Russians Dig Up Chernobyl’s Irradiated Soil, Poisoning Themselves and Likely Others

Satellite images show that Russian troops dug trenches in the irradiated soil of the infamous Chernobyl nuclear plant. The soldiers reportedly evacuated at the first signs of radiation poisoning.

Ukrainian officials provided Voice Of America photos of the aftermath. Russian troops began digging trenches only to be heavily irradiated by alpha particles, beta particles, and gamma rays. The Red Forest outside of the old nuclear facility is still highly radioactive. When the Russian troops started digging, they kicked up radioactive dust into the air, likely irradiating more than just themselves, their machinery, and their equipment.

There is no word on the current condition of the soldiers following their retreat. They reportedly fled to Russian friendly Belarus where they sought medical treatment. It’s quite possible that they are still a health hazard to anyone they come in contact with.

The most horrifying aspect of this turn of events is that the order came from above. The Russian military has demonstrated that it has a complete disregard for the health and well-being of its own troops.

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3 thoughts on “Russians Dig Up Chernobyl’s Irradiated Soil, Poisoning Themselves and Likely Others”

  1. The Russian “government” knows, or should know better than to go digging around in the highly irradiated “Red Forest” near the Chernobyl Nuclear Reactor Facility. Anyone fool enough to expose themselves and others to this dangerous area are getting what they deserve, and unfortunately, are needlessly exposing innocent victims to their idiocy!!

  2. This is a “killer” state run by a demented killer leader, Vladimir Putin. When will one of the Russian political leaders do everyone a favor and shoot Putin between his “bird” eyes. He has lived FAR too long.

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