Biden Gave the Taliban HOW MUCH!?

Have you ever wondered just how much Joe Biden gave to the Taliban in our disastrous Afghanistan pullout? The numbers are finally in! And they are quite honestly terrifying.

Here is a detailed list of the gifts we gave our favorite terrorists:

110 helicopters

60 transport cargo planes

20 light attack planes

18 intelligence/surveillance planes

42,604 tactical vehicles

22,174 humvees

8,998 medium tactical vehicles

1,005 recovery vehicles

928 mine-resistant vehicles

189 armored tanks

358,530 rifles

126,295 pistols

64,363 machine guns

25,327 grenade launchers

12,692 shotguns

9,877 RPGs

2,606 howitzers

So now that we know a greater extent of the damage Joe Biden wrought, what do you think of our illustrious Commander-in-Chief?

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9 thoughts on “Biden Gave the Taliban HOW MUCH!?”

  1. Its so disgusting what Biden has done against the American people! He should be shot for treason against America!! And whoever is behind him telling his what to do. We know he is incompetent and needs removed immediately!! Though he should never been placed in his position. The evil deep state is what is running our country and its pathetic saying the least what shit is taking place and the ones that can do something about all this is doing NOTHING!! If the elections were secured as should be we the people could do something but thats not gonna happen. Once the evil gets away with it first time it is hard to get us back to honesty in elections or anything else. It will take a civil war to get us back whewhere

  2. Treason is defined as giving aid to our country’s enemies. This is Treason to the ultimate degree.

  3. a-hole biden is compromised by china , russia , ukcraine & some people in his on country , the one he selling & sold out the good old US of A . he needs to be tarred feather & set on fire & turned lose !!!

  4. Why is this incompetent idiot still our President? Who was behind ignoring and the “No Response” to the Benghazi murders when we had superior military capabilities to support our diplomat and our troops that were sitting ducks. Who was the President and Commander and Chief at that time and who held the Russian Red Button Reset; Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They are both still smug bastards/mouthpieces of the greedy, unelected, corrupt lefties that are running the Country and that are now screaming to keep Elan Musk from stopping the Twitter propaganda and converting it back to FREE SPEECH. They can not survive with Free Speech and Truth and the Silicone propagandists fear and will fight to keep truth and Free Speech under control. Just listen the the propaganda from the big industry on main stream media trying to convince the low information listeners AGAINST free speech. Without FREE SPEECH WE DON’T HAVE A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY. They can’t win playing fair so they waste our taxes with open borders, changing the voter system standards allowing non-citizens to vote all while tearing down what we all have worked so hard to maintain. Flush the Washington Toilet with term limits, get rid of the lobbyists and arrest the criminals that think they are untouchable.

  5. This information about the total amount of weopondery that not my president Biden left behind is a crime of treason and he needs to be held accountable once he is out of office. This incompetent idiot is more dangerous to our country than Russia and China combined. My God help our country, because Biden sure won’t!!!!!!!

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