Pride in Country Hits New Low, Let’s Break Down the Numbers

What do you think of when you hear the word, American? Until recent years, it never would have been food shortages, moral depravity in education, or worst of all: general public indifference. Across the country, fewer Americans are proud of their nation than ever before. Let’s break it down.

The Big Picture

Gallup’s research found that only 38% of Americans are “extremely” proud to be American. 58% of Republicans and only 26% of Democrats report “extreme” pride in their country. 34% of independents report the same. 27% say they are “very proud” to be Americans, bringing pride in the country to around 65%. Those are not great numbers but they were slightly worse in 2020 when that same metric dropped to 63%.

Republicans’ pride in being American has consistently outpaced Democrats’ and independents’ since 2001 and does so today. However, Republicans’ extreme national pride (58%) is now at its lowest point in the trend. Independents’ extreme pride, at 34%, is likewise the lowest on record for the group.

After hitting a 22% low point in 2019, Democrats’ extreme pride rose to 31% in 2021 at the start of Joe Biden’s presidency, but it is down this year to 26%.

All three major party groups show double-digit declines in pride compared with 2013, with Democrats’ 30-point decline the largest. The current 32-point gap in Democratic versus Republican pride is larger than the historical average though smaller than the record-high 54-point gap in 2019.

Luckily, the majority of people in each group still says they are at least “very proud” to be an American. 84% of Republicans, 62% of independents and 52% of Democrats all report that they are at least “very proud” of their country. Even amongst Democrats, 52% say they are at least “very proud” to be an American.

Those With No Pride in Country

Some may find it surprising today just how few have little to no pride in country. Among Republicans, only 1% reported having no pride at all. Among Democrats that number was 4% and it was the highest among independentes at 5%.

College Campuses

It should come as no surprise that going to college decreases your chances of being proud of your country. Students face a constant barrage of anti-American indoctrination on college campuses today. The Frontier Center for Public Safety explains how such inundation unquestionably fed riots in 2020. There’s no doubt that it feeds sentiments of today. Their report shows that most colleges have either benched or removed their courses and programs on Western Civilization over recent decades and instead teach students that their country was built on a brutal legacy of oppression. It should come as no surprise that only 33% of college graduates have “extreme pride” in country while 42% of those who are not have the same.

What is the answer? Don’t go to college? Quite the contrary. Right now, it is time to take back universities and bathe them once more in our founding principles. This doesn’t only mean supporting organizations like PragerU who are fighting hard to turn the tide, but to actually confront educational institutions when the preach false-doctrines or refuse to teach on Western Civilization.


Ultimately, our nation is in distress. We need to start drilling on public lands to renew our supply chain. We need to gut government programs that are draining our nation’s wealth. We need to elect leaders who have hope and love for our founding traditions and the competence and confidence to put it to action. Americans want to be proud of our country. The naysayers are such a small but vocal minority and we need to make that common knowledge. As always, we are at a crossroads. We can choose to fight for our liberty, or we can let it die.

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11 thoughts on “Pride in Country Hits New Low, Let’s Break Down the Numbers”

  1. If they do not like our country please leave and do not let the screan door hit you in the butt

  2. Well can they think of a better place to live if you no longer have pride in your Country there’s a simple solution pack up your shit and move your happy ass somewhere else in the world!

  3. I still lore my country, but how can you be proud of what Biden has made of it. Trump loved our country and showed it in everything he did for us, not himself. They are all Power Hungry A holes, and it’s truly hurt our great country. Keep on loving it, but fight back. Call your elected people and let them know how you feel, then in November vote MAGA back in.

  4. I refuse to believe that rational American citizens are not patriotic toward the U.S. If at all, it is due to the continued advancement of Socialism and the gross expansion of the Federal government. Even liberal minded Democrats are becoming wary of the extremist Progressive agendas to divide the citizens of the U.S.

  5. no more anything worth having after invasion by foreign government that has not stopped as aug 2022 whilst health of people has failed in most of District1,UnitedStates48?+territories of tribe preferred, america north due to unruly 3rd world quality of continent, and world too busy laughing. those most suffering thru knew all along this could happen. seems the burden of those wanting to be sick collapse the place. wouldnt believe whom/what was collapse first

  6. My wife and I moved to Panama (as in the Panama Canal) four years. Many of the items cited in this article contributed to that decision. Needless to say, as far as I can tell, the situation in the states has gotten a lot worse. The USA is now for many reasons the laughing stock of the world.

  7. Pride can be a sticky wicket. Pride in one’s nation should be more being pleased with the way the nation handles taking care of its citizens. In that respect, we should not be too pleased with the way we have allowed the U.S. to be influenced so heavily by Socialist and Communist factions that only want to use the U.S. to their personal advantage by abusing most American citizens. A faith in all men being created equal has been a driving force for American citizens, even though we have had a rough time being just to all American citizens over the centuries. We can still be pleased that we have succeeded in correcting many wrongs, as we need to have faith that we will ultimately correct the current wrongs being created by hateful Progressives.

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