Was January 6th Driven by the FBI? The New York Times Accidentally Vindicates the Theory

The New York Times published two pieces this week bizarrely defending a very conspicuous man named Ray Epps.

On January 5th, 2021, Ray shouted at crowds in Washington, DC, and accosted them to enter the Capitol. He was so insistent that these individuals go “into the Capitol,” that the crowd grew suspicious. Demonstrators determined that he was a government plant and started chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!” Ray even showed up in a video, whispering into the ear of a man named Ryan Samsel. Samsel immediately breached the police barricade mere moments after his exchange with Epps. Samsel swears that Epps only said “The cops are just doing their job,” but it looks very suspicious.

Epps breached the police barriers at the US Capitol and aggressively encouraged people to enter its halls. Viking hat guy faces a 41 month prison sentence. Nearly every other individual who was present has faced the label “insurrectist,” “terrorist,” criminal charges, and media crucifixion. Still, Epps faced no charges whatsoever. In fact, the same people who say that the capitol riots were a deadly insurrection (The New York Times among them) are confidently defending Ray Epps. Why?

When Texas Senator Ted Cruz pressed for answers, something very interesting happened.

In the above exchange, the FBI’s Jill Sanborn heavily implied that the bureau planted agents at the riot. It would make good sense that Epps was one of them for many reasons. One conspicuous detail that indicates this is his presence and disappearance from an FBI list. The New York Times piece even mentions that Epps was on an FBI list of persons of interest in relation to January 6th. One day he was on the list, and the next, he just disappeared.

The article feebley attempts to explain this. Ray claims he called the FBI and told them he didn’t actually enter the Capitol so they just removed him. Does that sound like the FBI to you? After they identify a person of interest and that person contacts them, would they just give up? I don’t think so.

If Donald Trump incided people to insurrection, Ray Epps did so openly and unapologetically. There is video evidence of him directly calling people to breach the capitol repeatedly. In fact, he repeated that call so much that others thought it was a serious red flag. It’s quite a fumble on the part of the New York Times to write these articles. For many, they’re removed all doubt that Epps was indeed an FBI plant tasked with inciting the events of January 6th.

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4 thoughts on “Was January 6th Driven by the FBI? The New York Times Accidentally Vindicates the Theory”

  1. Yes, seems very suspicious indeed. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, it’s likely a duck.

  2. The FBI definitely had an influence on the mostly conservative minded folk who did wrong on 1/6/2021. It is also very suspicious that the D.C. police did nothing to prevent the illegal actions of that crowd. The biggest thing is that the way that crowd was whipped into a frenzy to do wrong is more like a Progressive method than what more conservative folks do in large groups. I’d be surprised if the FBI and Progressive plants were not a major influence on the end results of that day.

  3. It was the FBI and antifa that were the trouble makers and rioters…antifa made no efforts to hide the fact that they were going to show up disguised as Trump supporters and stir up trouble to make Trump supporters look bad. I’m sure a handful of gullible Trump supporters were goaded into joining those who were causing mayhem.If there ever is a real revolution against these evil bastards in govt who openly violate the laws and Constitution..it would have to be done more intelligently and with overwhelming numbers.Perhaps it’s time people stop joing the “woke” military and forming militias too numerous for them to handle..we have the numbers.

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