A Deep Dive: The Buffalo Shooting and What Joe Biden Hopes You Don’t Know

President Joe Biden just visited Buffalo, New York on May 19th to address the victims of a horrific shooting. Meanwhile, the story is full of mad twists and turns including censorship, outright lies, and a bizarre missed point that really puts everything in context. Let’s dig in.

First, Some Background

On May 14th at approximately 2:30pm, Peyton Gendron opened fire and killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York. Gendron confirmed inspiration from a similar massacre in Australia in a manifesto he released before the shooting. If you look for the manifesto now, you won’t find it. Google, among others, made it near impossible for anyone to get their hands on it. They deleted the original google doc, shut down pages that reviewed it, and even blocked emails linking to it.

What’s The Deal With The Manifesto?

Much of the public was able to review the entire document before it went down, here’s the gist in three points.

Point 1 is his inspiration. Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant also shared a manifesto before his murder spree that inspired Peyton Gendron. A Newsweek comparison using the app Copyleaks. The search turned up 11,000 similar words and a 24.7% “match” in language and content. Gendron made no secret of his inspiration and even live streamed his attack in a similar vain.

Point 2 is what the only thing the media and Joe Biden would like you to know. Gendron was a white supremacist just like Tarrant. The murderer also cited “replacement theory” as a significant motivation in his attack. More on that later.

Point 3 is probably the most interesting of all. Gendron saw New York’s strict gun laws as an opportunity to pounce on unarmed victims.

A Simple Outright Lie

Joe Biden said in no uncertain terms that replacement theory is a white supremacist conspiracy theory. So what is replacement theory anyway?

In short, it’s simply the theory that there is an active effort to replace the white ethnic majority with others in the United States or other western countries. That’s according to the Southern Poverty Law Center who are arguably its most militant opponents.

Well, by that definition, the left is conscientiously acting out replacement theory in the open. Let’s break it down.

With articles like this one from the Washington Post, they directly spread this so-called vile propaganda. The Post argues that by 2050, whites will be a minority. (For the record, this sentiment is echoed by establishments as esteemed as the Brookings Institute.) They also argue that their favorite party (the Democrats) will turn the state blue because of this and laud it as something to be celebrated.

They don’t just report it, but they even support replacing white people in a myriad of political, social, and business landscapes. Fair Vote advocates for more minority representation in congress. The National Institute for Biotechnology Information demands more representation in Chemistry and all biomedical fields. You don’t have to walk 10 feet without tripping over an advocate for more minority representation in entertainment. Americans don’t even need to resort to talking about affirmative action in hiring practices and college acceptance.

Furthermore, Democrats openly argue for more immigration and easing requirements for citizenship. Joe Biden ran on a platform of easing border restrictions and pathways to American citizenship. Even our president himself, the one initially making the statement about “replacement theory” is actively making it a reality.

This isn’t to say that whites should or should not be the majority. That discussion is honestly irrelevant. The important issue here is that when people like Joe Biden declare “replacement theory” as a right wing conspiracy theory, they are lying through their teeth.

The Bizarre Twist Of It All

Interestingly, Joe Biden is actually giving that murdering psychopath exactly what he wants.

You Can’t Keep Guns Out Of Criminals’ Hands

There are approximately 400 million known guns in the United States of America. According to World Population Review, that puts us as number one worldwide by an almost unfathomable margin. The nation that has the second most civilian guns is India with only 71.1 million compared to our 393.3 million and we have less than a fifth of their population. Even per capita the numbers are astonishing. The nation in second place per capita to us is the Falkland Islands at 62 guns per 100 civilians. The United States has 120 guns per 100 civilians. 

According to AmmoLand, the vast majority of those firearms are not connected to any registry whatsoever. And there are likely even more than these estimates due to illegal trafficking, DYI projects, and 3D printing.

Furthermore, our laws protect the privacy of gun owners. In accordance with the Brady Act, authorities must destroy records of every firearm background check within 24 hours. From ThirdWay:

Even if the form is eventually sent to the federal warehouse and entered into its 4473 database, the information will still be unsearchable and fail to serve in any way as a registry of gun owners. And the record of the background check itself would still be destroyed within 24 hours. Given the operation of the system, there is simply no practical way to use background checks to create a federal registry of gun owners.

Guns are extremely hard to track as a result which is why restricting access will only keep them out of good hands. From AmmoLand:

The concept that you can keep criminals from obtaining guns by regulating the access of everyone else is flawed from the start.  It cannot be done in a free society. Even prisoners make their own guns or smuggle them into prison. With 350 million unlicensed and unregistered guns already in the country, it is an impossible task to stop a few prohibited possessors from getting guns by restricting access to everyone else.

horribly flawed enforcement of a horribly flawed law

Here at Inside Scoop Politics, we try to avoid going into the most gruesome details of the stories we cover. To make a long story short, Gendron displayed several red flags. He abused animals, issued death threats, and generally showed wildly disturbed and disturbing behavior. Existing New York red flag laws would have disqualified him from obtaining a firearm and yet he did anyway. What’s to stop a criminal from lying like he did to bypass these flimsy restrictions?

The Biden Administration’s answer: more gun control. Their plan is to tighten red flag laws and create further restrictions on top of them; but will it help?

Let’s just remember that Gendron’s manifesto told us why he chose New York. He knew that tighter gun laws would make his targets softer. If Democrats tighten them further, they only clear an even easier path for the next nauseating nightmare.

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7 thoughts on “A Deep Dive: The Buffalo Shooting and What Joe Biden Hopes You Don’t Know”

  1. Balance of force is an issue in military logistics. In simple terms, it’s who has the most guns. As Lenin put it, one man with a gun can control a hundred who are unarmed. The reason Ukraine attacks Russian convoys, blows up bridges is to influence the balance of force in their direction, to interdict Russia’s supplies. The Progressives, who encouraged and supported a year of riots and destruction, attacks the self defense capacity of the law abiding to shift the balance of force to favor those who do not obey laws. They are attempting to pass laws insuring the only person in an assembly with a gun will be the killer. And they are doing damn little about the criminals beyond releasing them from jail. Note how often the perpetrator, when apprehended, is found to have an extensive rap sheet – often of repeat offensives of the crime for which he’s being arrested. And they let him out again. And disarm you who have done nothing. Gun laws (and Democrats) are the criminals’ friend.

  2. Let me ask you what group says never let a crisis go unused? What group keeps on doing the same thing over and over until they get their selfish way? What group predicted, uprisings if Trump was elected. Then came the riots, Covid from a us funded biolab. What group said there is going to have food shortages. Then there were 3 food storage facilities went up in fire and also Canada train derailment. They knew about formula shortage for a year and let it happen.
    NOW how hard is it for someone to manipulate vulnerable people to comit these horrible acts? Think about how the justice system handles many criminals.

  3. The whole Buffalo shooting smells of a false flag . A conveniently well timed false flag where as I am hearing it on the news Biden has already made arrangements to show up and give his speech like he has nothing better to do and no prior arrangements to untie first. Even a PINO “president in name only” is going to be tied up to where just getting down is going to take roughly a week has history of other presidents have shown .Yet this one is freed up just at the right time. Smell big smell.

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