Inflation Reduction Act Is A Lie and Here’s Why

The so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” just passed the House of Representatives. What does this bill do and how does it affect you?

It’s no surprise that the bill passed. The largest barrier Democrats have faced of late is Joe Manchin along with a few others. Their strategy here was to have Manchin aid in the process of drafting the legislation himself. Their strategy appears to have worked.

Despite the name, the Inflation Reduction Act does little to curb inflation at all. According to data from the Congressional Budget Office itself, it may possibly even raise inflation slightly. Let’s say it does what it’s intended to do and give Congressional Democrats the benefit of the doubt. Even if it does lower inflation, it may be as little as 0.1%.

What the bill does do is massively inflate the IRS. The Bill spends $80 million on expansion to the IRS equipping them to audit far more Americans. If you look at this map of IRS audits, you will see a troubling trend. The IRS disproportionately audits red states and poorer communities. Now, with 87,000 new auditors, the administrative state will have a significantly stronger arm to keep their political enemies poor.

The act also focuses on deficit in government spending and so called “green” investment. The vast majority of the spending, a whopping $369 billion is going straight into spending for electric vehicles and other green initiatives. To call this bill the “inflation reduction act” is quite misleading on its face. In a vote of 220-207, however, the inflation reduction act passed the house today.

If the spending was actually focused on inflation or easing the pain on Americans’ wallets, that would be one thing. This bill is disastrous and more Americans should know just how much of a lie this is. It’s our responsibility as Americans to ensure that everyone we know knows the truth about this IRS Green New Deal. Spread the word and let’s take back Congress in November.

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6 thoughts on “Inflation Reduction Act Is A Lie and Here’s Why”

  1. 87,000 additional IRS agents to audit less than 1,000 Billionaires with very complex tax returns – and $700,000 in ammunition purchases per year – what is this?

    Police State like East Germany.
    • The job posting for ‘IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agent’ represents exactly what we’ve feared from this increasingly tyrannical federal government. The American IRS has a job posting for prospective special agents where you will need to carry a GUN & be willing to KILL.

    East German Stasi was the most effective spy agency having neighbors spying and reporting on neighbors – nobody was safe.
    • They had 91,015 regular employees, 174,000 informal employees (or IMs) (1989) for the population of 16.4 million.
    • They kept almost unimaginably detailed files and records on large quantities of the population, and created an atmosphere of fear and unease that they then proceeded to exploit – and let’s remember that this was before computers, Internet and Social Media.

    What can IRS do with the current tools – Digital Bank Records, Internet and Social Media?

  2. As a long-time observer of politics and politicians I can say that since the day Joe Biden took the oath of office, as President, the Democrats have done absolutely nothing – repeat, nothing – that helps the average American or American family. The Democrats have done their level best to destroy everything that has made this country great. Unless the people wake-up, get off their asses, get to their assigned polling place and vote for rational candidates, our destruction will be assured.

    1. It does proof,Americans not as SMART as they believe they are,
      otherwise JoeBama would not be where he is.

  3. What else is new with these freaks in the Democrat party! All liars, hypocrites and constant double standards!

  4. It makes no sense to hire 87,000 IRS agents. How about that many new Border Patrol agents for the overwhelmed southern border? Or How about that many new cops for the 30% rise in crime and murder nation wide? Or how about that many social workers advocated by liberals in their defund the police movement. Or teachers? Or low income doctors? Why because it too is a lie by the democrats. They are hiring that many agents and arming them to be able to take away firearms from law abiding citizens. The libs will vote in a huge “gun tax”, like maybe $1000 per firearm and when gun owners object, they send in their army of armed agents. Wake up!

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