Trump’s $24/Barrell Was Too Much But Biden’s $80/Barrell is Just Fine

On March 31st of this year, Joe Biden released the United States’ emergency oil reserves. Under his watch, we saw oil rise to over $5 a gallon on average nationwide. Gas prices hit an all-time national high. This was all the fault of Joe Biden and now the bill comes due.


For the record, Joe Biden is directly responsible for the insanely high gas prices, to begin with. We’ll address that later in the article, but in short, he nixed the Keystone Pipeline, destroyed energy production at home, and directly triggered Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But all of that doesn’t matter, does it? Because he, as Biden says himself, he lowered gas prices to $4.50 a gallon! The lowest it’s been in months!

The Damage

Let’s not forget that under Trump, average gas prices dropped below $2 nationally and the United States became a net exporter of petroleum for the first time in 75 years. Once Biden destroyed that surplus, he decided to dip into emergency reserves meant for crises like wartime. Furthermore, Trump himself was the one who filled those reserves to begin with. So now Biden has to clean up his mess and it’s going to be expensive. According to Bloomberg, Biden’s efforts to refill these reserves will cost $80 a barrell. Under Donald Trump, that price was only $24.

But was this whole situation really Biden’s fault? In short, yes.

The Keystone Pipeline

The 1,200 mile Keystone XL Pipeline was proposed in 2008. Until 2017, it faced delays from permits and controversies surrounding tribal land and climate change doomsayers. The pipeline would bring 830,000 barrels of crude oil a day from Alberta to Nebraska. Donald Trump revived the pipeline and gave builders the go ahead in 2017. Soon after taking office, Joe Biden revoke a permit, halted progress, and definitively killed the project in 2021. In so doing, he eliminated the jobs of 1,500 workers who were currently on the project and lowered world confidence in American oil production.

Shutting Down Oil Production

In September of 2018, the Energy Information Administration announced that US crude oil production exceeded that of Saudi Arabia for the first time in more than two decades. We became the largest producer of crude oil on earth. Under Donald Trump, the United States became a net exporter for the first time in decades. One of Biden’s first actions in office was to suspend oil and gas leases in the name of “climate change.” Then, he continued to put barrier after barrier in their way. When we aren’t producing oil like we were, that doesn’t only raise prices for us, it raises them for everyone we do business with. Yes, that includes Europe. We saw this play out in March when the UAE announced a massive increase in oil production and prices dropped worldwide overnight.

Biden Started the War in Ukraine

This is the elephant in the room in so many ways. The US boycott of Russia has had the largest impact on global gas prices. Very few people will deny this. Ultimately, Joe Biden’s actions are directly responsible for the war in Ukraine, allow me to explain. Vladimir Putin has had imperialist ambitions to conquer Ukraine for decades. In May of 2021, Joe Biden waved sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream II Pipeline (even though he shut down our own.) This meant that Russia could obtain its oil without playing nice with Ukraine. Then, at a press conference on January 19th, 2022, Joe Biden implied that if Russia only led a “minor incursion” his response would be minimal. Combine this with his complete disregard as the Taliban took over Afghanistan and made off with over $7,000,000,000 ($7 billion) of US assets. He welcomed Russia to invade Ukraine. Both the invasion and the boycotts that followed rest squarely on Joseph Biden’s shoulders.


So Biden shut down Trump’s policies that led to prosperity. He destroyed the economy and started a war. Then he finally drained our emergency reserves to that his party could win the midterms. Biden coasted off of Trump’s hard work and now we, the American people are going to pay for it. And the bill is quite high. Are you ready for the check? Because it seems your dinner data has already left.

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5 thoughts on “Trump’s $24/Barrell Was Too Much But Biden’s $80/Barrell is Just Fine”

  1. Circle BLUE “D” stands for DUMB. You are correct concerning the oil costs. It’s the media. They refuse to be fair-minded and are destroying the country.
    It seems the folks that vote democrat are not interested in the Truth or fair play. They portray themselves as the party that cares. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Eggs went from .11cents each to 43 cents each, All food prices are way up. Inflation is out of control and will not be tamed without a deep recession or depression. Those on fixed incomes will still get a check but the buying power will be halved from what it could buy in the past. Biden and his democrat party support using our tax money to kill and dismember minority babies and then sell the baby parts while at the same time importing open borders for children border jumpers. How inhumane can you get? This is all about democrat policy and Rino republicans. It seems corruption on all levels is rampant.
    I know that there are some in the republican party that are also hacks. It is a shame as it is causing division and stupidity to be the rule and no longer the exception in government. Elections are not
    about backing your team. It should be choosing the best for the future of our country. Mostly it’s celebrity and money. I have no regrets about running and I am only disappointed in my countrymen/women. I am disappointed with those who do not take the time or interest in who and what they vote for. This is not a fan club for a team. It is your children’s and grandchildren’s future. The Trump administration was the best ever for our country. My platform was tame inflation, and secure the border, law, and order.
    I did my part and ran for congress in District 23. I used our retirement funds to try to have an elected official with no agenda other than giving the future generations sound currency and accountable government. I had never run before so this was an eye-opener.
    It seems that the fellow that won was the least capable of winning the general election.
    It seems it is all about money and celebrity.
    I know that had the voters taken the time to vet each candidate I was by far the best for the country running in my district. It’s too bad that those of us who have nothing to gain from political office are thwarted by the Machine and dumbing down of Americans. I pray for the future of the country I love.

  2. Since when is “Barrel” spelled ‘Barrell” – otherwise a good article pointing out the POS Brandon is.

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