Leftist Indoctrination Camps That Abuse Children

Have you heard of the leftist summer camps where they abuse kids to indoctrinate them into radical ideology? Meet Camp Diversity and Camp Anytown.

These are camps where children role-play as people with disabilities or racial minorities. White students eat first and Latin American students clean up after them. Jewish students wear yellow stars. Counselors and students use the harshest racial slurs imaginable and segregate students in nearly every way they can.

Karen de Sá, a writer for the SanFrancisco Chronicle, reports that similar camps have been operating for over 70 years all across the country.

Last week, The Chronicle published an investigation into what experts described as ethically challenged and risky programming at Anytown-style retreats, which have operated in dozens of states, and in some places little changed, since the 1950s. Tens of thousands of teenagers nationwide have attended.

She explains that the camp coaches students to stay silent about their experiences. The camp leaves kids scarred and doesn’t even follow up to ensure that they recover from the trauma that counselors put them through.

Some of the abuse these kids face could easily scar adults for life.

Richard Valenzuela, the lead facilitator for 18 years at the Silicon Valley Faces camps before being let go, long played the role of “antagonizer.” Before recently deciding to retire, he spent years striking blindfolded teens on the back of the head and calling them “retards,” taunting Jewish students wearing yellow stars about the Holocaust, and calling biracial kids “half-breeds” and “mistakes.”

Too much of this is reminiscent of the Stanford Prison Experiments. In these university studies, participants were either assigned to the role of “prisoner” or “guard.” The experiments saw profound psychological changes in participants based on their given role. Even though they knew none of it was “real” there both sides ended up taking the role-play very seriously and the results were horrifying.

“Guards” became abusive and “prisoners” docile and submissive. ID numbers and uniforms made the prisoners feel anonymous and sub-human. Humiliation rituals from real prisons brought out some of the more feral traits in both sides of the experiments. “Prisoners” experienced severe emotional and physiological issues even after the experiment was over. Students felt torn from their identities, like they had lost who they were before the experiment. Nearly every prisoner had bouts of uncontrollable sobbing and severe fatigue. All these results came after only a week in the study.

Even months later, participants said that they didn’t think of the study as an experiment, but a real prison.

This kind of summer camp is not only playing with fire but playing with lies. It’s true that many people around the world face harsh persecution, but this will not help the issue. Humiliating children and abusing them for even a race or condition they don’t have is simply inhumane. It will effect them in the long term and all the more if they never even get help processing it. It’s vital that we shed more light on these camps and if possible, bring them to an end.

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