Herschel Walker Pledges To Pay $4,900 To “Keep Warnock From Evicting These People”

On Monday, it was uncovered that (D) Raphael Warnock’s church reportedly attempted to evict tenants in overdue rent during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some owed less than $30.

(R) Herschel Walker said in a press release:

“I have never known a preacher that likes abortion even after birth, won’t pay his child support, and evicts poor people to the street,”

“I will personally pay the $4,900 in past due rents listed in this article to keep Reverend Warnock from evicting these people.”

Warnock’s salary from the Ebenezer Baptist Church in 2021 was $120,000, and Warnock is granted a monthly housing allowance of $7,417 – this doesn’t even include the salary he makes as a Senator.

Breitbart reported:

National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Spokesman T.W. Arrighi said in a statement that Warnock has “more than a little explaining to do” about his church’s landlord policies:

While he collects nearly $90,000 – almost two and a half times the median income in Atlanta – from his church as a housing allowance, he was serving eviction notices in the middle of the pandemic for 28 bucks worth of unpaid rent. This should deeply unsettle Georgia voters, not just as a sign of blatant hypocrisy, but of unjust cruelty from a wealthy man of his stature.

Raphael Warnock is a hypocrite and greedy for his decision to evict tenants after the pandemic. However, Warnock, along with his party, attempted to call out Republicans for not supporting pandemic relief, all while Warnock himself, the great Reverend he is, will gladly evict those who couldn’t pay rent.

Warnock, along with the allegations he’s had in the past of child abuse occurring at a summer camp he ran in 2002, and his ex-wife accusing him of assaulting her, is only building on the growing reputation that he’s the exact kind of politician that people wouldn’t want to elect. Choosing to evict tenants of your own church because they couldn’t pay rent during a pandemic, all while Warnock is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month is as greedy as it gets.

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7 thoughts on “Herschel Walker Pledges To Pay $4,900 To “Keep Warnock From Evicting These People””

  1. Paying the over 7,000 payment to stop the eviction, Warnock should be removed from office, Walker installed.

    1. I believe Warnock is minister of a Baptist church. As such, church busuness is controlled by a church board or council. Warnock would be employed by the church. Therefore he probably has no say in church business. This probably is very missleading. The church probably owns rental property. Not Warnock

  2. You are assuming the rent due is the only reason the people are being evicted. There could be other larger reasons.

  3. Raphael is a wolf in lambs clothing and the people that follow and support him are deceived. Raphael must be defeated and never have the opportunity to represent the state of Georgia or any state.

    1. I am in agreement with Larry. Raphael Warnock is not in agreement with the Bible. How can a pastor, supposedly a believer be on the Democrat party platform knowing what the party stands for. If Georgia votes to keep him in office, regardless of how much money his campaign brings in , they deserve what they get.

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