Joe Biden Just Declared That He Has Cancer

During a speech on Wednesday, July 20th, Joe Biden said that he has cancer. He was sharing about his experiences of winter in Delaware when this glorious gaffe came out of his mouth:

So far, Joe Biden has had to retract a striking number of previous statements. In one, he almost accidentally started World War III when he declared that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in power” back in March.

Joseph Biden’s gaffes are certainly entertaining. They’re a hoot until we realize that our enemies can see them too. The leader of the free world is clearly beyond unfit to lead. He is the most obvious puppet leader we have ever seen in this country.

It’s time to give him a break. Once we win the midterms, we won’t have to worry about much as the doddering old fool won’t be able to get anything done. Until then, fasten your seatbelts, because this bumpy ride isn’t over yet.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Just Declared That He Has Cancer”

  1. Another reason not to pursue Hunter. They are going all out to hide that the Bidens are corrupt. I don’t believe any of it!

  2. What the hell was this idiot blabbering about it would have been nice to have had the whole clip instead of just 9 seconds of it!

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