BDS Caught Rigging a Princeton Election

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement is hellbent on undermining pro-Israel groups everywhere. In this case, a supporter took some ethical liberties to do so.

On Princeton’s campus, BDS held a vote to stop funding going to the construction company Caterpillar. They opposed the company on the grounds that Caterpillar supplies equipment to the Israeli Defense Forces. While anti-Israel students wanted to halt the funding, the school’s Tigers for Israel club disagreed. Like good Americans, they called for a vote. However, what happened next was slightly less democratic.

The school’s chief elections manager, Brian Li, directly lied to students about how votes would be tallied. Li told students that an abstention would count as a vote for maintaining funding. He urged those who supported Israel but didn’t feel comfortable voting to abstain. Li ultimately discounted all abstentions in the final tally.

The Tigers for Israel appealed the ruling and brought it before student government. On Monday, April 18th, they ruled that the reversal was “unfair and incorrect.” There’s no way to be sure how many of these deceptions slip through the cracks each year, but in this case, it seems justice will be served.

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4 thoughts on “BDS Caught Rigging a Princeton Election”

  1. Americans must take back control of our schools that have been allowed to undermind our kids for 50-plus years. Failing that we are doomed.

  2. Put Gods Bible back into circulation, teach the children about God, love for others, peace and joy. Stop with the brainwashing both in Education and media

  3. Take this Li person and expatriate his Communist-style butt straight into North Korea! Do this enough times and others will realize they had better start adhering to the laws of this land or be removed!!

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