The Real Answer To School Shootings

School shootings are among the most nightmarish realities of America today. Both sides of the political aisle agree, and yet we passionately disagree on the solution. Ohio may have found theirs, and it seems they’ve chosen bravery in an age of cowardice.

The Problem

In Uvalde, Texas, a psychopathic maniac killed 21 innocent school children. Police showed up on the scene but only made the problem worse. Cowardly officers waited outside while the shooter had a field day. They even handcuffed and pepper-sprayed parents who tried to enter the school to get their children out or confront the menacing scoundrel.

Much of America landed on a simple conclusion: we simply can’t rely on the police to protect us. Even if we could rely on them to be brave and competent, they aren’t always immediately on hand. According to data from 2020, police response times to active shooter scenarios are around 3 minutes at their fastest. Responses can even take 10 minutes or longer. 3 minutes alone is enough time for an active shooter to spray a room with bullets. Would you want students to be completely helpless and defenseless during that time? Of course not.

Ohio’s Response

In the State of Ohio, the new “Student Protection Act” may be a rallying cry to honor the fallen and safeguard our nation’s children. Two Republican representatives, Tom Young and Andrea White, proposed legislation that would empower youth from victimhood to dignity. The act would require students to complete self-defense courses to graduate from high school.

Olentangy High School students, Abby Purdy, Sydney Schultz, and Vaidehi Patel helped birth the idea. The concerned students discussed recent shootings along with walking to their cars in the dark after work. They felt compelled to draft a proposal and move it forward.

Purdy said that “everyone had very similar fears, and it kind of just sprouted from there. We had a survey and many of the responses conveyed the same fears and we felt that self-defense would be the best way to help people feel that they have the tools to protect themselves.”

Representative Tom Young explained that this isn’t a course in martial arts. Training will ultimately serve to prepare students for dangerous scenarios rather than teaching them how to fight.

“No, this is not Tae Kwon Do, throwing people across a mat or anything like that. It’s raising an awareness on how to prevent and then respond to an aggressive situation — mentally, and perhaps a way to get out of a situation.”

All across the country Americans argue that schools need to teach students more useful skills. Why not teach them one of the most useful skills of all?

The Administration Response

Ever since the shooting, Joe Biden and his entire administration have continued to preach gun control. His Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said that she is not concerned with securing schools at all.

The Buffalo shooting from May 14th shines the spotlight directly on this central issue. Mass murderer Peyton Gendron specifically stated in his manifesto that he chose New York because of its strict gun laws. He knew full well that gun control laws would make his victims softer targets. The Biden Administration is paving the way for future mass shooters with their style of response to this tragedy. They are even telling the public outright lies to support their wicked and ineffective policies.

Their narrative is simple: disarm the population and you will prevent all gun crime.

You Simply Can’t Disarm the American Populous

There are approximately 400 million known guns in the United States of America. According to World Population Review, that puts us as number one worldwide by an almost unfathomable margin. The nation that has the second most civilian guns is India with only 71.1 million compared to our 393.3 million and we have less than a fifth of their population. Even per capita the numbers are astonishing. The nation in second place per capita to us is the Falkland Islands at 62 guns per 100 civilians. The United States has 120 guns per 100 civilians.

According to AmmoLand, the vast majority of those firearms are not connected to any registry whatsoever. And there are likely even more than these estimates due to illegal trafficking, DYI projects, and 3D printing.

There are more guns than people in this country and that number is only going up. We can’t disarm our populous and even if we could, why would we want to? Alexander Hamilton explained that one of the greatest advantages of our armed populous is that it “forms a barrier against the enterprises of ambition, more insurmountable than any which a simple government of any form can admit of.” In short, it curbs the ambition of greedy rulers.


Ohio’s Not The Only One

When I was in school, active shooter drills were not very dignified. All of the class would gather together in a corner somewhere where we would slink shoulder to shoulder, packed in like sardines. In a real shooter situation, we would be hiding there, shaking in our boots, and cowering in fear. Many schools scattered across the country have something different in mind.

Check out this Vice coverage of a Baptist school’s training plan to respond to an active shooter. Teachers are armed and students are trained to actually engage a shooter when he enters the room. High School kids are taught to disarm and confront wicked killers that are there for one purpose: to end them. Watch that video, imagine every school did the same, and tell me how many school shootings you would expect. I’ll venture a guess that number might be 0.

Programs like Safe Kids Inc.’s “HERO” curriculum teaches students and teachers alike how to fortify their classroom in case of the unthinkable. This program teaches students to spread out rather than cower together in fear. It teaches students to throw heavy books at the attacker and make his onslaught much more difficult. If that sounds dangerous, let me ask you which is more so: cowering until a psycho killer finds and kills you, or standing your ground and either dying with dignity or actually saving precious lives that would have otherwise been cut short?


Disarming the American populous would be unthinkable and impossible. Still, it remains the chief aim of Democrat lawmakers every time a headline containing the word “shooting” hits the American press. Worse still, the Biden Administration is unwilling to take even basic steps, like hardening schools, that would almost definitely have an impact.

The direction Ohio is moving in is the direction we need to go. Arm our teachers. Teach our students to stand their ground. At least prepare them with a game plan that doesn’t involve hiding in a corner and waiting to be shot. That’s not what self-respecting free people do. No. It’s time teach our children that if they’re going to die, they should die on their feet, protecting the ones they love.



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8 thoughts on “The Real Answer To School Shootings”

  1. In my opinion; All schools should have one door in with metal detector and an armed guard, all other doors for fire safety should be doors that can be opened from inside, but not be able to be opened from outside.

    All the laws these so called leaders want to put i place will do nothing to save lives. Kids and some grown ups are brain washed into do stupid things along with taking drugs and not being taught right from wrong. The drugs have fried their brains.

    We need to CLOSE the borders and control the drugs coming into this country. We are spending more money on other countries than here, TAKE CARE OF OUR HOMELAND FIRST BEFORE HELPING OTHER COUNTRIES AND STOP THE BORDER CRISIS WITHOUT CONTROLLING THE BORDER THE OTHER THINGS MEAN NOTHING..

    Guns are just tools like a hammer, the tool is not bad it is the people behind the tool. People can kill with a knife, shovel, hammer, ball bat, ink pen, pencil, letter opener and fertilizer and diesel, gasoline, rock your hands, etc. where does it stop? Common sense laws are already in place, enforce them, more laws will do nothing. Criminals do not care about laws, it is against the law to kill, rob and they still do it, the laws do nothing to stop them. Blaming the law abiding citizen for gun killings is just plain stupid and all it is far is to try to dis arm law abiding citizens so the government criminals can stay in power without fear.

    If you take away the second amendment, then none of the other amendments can stay in place. THINK. YOU LOOSE THEM ALL, YOU WILL HAVE NO RIGHTS WHAT SO EVER IF YOU DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ,,,, LOOK AT RUSSIA???



    1. You stand correct
      Americans do not know until they lose EVERYTHING!!!!
      Then it will be too late as we as a nation will be clawing back every inch we lost…this time it will be twice as hard to rectify the Constitution

  2. Teachers should be armed with tasers and pepper spray. Students should be drilled in what to do. We have fire drills, what to dom case of tornadoes. years ago kids had drills on what to do in case of attack (this was during the war). Drop to the floor, hide unde or behind desks, all simultaneously throw books, pens, phones, any objects at hand.

  3. Why don’t classrooms these days have backdoors like the used to? For rooms that are next to an exterior wall, a door to the outside seems like a good idea. Sure, lock them from the outside like any emergency exit. But if the kids could just run out another door when some enters, it seems like that would be a pretty good alternative to having to sit and wait to be shot. Every classroom I have been in and every one of my 3 kids, they all seem to have only one door. Not even sure that’s a good idea in case of a fire.

  4. Our school system is producing psychopathic generation .It is main reason for school shooting.I do not see 80 year old killing somebody.

  5. After school, extracurricular gun clubs that teach gun handling and safety would be nice. Let our youth understand that firearms are just tools that are created to be used responsibly and never abused. Take away all Gun Free Zone designations because they only attract cowardly killers and leave citizens incapable of defending themselves. Banning things has never accomplished much in the way of preventing those things from being abused by those who simply don’t abide by laws and regulations.
    The more governments attempt to control things, the more fascist they become. The more control that some have over others denies the rights of everyone.

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