Biden Accidentally Tells the Truth

Joe Biden declared in a 60 Minutes interview yesterday that “the pandemic is over.” The very next day, his press secretary “clarified” his statement, by saying the exact opposite.

Biden said, at the first Detroit auto show in three years that the pandemic is over. He said that no one is wearing masks and that life has gotten back to normal. Most Americans returned to normal life long ago.

It seems, however, that he and his press secretary don’t see eye to eye. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said that Biden “made it quite clear” that “we have to continue to make sure that we’re fighting this once in a generation pandemic.” That seems odd. I could have sworn Biden said that the “pandemic was over.”

Let’s take a look:

But then his own press secretary said that he “was very clear” that we have to keep fighting “the pandemic”?

Once Democrats get their hands on political power, they will never release it unless you force them to. The pandemic will never be “over” as long as they can justify prolonging it. As long as America is in “crisis” the government has the justification to seize power. At the end of the day, the onus is on us to protect our liberty and refuse to play these wicked political games. Joe Biden was right: the pandemic is over. And don’t let anyone forget it.

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6 thoughts on “Biden Accidentally Tells the Truth”

  1. Biden accidentally tells the truth at times. It is called a Kinsley gaffe — when a politician tells the truth about something the politician intends to conceal. On October 24, 2020, Biden accidentally told the truth about the Democrat voting fraud organization. The 2020 election was stolen.

    1. I heard him say that on national TV and was wondering why someone didn’t pick up on it when the recounts were in progress.

  2. Philip is correct! Our demented stand-in for President will make an occasional Freudian slip, exactly as when he broadcast from the rooftops that the Democrat Party had developed an excellent fraud machine to steal the election. In senescence veritas! The Grand Pandemic was naught but an over-inflated paper tiger which enriched a gaggle of elites, served as a pretext for a fascistic lockdown and enabled the first steps of The Great Reset. It is high time for the Pandemic to recede into history.

  3. It has been over for me long before biden made it official. It is officially over cause the president said so and his flunky know nothing what’s her name said differently. For once he told the truth and went against the real power in charge at the WH.

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