Weaponizing the Federal Government (Raid of Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago

Last night, August 8th, 2022, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago estate. It’s still not entirely clear yet what they were looking for or what they took.

Donald Trump was the first to break the news. He reported that the FBI had raided his Mar a Lago estate in search of classified information. One of the mos unprecedented facts regarding this case is that a president has the ability to declassify documents.

There is only one reason they would raid a former president’s estate: fear that the administration itself would be exposed.

Fox News interviewed a source who said that “they were not being judicious about what they took.” They took boxes on boxes of documents for the bureau to sort through. In order for the FBI to legally conduct such a search, they would have had to obtain an order from a federal judge. It’s no secret that federal agencies had a target on Trump’s head, but it is likely much worse than anyone thought.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said that intelligence will face a reckoning.

“The Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization. When Republicans take back the House, we will conduct immediate oversight of this department, follow the facts, and leave no stone unturned.”

He left them with a clear warning.

“Attorney General Garland, preserve your documents and clear your calendar,”

The largest blockbuster that the left can hope for is that this may disqualify Trump from holding office. In 18 US code 2071`, the unlawful concealment, removal, or mutilation of documents would lead to imprisonment and disqualification from holding office.

Steve Bannon claims that this directive absolutely had to go through Merrick Garland and Ron Klain. If Bannon is right, that means that the directive came from Joe Biden and the White House itself.

He even went as far as comparing the FBI to the Gestapo. He claimed that their goal is to put every political opponent or threat to their agenda in chains.

Regardless of where the chips fall, this is a watershed moment. It may make or break the republican platform in 2024. If key politicians play their cards right, an immense and cancerous corruption in the federal government will see the light of day and soon.

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3 thoughts on “Weaponizing the Federal Government (Raid of Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago”

  1. I think this raid is a sad day in America! As far as I am conserned, this just show how the Democrats are scared of Donald Trump, and the unlawful and underhanded tactics they will use to hang onto power. I can only hope this will blow up in their faces. They are trying very hard to ruin this country with their open border policies, hoping they will have a new crop of dem voters, that will go along with their something for nothing policies.

  2. The United States Constitution contains the qualifications for being President. I am not a lawyer with my only legal training being a couple of business law classes in college. But, I can read and I don’t think a law enacted by Congress can supersede the Constitution. Therefore, I don’t think President Trump can be legally prevented from running for President in 2024, if he so desires.

  3. Response to Report: Thanks from the FBI of our fed gov Security searching for classified Information.
    I was surprised to find little info provided. The responses were full of innuendo, and conjecture. May be because I had 32 years with the same problem with speeders. The strongest comments was from McCarthy, and Steve Bannon indicating the the FBI are going to get a real chewing out and the arming of the FBI seemed to be a new issue to him. They were sure that the 30 civilian attired must have had to lift no more than 40 lbs to stay within the law. Bannon could take his 10 year old next time and they will solve it for him and the nation.

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