Beto for Border Security? Democrats are Starting to Get it.

The border crisis has just been too big to ignore. Joe Biden will allow Title 42 to expire and Democrats will lose elections if they hop on board. A recent poll shows that Americans think we have had too much immigration of all kinds in recent years. These are voters the Democrats need to target to win and they know this well.

Beto O’Rourke, a candidate in Texas spoke out against Biden’s irresponsible move. Biden plans to let it expire but has no plan to curb the massive inflow of migrants that will inevitably come. Beto had this to say:

“The answer is in coming up  with solutions; bringing in the federal government to do their job, partnering with local communities by showing up and listening to them to hear the solutions they come up with as well”

Recently, Texas governor Greg Abbott sent busses of illegal immigrants to Washington DC. Abbot wanted to confront Joe Biden with the problem he caused. If Biden will allow these migrants across the border, he should directly meet their needs.

A recent Spectrum poll showed that Texas vastly favor slowing illegal immigration. The poll asked Texans what the biggest problem facing our country is. Illegal immigration topped the list at 32%.

Beto is following his constituency and a growing tide in America that supports securing our borders. Which Democrats do you think might be next?

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3 thoughts on “Beto for Border Security? Democrats are Starting to Get it.”

  1. Beto’s like the Moriscos who decided Better Catholic than dead. In the normal course of affairs I’m not prone to ask “Why” on the Sherlock Holmes principle that I want to make my own analysis without having it colored by someone else’s. I am, however, stumped by the suicidal Progressives who sorely crave power to the degree of an obsession yet persist in their addiction of implementing obviously predictable disasters one upon the other, falsely blaming others and never fixing anything. Has desperation driven them to the realization that they are their own problem – and ours?

  2. The only reason Beto is against the crossings is his fear of losing democratic votes- no other reason.

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