Georgia Joins the Constitutional Carry Movement

Georgia will soon be the 24th state to protect constitutional carry. The law will protect Americans’ right to carry a concealed firearm without requiring a permit.

Georgia’s Senate Bill 319 for Constitutional Carry passed the Senate with a vote of 34-22. It previously passed the House and is heading to the Governor’s desk. Governor Brian Kemp says he is greatly looking forward to signing the pro-Constitution legislation. No word yet on when he plans to sign it.

Georgia residents currently must meet these criteria before they can concealed carry their own property. Currently, there is a $75 tax on their right to self-defense. The government expects you to wait 35 days to process all your information and determine if you’re worthy to exercise your God-given rights. Then, they will store your information in a government database as a concealed carry license holder. They will know your eye color, what kind of gun you have, your age, height, weight, and where you live.

All of that will vanish soon when Kemp signs 319 into law. Many Georgians will still go through the process and obtain these licenses for travel purposes. That need is thankfully waining though because more states continue to enact Constitutional Carry laws.

Georgia will make 24, only one more and we’re halfway there. Currently, 26 states require permits for concealed carry of firearms. North Dakota requires a permit for non-residents of the state and 23 states do not require them for anyone.

Any woman walking home alone from work should be legally allowed to defend herself. Any man should be allowed to protect his household. Criminals will always concealed carry. Why should we limit that right for everyone else?