What to Know About Biden’s Incoming Gun Control

Joe Biden’s administration released a statement detailing their latest violations of the Second Amendment. First, we’ll cover what they’re trying to restrict, then we’ll explore what they fail to grasp about our God-given rights.

Ghost Guns

The ATF has committed “to rein in the proliferation of ‘ghost guns.'” This means that they will crack down on efforts to manufacture guns without serial numbers. The legislation also greatly increases the penalties on any crime involving a so called “ghost gun.”

Split Receivers

The Gun Control Act of 1968 restricted the production and distribution of the frame or receiver of a firearm. Split receivers have become far more common since then. 90% of firearms in the United States today have receiver components that are unregulated by the 1968 act. Biden’s legislation would aim to change that. He would make it significantly harder for law-abiding citizens to get their hands on any firearm component.

Government Lists

Firearm sellers will be required to maintain all records even after 20 years or when they shut down. In the status quo, most records are destroyed after 20 years and are abandoned when a shop closes its doors. The Biden Administration aims to change this by requiring that all those files be transferred to the ATF. This marks a major step toward putting all legal gun owners on a government list.


Ultimately, our well-meaning liberal friends forget the most important aspect of violent gun crime. It is… and this may come as a surprise to some… violent crime. The average law abiding citizen is not a dangerous murderer. Arm them and you won’t change that. In 2016, the Washington Post shared a study that confirmed only 1 in 5 violent gun crimes are committed by a legal gun owner. Liberals’ favorite talking point about how mass shooters predominantly use legal guns ignores another key point. You arm one good man, and you can stop a mass shooter in moments.

A firearm is the great equalizer. It empowers the innocent, and strikes fear into the hearts of the wicked. An armed populous is one that knows respect. An armed populous is one that knows peace.

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3 thoughts on “What to Know About Biden’s Incoming Gun Control”

  1. It takes a bit of skill to complete an 80% mfd. firearm. I wonder how many violent actions were committed using Ghost Guns. Anyone have data? Vs. how many criminals are repeat offenders? The ATF has a ruling that all FFL shops books must be returned to the ATF upon closure of the shop. So that is done, anyways. Making another rule won’t help any, that’s an ATF problem if the books get tossed. And I wonder how significant 20 yr. old data is? Stamping matched numbers on all gun components puts us back to the German system. It was abandoned when swapping parts to repair or replace to gain function left the guns a horrible mis-match of numbers. So are we saying all guns using mis-matched numbers must be re-stamped so they all match? That’s gonna get ugly fast. And what’s it going to help in terms of crime? When criminals go through a justice system revolving door with liberal judges? Biden can’t make laws, anyways, that’s Congress’s job.

  2. Liberals don’t want an armed populace. They want a strong government regardless of the risks and the warnings of our Constitution and Founders. Liberals are, at heart, Communists, but they don’t realize it.

  3. If we’re banning guns the personnel charged with protection of elected and appointed officials should be disarmed first. Let them live in the world the rest if us live. Then gun laws will change for the better.

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