More 2020 Election Research The Left is Burying

2,000 Mules is a feature film released on May 8th, 2022. It proclaims to definitively prove 2020 election rigging. The movie grossed $1 million in 12 hours and if you’re like most Americans, you probably haven’t even heard of it.

Dinesh D’Souza directed the film following the research of investigator Gregg Phillips and his crew from the nonprofit organization, True the Vote. They analyzed more than 4 million minutes of video footage and 10 million pings of smartphone location data in their investigation. A mule (someone identified as a paid illegal ballot handler) must have paid drop boxes many repeat visits and dropped ballots in large numbers. Phillips determined that there were over 2,000 likely mules working to interfere with the election.

True the Vote led a significant undertaking. The organization bought 10 trillion pings of cellphone location data for $4 million. Despite being in theaters, very few media outlets are mentioning the film. Politifact chimed in as you would expect. The Denver Post produced an article aimed at combatting the film’s main arguments, but few others have even mentioned it.

What Are They Saying About It?

Politifact started by attacking D’Souza’s character and background. They began with a summary unrelated past allegations against him. The article went on to say that ballot drop boxes are secure but this disproves nothing.

“They typically weigh more than 600 pounds and have tamper-proof mechanisms, making them more secure than standalone mail boxes.”

This is true, but Phillips’ allegation is that mules are dropping fraudulent votes into these boxes. His allegations are unconcerned with how secure a box may or might not be.

The Politifact article also claims that if a scheme like that existed it would have come to light by now.

Such a scheme employing people to collect ballots would likely have come to light by now, said Michael McDonald, a University of Florida political scientist: “There would be a paper trail and social media trail and there would be some witnesses out there to verify this was going on.”

One of the primary problems with this (and similar claims) is the lack of opportunity. That argument would have credibility if the left and the establishment were more open to full investigations.

The Denver Post article disputes one of 2,000 Mules’ key claims. Phillips claims to have identified 1,155 mules in Philadelphia. The Post points out that none of the video footage they captured was from the city in Question. There are other reasons to pay repeat visit to ballot drop boxes. Campaigning and volunteering are a couple examples. Can we rely on location data alone to label a repeat visitor a “mule?” Maybe, or maybe not.


Ultimately, I would urge you to watch the movie and draw your own conclusions. It’s very difficult to prove voter fraud. It is absurd to claim that the 2020 election was the safest and most secure in American history but it’s not definite that it was stolen. It’s no secret that states dramatically changed voting laws directly before the election. Many people received unsolicited mail in ballots, and those are only a few of the reasons we should be wary of 2020’s election.

What do you think? Did 2,000 mules rig the 2020 election?


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10 thoughts on “More 2020 Election Research The Left is Burying”

  1. Just watching the trailer is enough to convince you that the people shown on security cameras at 1 AM were acting illegally, not campaigning at all. Taking photos of herself is priceless proof of illegality on a security camera. This was the first time not that it was done, but that technology, perfected by Covid,
    enabled geotracking to be commercially available, it was the first time that it was recorded digitally. That is significant. China has the technology and uses it already. USA has it too.

  2. Simple solution – round up the mules – there’s more than 2,000 by the way. Let them know they will:
    1) serve a MINIMUM of 5 years in prison
    2) pay a fine of $10,000 per illegal ballot they handled (cannot be erased with bankruptcy)
    3) permanent loss of voting rights
    4) lifetime ban on ANY govt job including elected, appointed, direct hire, sub-contract or even volunteer

    Let these mules know, the judge will remove their fines in exchange for their testimony, but the other punishments will remain in full effect. Let’s see how many rat out the BIGGER FISH . . . and those people are hanged for treason on live tv! You can bet that the next election, mules and others willing to help the Dems cheat will be difficult to find.

  3. Yes, 2000 mules goes a good distance in showing how the 2020 vote fraud occurred. But use your common sense as to the voting numbers and the circumstances of the campaign.

    In contrast to Trump and his large enthusiastic crowds during the campaign (resulting in a record vote for a Republican for President – 75 million), Biden was in his basement for the most part and could not attract a crowd once he did emerge from the basement, and Biden blurted out the truth on October 24, 2020. Biden’s exact words: “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” There was no “context” that explains away these words. It was a Kinsley gaffe.

    Are we to believe that a doddering Biden, who developed no connection to the American People, got 16 million more legal votes than did Hillary in 2016 and Obama in 2012 and 12 million more legal votes than a seemingly charismatic Obama in 2008? No way. It took coordination for swing states all to stop counting around midnight when Trump was ahead and in the middle of the night have statistically impossible massive Biden vote dumps. Twenty of twenty-one bellwether counties went for Trump. Ohio, Florida and Iowa all went for Trump handily – since 1852, when that happened, the candidate who won those states even by small margins won the election, except in 1960 when there were charges of and later convictions for vote fraud. The foregoing cannot be reconciled without Democrat vote fraud and is actually just for starters for the proof of Democrat vote fraud involving the specific states.

    The 2020 vote fraud was made possible by lax procedures as to mail in voting and absentee ballots: no signature verification, lack of chain of custody documentation, no matching with voter registration rolls. There was also ballot harvesting, corrupt election officials allowing ballot dumping and Dominion vote counting machines that weighted votes and were connected to the internet allowing for foreign hacking. There were more mail in ballots counted than mail in ballots mailed out in Pennsylvania; the thousands of affidavits attesting to vote fraud are stunning (e.g. a UPS driver who drove 100,000 fraudulent ballots from New York to Pennsylvania).

  4. I watched 2000mules and believe there is evidence presents for the State Local and Federal Law enforcement to start investigations . No one is above the Law

  5. Yes, The mules were paid to stuff the ballot boxes. Who would vote at 2 in the morning? They have them on video smiling for the selfies to prove there job done so they would get paid. The scam is absolutely shocking and disgusting!!!!

  6. Who is in charge of setting the rules and monitoring our activities, thus controlling our freedoms – the political leaders, and that is why how and who we elect is very important for our future.

    CRITICAL – Vaccine Passport – we have the Freedom to do what we want to do unless it is forbidden by the law – in the future (with Vaccine Passports), we will be allowed to do ONLY what we have been given a specific permission by the POWERS to do – Social Score is already the practice in China. Is this how you want to live – what about the future generations?

    According to the US Constitution, the State Legislatures determine the election processes for their respective States, not Secretaries of State, Election Boards or any other entities, thus the following changes were unconstitutional unless enacted by the Legislatures
    • Ballot Drop Boxes
    • Mail-in ballots for everyone on the voter registration rolls (estimated 20+ million registrations are duplicates, incorrect and/or invalid, and yet they were mailed a ballot)
    • Accounting ballots received after the due date
    • Eliminating signature verification and voter ID – accepting same day registrations
    • Etc.

    Regardless your personal political point of view, ‘2000 Mules’ is a must-see video
    • Extremely well documented with official government surveillance video showing people depositing multiple ballots
    • Question – Why would a person (based on the cell phone locations) drive to multiple ballots drop box locations (many at night) and non-profit organizations SAME day, and then repeat that for several days

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