A Look Inside Shanghai’s Nightmarish Lockdowns

China’s recent lockdowns have made Shanghai a hell on earth. The CCP’s new “Zero COVID” policy includes new concentration camps and has led to starvation and “food riots” as they shut down the press.

Hellish Authoritarianism

Shanghai is commanding its citizens to stay in their homes. 25 million residents are being confined indefinitely. Gut-wrenching footage shows residents screaming from their windows. Government drones literally tell Chinese citizens “do not sing,” and “curb your soul’s desire for freedom.”

A video from the city shows terrifying guards in hazmat suits subduing a woman. She screams and runs as they grab her arm, drag her to the ground, and force her into submission as she reaches for freedom.


Food Riots

Not only is China locking people up like animals, but they are also beginning to starve. Shanghai’s lockdowns created a massive supply crisis. Factories have closed their doors making it grueling for everyday citizens to get by. As a result, citizens have taken to the streets to fight for their survival.

China has responded the only way they know how: with an iron fist:


It’s a miracle we were even able to get this much coverage. CNN’s David Culver is based in Shanghai. Authorities placed a seal on his door to ensure compliance with the draconian restrictions. If they could help it, you might never even hear about these nightmares.

Other Chinese cities are on edge after seeing the country’s treatment of Shanghai. Hong Kong, Beijing, and other cities are clearing store shelves in a frenzy of panic buying. They expect to be next because simultaneous outbreaks are far from unheard of.

In the United States, we need to fight with all we have to ensure this doesn’t happen here. Unconstitutional lockdowns can never happen again on American soil

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4 thoughts on “A Look Inside Shanghai’s Nightmarish Lockdowns”

  1. Unconstitutional lockdowns WILL happen again while the Marxists are in power. Wait until you see the push before the elections. And with the media in full compliance we’ll see body bags lining the hospital halls and refrigerated trucks with corpses waiting for burial. The only problem will be that it’s old footage from the first Covid party. But it won’t matter as long as mail-in balloting is permitted by many states. And after they “win” another election and the truth finally comes out, it’s too late to do anything about it.
    ( Hunter Biden laptop. )

  2. An utter horror! And this is exactly what America will get under the dictatorship-minded Democrat Party and it’s brain dead president Joe Biden – commonly known as “Brandon”. Democrats and American freedom cannot survive together One or the other HAS to go.

  3. The Democrats are already creating food shortages,add famine another COVID epidemic and you have the perfect setup for the Democrats to cheat their way into power .

  4. I’m going to sit back and watch this unfold. I believe that what we are watching here, in the beginning of the end for the CCP. there are 1.4ish Billion people in China, and many in government service know how bad it is, but go along to get along. when the people rise up, and totally revolt, many will cross sides. It will slowly simmer, then all of a sudden BOOM!

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