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Americans Cite Poor Leadership and Inflation as the Nation’s Biggest Problems

The current administration has made Americans very unhappy according to new Pew data. No one is surprised. Let’s break it down.

Inflation and poor leadership top all others and Americans’ highest concerns. 17% of Americans said that Inflation trumps all other economic concerns they have for this country. Gas prices are next on the list at 4% (after general economic concerns). Those numbers were only 8% and 2% in January respectively.

Mentions of COVID-19 are the lowest they have been since March of 2020. As recently as January of this year, 20% of respondents named COVID-19. That number dropped all the way to 3% this month.

60% of Americans worry a great deal about inflation. Respondents believe that most of our economic woes are because of inflation.

Unfortunately, our country needs to hold on tight because the storm isn’t over yet. As European nations increase sanctions on Russia, most prices will rise even further before they fall again.

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One thought on “Americans Cite Poor Leadership and Inflation as the Nation’s Biggest Problems”

  1. Ironically how things like economies can change in just one year from one very successful Republican administration to a Democrat administration that promised the American voters the world, but not only have delivered nothing, but has actually taken away from the American people their prosperity.

    But unfortunately for the American people, Biden’s Democrat administration has failed them with much more than just our economics and economy, it seems they are the real JV team that Obama had mislabeled the terrorist group ISIS.

    Biden had a lot to do about Obama’s failures too, especially concerning energy and foreign affairs, as Biden has also failed in those agendas in his administration’s year of running the US federal government.

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