Will Governments Start Starving Countries to Fight Climate Change?

The United Nations has turned its sights on a new global warming threat: methane. The discovery calls for world leaders to kill livestock by the millions. Sounds crazy? Let’s have a look.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane is the second most potent greenhouse gas. Making up 20% of global emissions it is 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide. The International Panel on Climate Change demands that the world cut methane production by a third by the year 2025.

According to Bloomberg, cattle in the United States represent an existential threat to life on earth. The claim that the 5,116 tons of greenhouse gas released from literal cow farts will threaten all life on earth. Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took social media by storm by attacking cow farts as a cause for global warming? Well, some countries not only take it seriously, but are willing to threaten their entire population to accommodate this madness.

Ireland is on track to kill 1.3 million cows for the sake of this wild effort. Their environmental policy requires them to downsize their already straining economy. Who’s to say when these wide eyed policies will see the light on day in the United States? We already have members of congress who endorse them.

What are your thoughts, would Joe Biden really go as far as to kill American livestock in the midst of a food shortage?

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7 thoughts on “Will Governments Start Starving Countries to Fight Climate Change?”

  1. I believe he would starve the U. S.. Citizens. He is intent on DESTROYING the United States of America as we know it! He already has a great start on doing just that! Already he has destroyed 20 food processing plants in the last few months. How many more in the next several months will be destroyed?

    Coincidence? I think not!!

  2. What I don’t understand is why the American Public hasn’t run Biden and Company out of Dodge.
    Does anyone out there have any balls. It’s time …. It’s Overdue …. My God, our countries in the toilet.
    Inflation … Driven by the Bird Brains war on Fossil Fuel. Someone tell me the logic behind our southern border policy.
    Get China and India under control before you waste time and money on “climate control” and clean air … another joke. Green new deal …. OMG. Has anyone studied the costs and practicality to implement this exercise in mental mas__rbation. It’s just not practical and it’s way more expensive in reality.
    We’re at least 20 plus years from being remotely close to have an economically feasible interstructure in place.
    I’ve seen a lot in 82 years. Nothing like this pipe dream for this moment in time.
    17 food processing plants destroyed destroyed …. You don’t think it’s by design?
    And now the Supreme Court has been violated by some sick liberal f__k.

    The worst thing for the youth of our country, our future, was implementing the “Everyone gets a Trophy” so as to not hurt feelings. Part of growing up is learning how to except defeat and grow and learn from it.

  3. Biden is warning that food shortages are coming…because thats part of the plan..they’ve already been shrinking the size of everything including the food you buy. China and Bill Gates have been buying the farmlands of our nation in bulk…there are food depots across the country that receive and then distribute our food to stores throughout the nation…something you did’nt see in the news…last week 7 of these depots caught fire in one night…2 were struck by small aircraft…does this sound like a coincidence? Theres 2 things you can do…start ammending your lives and returning to live as Christians and pray for the nation and let God undo all this evil as He promised that He would heal the land if His people pray…or take up arms and start a new Amewricna revolution to oust the ant Constitution commies that have infested every branch of govt. education, military and law enforcement. Or sit back and watch our nation simply slip into the hands of our enemies without a fight because we are comfortable and complacent and waiting for someone else to do something while we gripe on a keyboard.

  4. Recent scientific calculations of the impact of all Green House Gases shows that neither CO2 nor Methane have a significant impact on earth warming, and severe policies are not needed and are destructive. The contribution of each gas to warming is a simple multiple of the parts-per-million (ppm) of that type in the atmosphere, times the relative energy from the span of wavelengths that can be absorbed by that molecule, divided by the energy contribution of all molecules, times the total degree of warming that they produce (33 deg).
    • Today, CO2 contribution to GH warming = (415/20415) x 33 deg = 0.67 degrees = 2% of that warming. Methane contribution is insignificant due to being only 1.8 ppm in the atmosphere.
    • Today, Water Vapor contribution is (20000/20415) x 33 deg = 32.3 degrees = 98%
    • Total increase in warming by CO2 from 1700 to present = 145/20415 x 33 = 0.23 deg
    • Maximum possible man-made CO2 contribution is less than 1/10 of global warming observed since 1700, if all the CO2 rise is assumed man-made rather than released from a warming ocean. Some other cause is needed (the Sun’s input to earth has increased significantly since 1700 and should be examined as the cause). A full scientific paper is available.

  5. I dispute a premise of the question. The question assumes governments are not already starving the population in the name of climate change.

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