The Newest National PUBIC Health Emergency

On Thursday, August 4th, Joe Biden’s administration saw fit to declare “monkeypox” a public health emergency. The disease, spread primarily through homosexual intimate encounters has reached 6,617 cases.

Declare Emergency, Encourage Spread

The latest surge directly follows a San Francisco kink and fetish festival that, itself, directly followed the city’s declaration of a public health emergency. Instead of shutting down the festival, San Francisco opted to encourage it.

Pay No Attention

Over 95% of monkeypox cases come from sexually active homosexual men. Currently, Chicago is primarily focusing on distributing its low-supply vaccines. The Chicago Mayor declared a “disaster area” as part of the Governor’s Office’s official notice that Monkeypox is a “public health emergency.”

The District of Columbia’s Department of Health Director LaQuandra Nesbitt wants everyone to be afraid of monkeypox. DC has the highest number of cases per capita in the country and Nesbitt had this to say:

“It is extremely important to note that while the majority of the cases during this outbreak are occurring in individuals who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, this is not a disease of the LGBTQ+ community. Anyone can contract monkeypox.”

Everyone Panic!

Illinois, California, and New York declared public health emergencies of their own and Joe Biden just declared a national emergency.

The World Health Organization declared the necessity of an international response to the homosexually transmitted disease.

From CNN:

The declaration follows the World Health Organization announcement last month that monkeypox is a public health emergency of international concern. WHO defines a public health emergency of international concern, or PHEIC, as “an extraordinary event” that constitutes a “public health risk to other States through the international spread of disease” and “to potentially require a coordinated international response.”

Monkeypox is spread through skin-to-skin contact. According to the USA Today, monkeypox is not only “not an STI,” but it’s “problematic” to call it one. Their primary reasoning is to avoid “spreading stigma” and “misinformation.” USA Today is also not alone. Joining the trong is Fortune Magazine, NBC News, Healthline, and countless others. Despite this, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that sex remains the primary means of transmission. In fact, they even mention sex toys, bedding, and I kid you not, “fetish gear,” among the primary vectors of transmission. This is from the CDC’s official website:

  • Touching fabrics and objects during sex that were used by a person with monkeypox and that have not been disinfected, such as bedding, towels, fetish gear, and sex toys.


The lie is not in avoiding technical terminology. The real lie is the media’s attempt to divorce monkeypox from sex. If someone limits their sexual activity to a committed, long term relationship and avoids depraved spaces, their risk of contracting monkeypox drops to near zero. But governments are not encouraging discretion toward sexual encounters, they’re only compounding fear. Still, California encourages fetish festivals despite their “emergency.” Every time governments instill panic in the general population, the people shrink, and the bureaucracy expands. If local governments, state governments, or the federal government start requiring vaccines for monkeypox, it may be wise to refrain.


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5 thoughts on “The Newest National PUBIC Health Emergency”

  1. Well, another venue to further control the American public. And the sad part is so many people believe whatever the gubment says. But I don’t but*t firetruck so I should be safe.

  2. Biden is a globalist and this is but another attempt to push global forced vaccination, vaccine passports and more. Hopefully we don’t fall for this crap a second time.

    Thanks to the 2600 that took the time to read my last essay (below). I will soon be writing the next essay in what has become a chronology of the emerging globalist agenda where “you will own nothing but will be happy.” Not sure what I will be covering as so much has happened in the past few weeks. I enjoy writing but really what is now required is action. Consider joining the group pushing for Anti-Globalist protests this fall. Our futures are now on the line.

    The Great Awakening: The emerging Global Anti-Globalist Revolution of 2022
    How the people of planet Earth will stop the Globalist “Great Reset”

  3. Apparently, Biden isn’t intelligent enough to know the meaning of emergency. Most people can avoid monkeypox by avoiding contact with gay men who are sexually active. It’s generally spreading among this group. Fortunately, more gays now flaunt their unnatural sex (pride is rampant) and they can more easily be identified and avoided. People who may have contact with gay men at work deserve protection since their association isn’t voluntary.

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