Dirty Democrat Senator Doubles His Salary

It’s no secret that politicians pull strings to fill their wallets. Georgia Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock is no exception.

Warnock has really been rolling in the dough. He took office last year and got his hands on more than half a million dollars from a bevy of sources. Book deals and contributors have been very generous according to his financial disclosure records.

His total income from before the election was $221,602. Afterward, in 2021, he raked in $532,781 according to his financial disclosures. His senate salary was a minimal proportion of that half a million dollars at only $164,816. Wondering where the other money came from? penguin Random House paid him $243,750. This was an advance on his memoir that was published in June. He took in an extra $5,750 in speaking fees as well.

A still sizeable, but much more questionable portion came from Ebenezer Baptist Church. The Church paid him $120,964 with a $7,417 per month housing stipend included. For the record, senators are limited to $29,000 maximum in outside income. That “housing allowance” clause allowed him to skirt the line.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

“Raphael Warnock cares more about himself than the people of Georgia. He has been trying to cash in on his job since day one,” a Walker spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon. “Warnock is always looking for another chance to use his position to make more money and misuse campaign funds.”

His questionable exploits with Ebenezer church don’t end there.

Warnock was able to avoid ethics rules that prohibit lawmakers from earning over 15 percent of their income from outside employers through a unique financial agreement with the Ebenezer Baptist Church. His campaign said $89,000 of his salary from Ebenezer Baptist Church was a “personal parsonage allowance” to pay for his housing, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Warnock’s home in Atlanta is worth around $1 million, the AJC reported.

Warnock faces a Federal Elections Commission complaint for violating law by using his campaign funds for unrelated legal fees. He also faces a custody suit with his ex-wife and he faces a constituency who he is quickly falling out of touch with.

The hopefully soon to be ex-Senator is competing in a very tight race to maintain his seat this year. It’s vital that he, and other corrupt, money-grubbing politicians like him, fail to reclaim their seats of power. Ultimately, that’s up to you and I.


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7 thoughts on “Dirty Democrat Senator Doubles His Salary”

  1. He cares more for himself than the people of Georgia. That true of all 535 “congress” people. SWAMP SCUM all.

  2. Bottom line is he’s yet another thief in a suit. Biden himself leads the way toward stealing anything his minions can get their grubby fingers on. This does not surprise me in any way. A good many democrats are thieves in sheeps clothing. This lastest stupidity of biden giving $10,000.00 to college students to help pay off their debt is just another buying votes scheme. All the people who paid off their loans themselves and the rest of the American public are getting screwed big time!

  3. Typical democrat politician, more interested in what he can do for himself not what he can do for his country to borrow with liberties a.k.a.rip of an oft quoted line from another famous war hero democrat’s inauguration speech. in 1961.

  4. A wealthy and honest candidate like football hall of fame hersshell walker would be a sensational senator and republican conservative

    Everybody knowing of this money grabber help Georgia residents vote hom out

  5. We must eliminate the abilities of representatives in government to vastly increase their personal wealth if we ever expect to be honestly represented by them. President Trump was already wealthy, and already famous, so he could spend his energies on creating a greater legacy for himself by actually working on behalf of American citizens. How many others in politics can we say that about? We need to rid government of professional politicians and make it so no one can hold any government office longer than they have held a private sector job.

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