Newsom Makes California a Sanctuary for Genital Mutilation

This Thursday, California became a sanctuary for child transgender surgery. Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill offering protections for those who would mutilate young children.

Democrats usually accept the argument that children are not mature enough to consent to sex. Today, however, nearly every democrat believes that children are mature enough to make life-changing decisions about their bodies and hormones.

Democrat Senator Scott Wiener of San Francisco sponsored the bill, Senate Bill 107.

It’s official, California now officially endorses chemical castration of children. Once children go through “transition,” there’s no going back. Now California is in full support.

Newsom’s new law bars California officials form cooperating with any outside attempts to stop a child from using life-changing puberty blockers, permanent cross-sex hormones, or irreversible gender surgery.

When Newsome went to sign the bill, he made this chilling declaration:

“In California we believe in equality and acceptance. We believe that no one should be prosecuted or persecuted for getting the care they need — including gender-affirming care.” He attempted to make this bill seem like one that protects family values. “Parents know what’s best for their kids, and they should be able to make decisions around the health of their children without fear. We must take a stand for parental choice.”

Under the new law, health care providers cannot release any medical information about a child undergoing transgender operations to civil or criminal demands from other states. Police also cannot arrest or extradite someone based on another state’s restrictions. California officials cannot enforce another state’s order regarding transgender procedures.

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One thought on “Newsom Makes California a Sanctuary for Genital Mutilation”

  1. CA Governor Gavin Newsom, (a known dullard and hypocrite) does not speak for Citizens of CA. He speaks for his own agenda. I voted against him for governor and I voted to recall him from office but after the results of the 2020 election and the way they stole that election I got exactly what I expected.

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