The CDC Bought Your Information With Your Money to Track You With it

It’s not a new idea that we live in a terrifying dystopia in America today, but it gets worse.

According to documents the Convention of States obtained from Motherboard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention bought a year of private citizens’ cell phone data for $420,000. The CDC used that data to track compliance with curfews

The federal agency argued that the data is “critical for ongoing response efforts, such as hourly monitoring of activity in curfew zones or detailed counts of visits to participating pharmacies for vaccine monitoring.” The agency also essentially said they can also use it for whatever they please. The CDC stated that it will also be sued for “agency-wide use and will support numerous CDC priorities.”

Although the type of data the CDC bought was aggregated – designed to follow trends that emerge from the movements of groups of people – researchers and other critics say such data can be used to track specific people.

Not only has Joe Biden established a “ministry of truth,” but they are also likely tracking your every move. We look with distain on countries like China for being draconian top-down dictatorships, but are we much better these days? We’ve allowed our government to lockdown cities, manipulate election laws, and silence dissent in the public square. We’ve allowed angry mobs to burn down businesses and attack innocent victims in the streets from one side while the other’s actually mostly peaceful protest is dubbed an “insurrection.” We’ve allowed twisted sexual ideologies to be taught in our 5 year old children. Enough is enough.

America used to be a nation where individuals pursued virtue from youth to old age. It wasn’t without it’s demons, but there was a moral fiber that truly united our nation and distinguished it from other any in history. We were the land of the free, and it’s time to take back that freedom. Let’s no longer allow comfort, fear, and complacency to stop us from taking action. Petition, speak out, inform yourself, and be prepared with a defense however you can. If we all do our part, we can get this nation back on course.

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5 thoughts on “The CDC Bought Your Information With Your Money to Track You With it”

  1. For the thousandth time, UNTIL REAL AMERICANS take back our nation by force from the oligarchs in DC, this will not end. Unfortunately, it will have to be by force, because these power hungry scum will not give up their power peacefully.

    Once we regain control of our nation, we must place these scum on trial and if found guilty of treason, summarily hanged as outlined in the Constitution.

    We must also add Amendments to our Constitution that:
    1) ensure our elections remain free and fair and severely punish anyone who cheats
    2) prevent the power of law and policy be dictated by any government agency, bureau or department.
    3) strictly forbid lobbying where gifts of ANY value are given to Congress people or their staff
    4) demand any Bill up for a vote receives a minimum of 24 hours to review for every 50 pages.
    5) force an annual balanced budget by Congress which addresses paying down the National Debt and failure to pass one results in reduction in Congressional pay and allows ALL Congress people, regardless of time served, to be up for re-election during next election process (example – a Senator with only 2 years into his 6 yr term can be removed during the next election for failing to pass a balanced budget.

    This is just a start!

  2. dystopia–try britblck africa=blackpower=tribe=ogliarchs=anticivility=anti-goodness to originals leaving no US 1st and only we are not a large landmass and cannot hold all that is, we have plenty of evildoers–influx of downtrend of well __,___, etc you know, those unappreciated worker/employed with ethnic & cleanliness being shoved & shelved beyond belief. wish i were general so n sew getting paycheck & benefits of all kinds enough to live as my parents generation, after 125yrs-nothing but blah ugly brain diminishment due to lack of much.. name calling slighting and hating corporate work environment on a good day in US end of times in my personal unwanted opinion. excuse me for being born lighter skinned north eager willing to get the job task done correctly and get paid properly for it. good thing some worked when it was available, as home ownership and care of all things dwindled to maybe the fine print, while on government program, or livechat allowed this plus internet was built incorrectly as all complained of the safety latches, filters, plain etiquette of good citizen, etc etc. worldwide sewage behavior personality free for all beating & punching to get last $$ did it. US original lost the coin toss in 02, changing laws for all on the fly/dime/locate workday-never mind etc etc blackpower look it up will kill anything, atrocities everywhere and i miss a whole lot of things that others took for granted i’m sure as the laughter started, sorry

    1. not to mention those storms that haven’t stopped, in bad shape still in many places.. plus squirms and conflicts! tires one out and the costs are staggering. no end in site to some things we all know that far south border always been a problem. many talk about understaffed in some areas but i’m not so sure, been there, sorry not

  3. First, the CDC is a worthless organization and a waste of our tax dollars. For proof watch the GIF CDC pool poo, your money hard at work. Second, is anybody here surprised by this? The CDC is after all a gubment organization with gubment “workers”. This is what dystopian, untrustworthy, SWAMP SCUM people do.

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