Parental Rights Under ATTACK, This Time in Court

The Parental Rights in Education bill has made quite the stir. Advocates for sexualizing children filed lawsuits against the governor and his bill. They label it “don’t say gay” and blatantly lie about its content.

It’s fairly straightforward. The Florida legislation aims at ensuring education is age appropriate. The bill protects parents’ rights to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of a minor child. It prevents the state, government entities, political subdivisions or institutions from infringing on these rights. These same institutions also may not prescribe medical treatments or drugs to underage children without parental consent.

Ron Desantis has really made waves in recent politics. His Parental Rights in Education bill has been drawing attention from all spheres of the public life. In particular, the LGBT groups Equality Florida and Family Equality filed the lawsuit to attack the law’s intentions. They say that it would violate the “free speech” of parents and children when it would do no such thing.

This piece from the Seattle Times is a prime example of how blatently deceptive rhetoric on this law has become.

“Already, our children have told us that they are afraid that they will not be able to talk about their family at school,” Dan and Brent VanTice, parents of two first-grade students, said in the statement announcing the suit. “We are heartbroken that our children are already feeling isolated and stigmatized by this law.”

The bill does not stop children from talking about their LGBT family. It doesn’t even stop teachers from talking casually about them either. The only thing it does is bar the curriculum from including content that isn’t age appropriate.

If Heather has two mommies, she can talk about both of them in class, so can her teacher. It just can’t be part of the curriculum.

Ultimately, the Parental Rights in Education bill should be bipartisan and is greatly needed. The only way opposition rises against it is through deception. Every good parent knows how important it is to take an active role in their child’s upbringing. It’s vital that we act to stop this twisted and perverse indoctrination of the nation’s youth.

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One thought on “Parental Rights Under ATTACK, This Time in Court”

  1. I use to not listen to people that said that there is going to be a fight for our country and it is from the enemy within Normal people are being told to allow their children’s heads to be all screwed up from the garbage that they are trying to feed them It is no wonder we have all of these freaks running around not knowing what they are It all started at a very early age by the system of indoctrinations and filling the children with garbage and they tell them not to tell their parents If it were a good thing why can’t the parents be involved If my children were going to a school that had this garbage I would be home schooling them This is the future of our country and we cannot allow these communist ideas to destroy our country But I don’t think these people understand that we fight back when we are backed into a corner So don’t get to comfortable in your sweaty chairs pedophoiles amd freaks I would fire all teachers and interview teachers that want to teach children about what they need to get along in the world without identity crisis so they can have a good productive life and you will not be confused while buying clothes

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