Midterm Watch 2022: Georgia Voter Suppression/ “Jim Crow 2.0” DEBUNKED

After years of fear-mongering about African American voter suppression, Georgia just smashed their 2018 early voting numbers. This comes after President Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and multiple other Democrats branded a Georgia election integrity law as White supremacist, voter suppression, and – most commonly, Jim Crow 2.0. President Biden in 2021 would also add “It must end. We have a moral and constitutional obligation to act.”

Chief Operating Officer in the Office of the Georgia Secretary of State, Gabriel Sterling, said Monday via Twitter, “Our elections team has reviewed the initial early vote numbers for Day 1 and we know we are north of 125,000. This dwarfs the previous record of 72k from the 2018 midterm 1st day of early voting. We will have exact numbers in the morning. #gapol #PlanYourVote.”

Of course, if voters were being suppressed then it would be assumed that the number of early voters would be going down, not shooting up over 50,000 voters.

According to Fox News:

Hours earlier, Sterling had tweeted, “As of 4:15 we have seen over 100,000 Georgians cast their votes early. This blows away the previous midterm 1st day record of approximately 72,000 and we have lots of voting to go today.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter and NBC News contributor Greg Bluestein concurred with Sterling, tweeting, “The first day of early voting in Georgia set a new midterm turnout record, with nearly 123,000 in-person voters casting their ballots. It’s an early sign of soaring interest in this year’s elections.”

His AJC colleague, reporter Mark Niesse, also touted the record-breaking numbers, tweeting, “Record midterm turnout on Day 1 of early voting in Georgia: About 124,000 in-person votes cast, smashing the previous high of 71,000 on the first day of early voting in 2018.”

Conservatives found this remarkable in light of Democrats’ efforts to claim that Georgia officials were limiting the vote. They brought up the old talking points on Twitter.

NewsBusters associate editor Nick Fondacaro shared a “CBS Evening News” clip acknowledging the turnout and mocked it, tweeting, “And yet the liberal media still claims there’s ‘vOtEr SuPpReSsIoN’ and ‘jIm CrOwN[sic] 2.0.’”

Conservative radio host Larry O’Connor shared a local Fox affiliate’s story on the record-breaking turnout and commented, “’Jim Crow 2.0’ UPDATE!”

The Spectator contributing editor Stephen L. Miller shared Sterling’s tweet and captioned it, “Jim Crow 2.0.”

TownHall.com political editor Guy Benson commented on Sterling’s tweet as well, noting how this year’s early voting turnout has doubled 2018’s. Benson tweeted, “Double. Remember the ‘Jim Crow’ liars.”

Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson tweeted, “Remember all of the doomsday projections about voter suppression with the election legislation passed by our friends in GA? I do. Well done, Georgia! #EasyToVoteHardToCheat.”

It’s difficult to speculate how this will affect the Senate race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock. This could eventually become a talking point for Walker’s campaign, since Warnock and his party were race-baiting voters and then were not only incorrect, but wrong to the tune of 50,000 early voters.

With only 21 days until the election, Real Clear Politics has maintained that Warnock has roughly a 3-point lead over Walker. However, many polls are showing the race is extremely close, with few polls showing either candidate with over a 3-point lead over the other. 

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6 thoughts on “Midterm Watch 2022: Georgia Voter Suppression/ “Jim Crow 2.0” DEBUNKED”

  1. Why is it when election integrity is in question, the democrats first and only reply is suppression of black voters. They can cry an election was stolen and they think that’s Okay! But let a conservative make the same claim,and they become loony election deniers! Maybe this will prove that election integrity is good for America, all of us !

    1. They want equality?
      Then they have to show it by their actions in order to receive
      One is only fair if the playing field is level on the ground, not 6 feet under
      Do onto others as you like them to do in return for YOU!

    2. Sir, you are attempting to apply logic to the discussion. Not fair, as democrats are strangers to logic.

  2. The Jim Crowe laws in the South were somewhat modeled after the Black Codes of the northern States, but nowhere near as restrictive for Blacks. In the north, Blacks could not vote period. In the South, under Jim Crowe, it was required a voter had to be able to pass a literacy test and pay a poll tax. Therefore, many Blacks could vote under the Jim Crowe laws, but some Blacks and some Whites were not allowed to vote.
    Women, Black or White, capable of passing the literacy test and paying the poll tax, could not vote. Only men.

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