Kyle Rittenhouse is Ready to Go on Offense

On August 25, 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse fought for his life. He had to defend himself that day, but now he’s preparing to attack.

Kyle Just said last week that the Jonny Depp, Amber Herd trial fueled his desire to move forward. He felt a strong connection to the case and tweeted his support for Johnny Depp.

In February, Rittenhouse went on Tucker Carlson Tonight to speak out against sinister defamation. Media personalities labeled him a “murderer,” “white supremacist,” and countless other outright lies. Since we were acquitted of all charges in November of 2021, he’s coming for blood.

His lawyer, Todd McMurtry said that labeling Kyle a “murderer” is “actionable” and reasonable grounds for a defamation case. McMurtry said that he and Kyle may target Mark Zuckerberg first. “Mark Zuckerberg announced in a videotape that what Kyle was involved in was a mass murder, and that’s clearly defamatory.”

After all these events, Rittenhouse will never live a normal life again. Everything he does will be politicized for the rest of his life. Just this week, the media publicized and politicized his college decisions. Afterwards, a satirical article about a fictitious defamation case against the View gained significant traction online. There’s no doubt that much of the country is waiting with anticipation to see what Kyle will do next.




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4 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse is Ready to Go on Offense”

  1. First, I hope Rittenhouse sues Zuckerberg, Biden, and every other politician, and or media loudmouth who defamed him.

    Then, I hope he uses his new found wealth and fame to run against Ilhan Omar and knock her out of Congress. After that, initiate legal actions against her for illegal acts to be in this country.

  2. Kyle Rittenhouse was a foolish childish actor who put himself in a dangerous position that was totally unnecessary. He is not a murderer the left tried to make him out to be and he is not the hero he wants people to believe he is. Now he is out to profit on his stupidity. Don’t encourage it.

  3. Steady as she goes Kyle! You now have an opportunity to put another nail in the coffin of leftest media and entertainers who have been allowed to spew lies and damaging misinformation. Sue the piss out of them! GO KYLE.

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