Pennsylvania Democrat Held an Innocent Black Jogger at Gunpoint in 2013, Will it be Enough to Bring him Down?

The Pennsylvania Primaries are still in full focus and the Democrat is decided, but there are still some interesting questions worth asking about this tight race.

Currently, the New York Times has Mehmet Oz at 31.2% leading Dave McCormick by .1%. The Republican race is still far too close to call. While the Democrats have their man, it’s not necessarily all good news for him.

John Fetterman won the Democrat Primary with 59%. He left second place Conor Lamb in the dust at 26.3%. Although, Black voters seem to be on the fence about Mr. McCormick. In Philadelphia County, Fetterman barely won with 36.8% in the 44% Black county. So why is Fetterman struggling with Black voters?

In 2013, John Fetterman wrongly held an innocent Black jogger at gunpoint. Fetterman chased down his victim and pulled a shotgun on him. He believed the jogger was involved in a recent shooting but was sorely mistaken.

In one of the major debates leading up to the primary, his Black opponent, Malcolm Kenyatta confronted Fetterman about the incident.

“For somebody who has cut an image of an incredibly tough guy, you’re so afraid of two little words, ‘I’m sorry.’ ”

Fetterman responded in a solemn and focused tone. “There was no profiling or anything involved. I never pointed the weapon at the individual, and everyone in Braddock knows.” This is the same answer he’s given for years.

Kenyatta clapped back with a clever quip and a demand. “John, we get it. You have a Black friend. The question is … are you gonna say I’m sorry today?”

Fetterman combatted Kenyatta’s quips by saying that he’s the only mayor who directly combatted gun violence but Kenyatta had a retort of his own. “You’re the only Democrat who used a shotgun to chase down an unarmed Black man.”

Tom Bonier laid a spotlight directly on Fetterman’s African American problem.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

In the precincts Bonier identified, Fetterman received an average of just 18.4 percent of the vote. That isn’t very good, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis. Social media users weighed in to express dismay about Fetterman’s victory in light of the racially charged vigilante incident in 2013, for which he has refused to apologize

It’s clear that Fetterman has a minority problem, but will it be enough to lose him the race? Currently, Race to the White House polling predicts a Fetterman win by a 2% margin. That’s not exactly a landslide and it sill could go either way. Only time will tell.

Who do you think will take Pennsylvania and why?

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  1. So,, when are blacks going to realize that leftist democRATS are NOT the FRIENDS of black people?

    democRATS have NEVER done anything FOR black people. All they want them for is their votes and they promise them everything and when (re)elected DO NOTHING! eVEN THEIR GOD OBLAMO did nothing FOR THEM!!

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