US Government Endorses Discreet Chats for Teens About Sex and Witchcraft

On the Center for Disease Control’s website, you can find a list of resources for LGBT youth. The so-called “Q-Chat” quite literally encourages children (age 13-19) to discuss not only sexual deviance but also the occult. Yes, a chat endorsed by the federal government as a medical resource for children encourages discussion of witchcraft and sorcery. Let’s break it down.

The Elephant in the Room

That title may seem like clickbait, but they do quite literally host chats for underage youth about witchcraft. Yes, witchcraft. We took a look at the page’s upcoming discussion groups and one title really catches the eye: “FOR YOUTH OF COLOR: Familiars – What creatures guide you?” Let’s take a look at its description:

For reference, familiars are guiding spirits in Celtic and Norse pagan mythologies. Most famously, in British folklore, witches and warlocks would conjure a sort of spirit being to do their bidding. It would execute simple tasks, or it would spy on their enemies, thwart them, or even kill poor, unsuspecting victims. The monster would take a form of an animal, usually something profoundly meaningful to the caster, and feed on their blood.

There is a strangely fitting connection between the idea of a familiar and the new age religious philosophy that guides most progressive ideology today. Transgender ideology and progressivism on the whole is based in a philosophy known as dualism, or the belief that the body and soul are two separate and largely distinct entities. This is why they believe you can be born a girl trapped in a boy’s body, or for that matter, an animal trapped in a human’s body. 1 in 20 Americans under 30 identify as transgender or nonbinary. Every one of them feels like they’re crawling in their skin, out of place in their own body. If they believe their problem clearly comes from a spiritual place, it would follow that they would seek out spiritual solutions.

Hiding From Parents

Public schools have bent over backwards to hide curricula from parents in recent years. If most parents knew the sexual and racist indoctrination their children are exposed to, staff would be fired and flayed in the public square, schools would be shut down all across the country. Three organizations run Q Chat: CenterLink, PFLAG, and Planned Parenthood. These organizations know well that if parents knew what their kids were up to, their audience would shrink dramatically. So they inserted methods to hide these chats from caring parents.

In order to keep their chats hidden from prying eyes, Q Chat added a “quick escape” feature.

Sexual Deviance

It goes without saying that this chat is full of twisted sexual ideologies. One of the upcoming chats talks about transition surgeries. The “Gender Affirmation Surgeries” chat points children to resources on how to permanently damage their bodies.

Hormonal treatments are often irreversible and increase the risk of numerous diseases. Men with too much estrogen face significantly increased risks of infertility, many diseases including cancers, and countless other side effects. The same is true for women with too much testosterone. Not to mention that “gender affirmation surgery” often includes permanently destroying perfectly healthy organs.

Other sessions include one that encourage children to “come out of the closet” and even choosing your own name.

Who is Actually in These Chats?

Finally, let’s talk about security. The home page claims “it’s safe.”

We work to keep the trolls out. Q Chat Space verifies its members. We all agree on the rules of engagement and take action if things ever get out of hand. Our trained facilitators are there to guide group conversations and help if anything comes up.

We were curious what kind of safety they actually guarantee so we took a look. When new members sign up, they fill out a questionnaire, enter an email, and enter their date of birth. If you enter a date of birth that’s outside of their age range, they don’t let you pass, but nothing stops you from just changing the year and hitting submit again. For science, we even tried entering 4 different inappropriate years back to back and it didn’t lock us out, in fact, it let us in on the fifth try.

There’s no way of knowing whether or not these kids are interacting with creeps in their 30’s or even if curious kids under 13 are hopping in.


Online chats have always been a breeding ground for unsavory conversations, but this one raises some serious questions. Why is the United States Federal Government endorsing this as a medial resource? Should we allow a federal government to encourage grooming minors into sexual ideologies and witchcraft? What kinds of legislation do you think might be appropriate given the situation? Either way, we can’t simply stand by and do nothing.

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  1. This simply confirms the negative worth, value of the CDC. Populated with a bunch of left wing, woke socialists. The gubment should have no rights to provide such a forum. This is criminal in my opinion.

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