Congress Talks Space Aliens or Foreign Spies in First UFO Meeting in Over 50 Years

The United States House of Representatives is reopening the “Blue Book.” This is the mysterious book of inquiries into lights in the sky and little green men. That’s right, we’re reopening official investigations into UFO’s.

Tuesday, May 17th is the first time since 1969 that Congress has officially looked into UFO phenomena.

Chairman André Carson (D-IN) leads the House subcommittee focused on the issue. He released this statement last week.

“The American people expect and deserve their leaders in government and intelligence to seriously evaluate and respond to any potential national security risks — especially those we do not fully understand. Since coming to Congress, I’ve been focused on the issue of unidentified aerial phenomena as both a national security threat and an interest of great importance to the American public.”

So why bring such a speculative issue onto the floors of Congress? Will, historically, we’ve had substantial reason to believe that UFO’s may pose an illusive and formidable national security threat.

From Just the News:

Anecdotal reports from U.S. Navy pilots have led some to speculate that UFOs tend to congregate in the vicinity of nuclear aircraft carriers and ballistic missile submarines.

One independent researcher, Robert Hastings, has written that Cold War-era Moscow took note of UFOs apparently taking interest in Soviet nukes.

So, are there Chinese, Russian, or Martian spies poking around our military installments? Only time will tell.  You can watch the full hearing here on the House Intelligence Committee YouTube page.

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5 thoughts on “Congress Talks Space Aliens or Foreign Spies in First UFO Meeting in Over 50 Years”

  1. They will do anything to try to take our minds off the economic situation the country is in Look at the amount of money that has been wasted on this 01/06/2021 bullshit All to try to keep Trump out of the election At this point in time I could probably beat any that the left could put forward Now we will waste how much on UFO’s There are people that can’t feed their children and we are giving away billions and pissing away more money on the UFO If they are not bothering us why worry right now We need every dollar that we can keep for the citizens of our country This is like the communist famine of Mao and Stalin You fucking people talk about socialism and look we are giving away what we need Baby formula and dollars WTF is going on These people work for us It is tie for the liberals to step aside and shut ta fuck up These people are so far out of it they couldn’t run their finger up their ass This gaggle of groomers have failed the people We need a change and we need it in a big way The idiot bullshiting Biden talks to us like we are idiots He must understand that it is not the people that are idiots Well the liberals are pretty fucking stupid They have not figured out yet that that is not money they are pulling out of their ass it is bullshit This goes double for the 4 morons They lie cheat and steal and there is words for the Clinton kill teams They are talking about we want this and we want that as they throw money out of the window again They want socialism and look we can’t even take of business in capitalism Socialism they are completely out of their mind All you have to listen to their cackling and you will know that their ignorance runs very deep On top of all that they are haters

  2. from what I have heard of the session, the only change is the name is the name of the ufo and the unwillingness to give anyone information. not really impressed. It’s good to investigate for national security but quit treating us like idiots

  3. What I have seen in the video of that congress session was a whole lot of nothing probably because they know a lot of those UFO’s have made in America written inside them. Would be good to have every secret project from the Twentieth century made public as they are no longer relevant to national security and would have shown what happened so people know what to do in the future and why as right now society doesn’t do what needs to be done and worry’s about things like gender pronouns. A reality check is needed.

  4. If Congress is looking into UFOs, it is because they think there may ge untapped money they have not yet grabbed for their own pockets.

  5. Why is the Democrat majority House opening the UFO issue now? Is it because everything else they stick their fingers into succeeds like the Three Stooges hanging wallpaper? Speaking of “hanging wallpaper” – they’ve hung enough of it to give us the highest inflation rate since the Carter administration and they’re set to deprive one of their budgets – Social Services? – of the revenue from student loans. Have you seen the electric bus explosion in Paris video? They’re going to subsidize electric school busses here. Given the unaggressive history of UFOs I suspect the primary, perhaps the only threat they represent is one of our antagonistic opponents getting their otherworldly technology before we do.

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