many on social media have called out the cartoon and sparked a discussion about it, however, The Plain Dealer has yet to apologize for the cartoon, and are sticking to their endorsement of Democrat Tim Ryan.

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12 thoughts on “Midterm Watch 2022: Ohio Newspaper’s Racist Attack On J.D. Vance’s Wife”

  1. If you want to look at which party is racist, follow the Dems way back to the Civil War and the Civil Rights legislation. They have clearly shown their racist proclivities. But they practce denial and projection to try and flip that coin. The Dem civil right people have greatly contribted to the transgeneratonal poverty in the city ghettos and want to keep Jews and Asians out of colleges via “eqioty.” Do the research to find the root causes her, please…Dr Stan

    1. 160 years ago, it was the democrats that could read the constitution & Bill of Rights. A republican destroyed and abused the constitution, killing 660 000 people in the process. Know your history, NOT the yankee version

  2. Over the decades the Plain Dealer has supported the democrat corruption In Ohio. Several Democrat politicians for state office has have been supported by the Dealer and offered the most corrupt administrations over the years.The only asset that serves the needs of the community is the Cleveland Cliinic…..

  3. We have finally come to a time where National Lampoon, Onion and Mad Magazine are more truthful than the current Press. You would think that they would be embarrassed but no, it’s entirely ok with them.

  4. Essay – – “You’re a RACIST” (etymology)

    Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    (Learned that in 3rd grade.)

    You’re a RACIST (etymology)

    Today’s language –

    THEM – “You’re a RACIST!”
    US – “Oh I’m so sorry, please forgive me. Here take all this free stuff.” (grovel grovel)

    Tomorrow’s language –

    THEM – “You’re a RACIST”
    US – “Yeah, so what?”

    The etymology of language is constantly evolving. The current Bully’s Bludgeon of choice is to call somebody a RACIST and they will cower and submit to anything and apologize for everything. Like the wicked witch from OZ – “I’m melting.”

    The more this tactic is used successfully, the more it becomes weaponized. Success begets success, and they become yet more empowered to use it. OK, if we accept that this is true today, how did all of this happen?

    The answer to that question lies in Etymology – the study of the origins of words and how they have arrived at their current meaning. Language is constantly evolving and changing. The meaning of some words change completely while others evolve and some simply vanish. The word RACIST in today’s culture no longer has any relation genetics.

    Let us accept the today’s meaning from the people who use it offensively.

    Today’s actual definition of RACISM:

    YOU don’t agree with ME.
    Therefore, YOU are a racist.

    If somebody has a different opinion than I do, that is just fine. I don’t care. “Yeah – so what?”

    The Left is constantly changing language to suit their needs. So who says that only the Left can do it? So can we. You know, WE the People.

    It now becomes up to us to start using *their* new definition within our popular culture. The original meaning has been so diluted that it really has no meaning any more. Beat them with their own club. Take the wind out of their sails. With the right messenger, this can happen almost immediately.

    Here are four current examples of language definitions that have changed over recent years.

    OLD – Policy based on a person’s genetic origin
    NEW – YOU don’t agree with ME

    OLD – Somebody who is happy
    NEW – A person who has sex with another person of the same sex

    OLD – A person who had previously been peacefully resting
    NEW – Karen the vicious Democrat Party political activist

    OLD – A person who brushes a horse
    NEW – A person who introduces 3rd graders to Drag Queens

    Orwell was Right: Control the Language, Control the World

    “Yeah – so what?”
    Kinda makes a great slogan.

  5. Wow! Families used to be off limits and well they should be. No man would make fun of another mans wife without running a real risk of getting punched in the mouth. These hypocrites claim to be the party of civility and compassion along with decency and everything else a civil society should have at its core. The reality is here on display in what, at one time, was a great newspaper instead of a propaganda organ for the Democrat Socialist Progressive Peoples Party (DSPPP). This passes for Journalism today sad really.

    The DSPPP is a menace in every regard to our Republic. They have taken deceit, deception and bold faced lies to the level of and art form.

  6. Not surprised the red rag Plain Dealer turns out to be a racist Democrat supporter. This “paper” is not fit to hang in an outhouse.

  7. Wasn’t that cartoon also disrespectful to the Vice President whose mother was also Indian?
    Why isn’t she chastising them??? 🧐
    She would’ve gone balls to the wall if Fox had done it…..

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